I just came across some interesting news. I just caught wind, before even the News Server guys, that Soryu's doing another chip giveaway! Like last year, you give up just one chip, and you're guaranteed a result that doesn't involve pure junk. But this time...well, check this out. It's a conversation I recorded between Soryu and another guy I didn't recognize.

Soryu's in the purple in the transcript, and the other guy's is in black. Of course, you can always just listen to it yourself...


Quote (Audio Transcript)

"All right, I'm doing another giveaway, for...well, you know why. But I can't just do another straight up giveaway, since that'd look weak. It's gotta have some sort of catch."

"That's a problem...ah, I've got it."

"That was fast."

"Ask people what their absolute perfect chip for their Navi is. I think it'd be a fun read."

"Hey, good idea! ...Wait, how's that any better? They're still just sending me an e-mail with a chip attachment, and then the chip trader just sends back the results. Nothing's new!"

"Mmm...but, I have an idea. We'll run a special televised event with my Navi, where he shares the results. Maybe LinkMan can join in, as well."

"No way...I can't even imagine how he'd react to the whole world watching him."

"All right, but we really should have a second Navi, since mine's...not the most exciting Navi around, that's for sure. But I'll come up with someone by the time it airs."

"Well, sounds like it's worth a try. Man, I owe you big time!"

"Not really, it'll be great PR for me. I can see it no-"


...And then my audio recorder messed up. But the message is clear. Apparently, this time, you should tell Soryu what the ideal chip for your Navi is in your e-mail, and your thoughts might make it on TV! Of course, since the chip you get's random, it probably won't be that ideal chip...but it's fun anyway, no? Personally, I like the Invis series, since the less I'm seen, the better.

But anyway, thought that'd catch everyone's interest. Remember, this update was brought to you by someone other than the News Server, your usual number one source of information on the net, but this time dropped the ball and became the number two source.

- ???