Name: Duke Rigel
Age: 28
Gender: male
Appearance: (Old appearance. Currently still looks about the same, minus the cape.)
-About 6'4" in height. Duke always wears a somewhat loose blue sleeveless shirt, and what appear to be blue sweatpants, a brown belt usually concealed by his shirt, as well as brown hiking boots. His hair is dyed silver and slicked back, kept in place by a brownish red headband. In terms of physical appearance, he is slightly tanned and muscular enough to actually look it without being overly buff. He rarely displays any emotion, giving him the perfect poker face.
-Duke almost never shows any emotion, despite what he might be thinking. He also will rarely speak unless he needs to. Most of the time when he DOES speak, it is in a dark and serious tone which often creeps out people who aren't used to it. There is, however, the occasional moment where he can be upbeat, but has a tendency to crack horrible puns. Duke has a distinct hatred of being left in the dark about things. Because of this, he will go out of his way to find out about anything he doesn't know much about. This is also one of the many reasons he has grown to distrust the NetPolice.
PET Modifications: Silver, with red trim. Has a built-in holoprojector, wheels, scope, and mp3 player. Since Swing's "release", all that Duke's done with the PET is change the color. The PET fits in a holster on Duke's belt.
Other: Since even before Duke designed Swing, he has traveled in a portable shelter that collapses to the size of a briefcase. When in use, it is large enough to fit a camp bed, small desk with laptop "docking station", a small refrigerator, and a microwave, with a little bit of room to spare. The use of this shelter has earned him the title in the eyes of some of "a latter day hobo."