Name: Brandon Jetto
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Stands at around 5'8", with average build.
-Hair Color: Brown
-Eye Color: Blue
-Skin Shade: Light
-Other things: Has fairly large eyes, but nothing overly atypical
-Head: Red headband
-Upper Body: Plain purple T-shirt, with a black long sleeve shirt worn under it. Wears a purple wristband on each wrist, each with his Navi's mark on it.
-Lower Body: Jean shorts, extending down to just below the knee. For the feet, wears white shocks and purple sneakers.
Personality: Brandon is very free-spirited, and prefers to do things his way and by himself. However, he doesn't follow this to the point of stupidity, and is willing to work with others if it will definitely improve the situation. He's generally an honest, light-hearted person, though again, he'll lie if the situation begs it (but not before). He's also somewhat gullible, though his Navi compensates for this at times.
PET Modifications: Purple PET with black trim, otherwise normal