Operating Area: Beach to Conv. Store

The boat to from mainland Massachusetts to the small island of Sundown was a modest affair (afforded in cooperation with the island's private owner and the new hotel). Formerly smooth sailing for the ship had turned suddenly into a nightmare, however, and the storm sucked the unfortunate vessel into its raging waters. Its surviving passengers found themselves now on the beach of their destination island. They regained consciousness bruised but unexpectedly alive on the sands of Sundown island, many coughing up water but all surprisingly in possession of their faculties...

However, could their survival truly be called fortunate?

--7:22 AM--

The beach was awash with corpses... or what appeared to be. As the surviving passengers on the boat to Sundown awakened, they began to take stock of their surroundings.

It was anyone's guess as to what their vacation destination looked like before, but the location couldn't have been improved by their arrival. A quarter of the ship worth of debris was scattered along the beach, and perhaps half of the ship's passengers. Most of the passengers had had time to meet each other on the trip, so it was possible to identify the bodies scattered around: Sir Martin Richards, the charming British man; Kitty Arlington, her butler Benjamin, and her father; Tae Kyung, the Korean who had tried with some difficulty to make conversation on the voyage; the otherwise attractive Zacharai, his rugged features hidden in a graceless faceplant on the beach; the small bodies of Sammy Young and Trisha Felden, the former a lovably clumsy boy and the latter a shy African girl carrying a designer purse. There was a somewhat dreamlike quality to the variety of people who had all managed to end up dumped onto this beach.

The lion's share of the ship was crashed on the boardwalk to the right (setting the view as opposite the direction of the sea). The captain of the ship, a rather disagreeable bearded Irish man who the crew had come to know, was draped unceremoniously across the rail of the broken vessel a few feet off the ground. It was immediately clear that the boardwalk would not be accessible: the entire middle section of it had fallen into the water, leaving a rickety remainder jutting uselessly from the sea.

To the left, a man sat on a much smaller pier, a dark figure with few distinguishing traits aside from a fishing rod cast into the water and an obvious lack of astonishment with his surroundings. Surely, he had to be asleep. His back was to the beach.

An eye that began to look in either of these directions, however, would be forcefully turned to the sea. A sight greeted the passengers that would have made the storm that brought them in welcome.

The entire sea had become blood red, and yet as obstinately still in defiance of the slightly chilly wind that surrounded the drenched passengers. The view of that horizon, unbroken by any other landforms or vessels or even so much as a wave, would be enough to induce panic in a weak mind.

Ahead of them was a continuation of the boardwalk that appeared to form a sidewalk for the street. After a fairly tall flight of maybe two dozen stairs, the town lay beyond. It was impossible to see exactly where they led from this level.

The first of the groggy passengers to open their eyes to this site would notice a man running quickly down the stairs, a man out of place on a beach and yet right at home with the confusing scene that now lay before them. He wore a red felt suit, unbuttoned, with a brown vest and white collared shirt beneath. His dress shoes made no noise as he walked with quick slightly-limping steps toward the spread of bodies on the beach. A small black handgun limply held in his gnarled hand, a hand clearly not very accustomed to holding them. He was constantly looking over his shoulder, his bald, beardless head both bobbing with his steps and swiveling with his glances.

Everyone who regained consciousness would likely be able to get to their feet if they so desired before he finished closing the distance on his way from the stairs to where they now lay. The survivors found themselves facing the conflicting grogginess of their waking state and the high-strung tension of their strange situation.



Objective: Interact with the approaching man.

DIRECTIONS: Facing away from the sea, the stairs to the boardwalk lie ahead. The wreckage of the boat is to the right, a pier with a fisherman on the left. Trees growing thickly along the coast further in that direction make it fairly obvious there would be no point in pursuing that course further.

All players are together. No player is detected by shibito.

Sir Martin Richards: 10/10 Vitality
Benjamin Wright: 12/12 Vitality
Han Tae Kyung: 10/10 Vitality
Zacharai Archer: 10/10 Vitality
Samson Young: 10/10 Vitality
Kitty Arlington: 10/10 Vitality

Approaching Man: ???

The 6 players detect each other attempting to rise, the man approaching, and the following figures.

3 other bodies on the beach that are not moving:
Bruce Wrencheck @ shipwreck: ???
Trish Felden @ beach: ???
Rex Arlington @ beach: ???

Also visible:
Fishing Man @ pier: ???
"어...어 디지?" (Where is this place?)

Tae-Kyung's eye slowly came into focus as he was lying still on the beach. The first thing that came into view was the fisherman by the pier who was leisurely laying down. His first thought was that he reached the island he was suppose to come...but it still didn't explain what happened while he was traveling on the boat and why he was on the beach like this.

"시발...왜이러캐 몸이딸리지?" (Damnit...Why is my body so strung up?) The confused boy began to lift his own body up and sat up right, tilting his head straight up so he can breath straight. After a few second, he lowered his head and began to look around...immediately finding the destroyed boat and the blood-red ocean. "아!!" (Ah!!) The all so sudden shock of seeing the boat already half sunk into the strange ocean water sent Tae-Kyung straight on his back. His fingers dug through the sands beneath him as his head was trying its best to make sense of what was going on, but it was no use.

"꿈이야...그냥꿈이야!" (This is a dream...ALL JUST A DREAM!)

Tae-Kyung's hands flew up and grabbed onto his hair, panicking from the rush of thoughts. He was only planning to stay here for one day for a memorable sight seeing, he was about to finish his transfer student program and return back to Korea after this trip, he was longing to meet with his friend, family, and even his girlfriend, he was suppose to be set with a good job when he returned...but none of that would matter if he was stranded on an island.


There was a strange silence for a minute or two until he abruptly stood up and looked around once more. Tae-Kyung knew he had to suck it up and actually try to get out of the island if he wants to live. He searched and searched for any possible survivors other than the ones that was obviously breathing and any sort of emergency items such as flare guns, completely ignoring the red suited man who was near his vicinity...

[[b]Spot Check: For possible survivors and anything to call for emergency[/b]]
"Grrreewwww..." Sammy mumbled in a low tone as he clambered to his feet, he held his head and looked about himself with a dazed expression adorning his face. Pointing his hands to the sky as he arched his body forwards, Sammy groaned once again as he collapsed back down into the sand after a much needed stretch, he proceeded to make rather small sand angel in the area directly around himself, Sammy couldn't make a large one even if he wanted to, he had a rather small frame even for someone of his age.

After noticing a strange man arise from his peripheries, Sammy bent forwards slightly, still sitting on the ground while resting on one of his hands, he looked at the man with an inquisitive glare and when he heard the man speak in a language he had never heard before his sense of curiosity was set aflame. The small boy climbed to his feet and dusted of his shorts before turning to address the man but something even more mysterious came to his attention, "Why is everybody sleeping?", he whispered as he finally noticed the other load of people littering the beach around him but unlike most who would see this site, his first reaction was one of childlike wonder, "Wicked! This place is awesome!", now most would see this as rather an odd thing t say but to Sammy it made perfect sense, he was at a new place with new people, he was about to have an adventure and best of all, NO PARENTS!!!

Punching into the air and jumping up and down on the spot, the only thing that broke this cycle of excitement was a small lump of wood that he happened to step upon, he picked it up and looked at it closely for a second before throwing it with all his might towards one end of the beach, which to be honest wasn't very much, although this didn't achieve much, it did turn the boys focus towards the strange man who had started to approach his location and the veritable treasure trove of flotsam that had littered the surrounding area.

AS he searched through the rubble, Sammy called out to the man with an overly loud voice, one that expressed his joy and exuberance, "HEY MISTER, COME HELP ME FIND SOMETHING NEAT!!!"

[Spot check the area for any items of interest]
[Call out to approaching man]
"Nghhh..." Ben groaned, blinking rapidly as his systems started to boot up.... or maybe he just started to get up, it's not like a butler was some mass-produced combat android or anything.

Rubbing the sand out of his eyes and already sandy-colored hair, Ben glanced around warily, before catching sight of, to his sides, Mr. and young Ms. Arlington. The Mrs. Arlington was nowhere to be found, so Ben had to take in the worse case scenario.

Standing up and patting off more sand from his clothes, Benjamin was a bit thankful for his master giving him such orders to dress in something a bit more easier to move in than his normal official attire. Taking in some sights, he saw two others get up as well, one, the Korean student, and two, a young, energetic boy. At any rate, it seems they've reached the island intact, except for their belongings, inaccessible due to the boat crash. They would just have to make do, a butler's job was to provide service even under the most dire of circumstances.

"Master Arlington, Lady Arlington, we've arrived at our destination," Ben declared, moving to lightly shake his masters awake. In doing this action, he suddenly noticed the man coming down the stairs.... carrying a handgun... And it didn't seem like he was used to holding it.

Question one was... enemy or ally. Question two is... be prepared for the worst case scenario...

"Master Arlington... Miss Arlington... I do believe it's time to get up," Ben called to his masters, shaking them a bit harder and he looked around for anything he could use when worse came to worse.

[Try to Wake Kitty and Mr. Arlington]
[Spot check for impromptu weapons]
His back hurt.

It did that a lot nowadays. Especially in the morning. Some days he'd just rather stay in bad than move... and wither away? Hell no! A bit of an exercise, a healthy British breakfast, and he'd be good as new.

Today though, his entire body hurt. And for some reason, there was sand in his orifices, along with the taste and smell of salt and something metallic in his mouth.

Peculiar. This'll need more than a few minutes of stretching and some ham and eggs and orange juice. This may call for a few extra rounds, and maybe some toast and sausage even. The silver age magazines didn't write anything about THIS.

It hurt his nostrils to breath. The cold, salty smell of the sea made it feel like he was inhaling glass shards. Oh right. He was on a boat. That explains the sounds of the sea splashing around as well. And the general wetness. He knew something was wrong with the fish yesterday (aside from not being tuna).. or was it the oysters... or maybe the caviar? Regardless, the staff is going to get what's coming for them...

This made him feel a bit better; the thought of committing acts of petty malice on people who probably deserve it always did. It was time to open his eyes...

Sand, rocks... is he on the beach? Blood. No...no! Just a sea of red. That can happen, right? He remembered one time when red, metallic rain fell on them somewhere in Afraica on a mission some 40 years ago; later it turned out some cyclone or something picked up some red dust and mixed it with the water in the clouds, creating the mortifying effect of raining blood. Okay, time to look around...

Bodies. Dozens of them. Some people moving about, but most of them lying stiff on the sand. Dear god...

Martin had a Past. Yes, with capital P. It deserves it. Sometimes he invited him for tea. They had some meaningful conversations. It also wandered around alone, sometimes coming back with stories that didn't really happen, but sounded interesting. He matured over the years as well. They had their outs but... unlike most other people, that didn't traumatize Martin. After all, his family was bred to ignore the suffering of others around you. That's how you stay on top, that's how you command, that's how you stay alive. Even so many years of being a caring man at heart (or at least trying hard to be) didn't change this fact.

Still, there were some forgotten scenes he'd have preferred to stay clouded in the shrouds surrounding his memory nowadays.

Alright, so there was a storm, the boat crushed, bodies washed to the shore. All limbs check? Well, they ached like hell, so that means he either has them all, or that he is missing all of them, and it's just phantom pain. That was reassuring to know. Now, let's see, motor skills... Martin removed a bit of seaweed from his ear, while pushing himself off the ground with his other arm, trying to get on all fours before standing up. It worked. So unless he was phantom floating 5 inches above ground, everything seemed to be in order.

From his new disposition, he could see a bit more of the coast;some more bodies, some more of them moving.. a fisherman... a man with a gun... the crashed boat...

MAN WITH GUN? Some long forgotten instincts roared, as his brain finally got into 2nd gear. He quickly scanned the coast for a weapon. Oh how he wished he bribed someone to get Betsy, his favourite elephant gun up aboard... concentrate! Man with gun!

The first idea he had was to stand up and demand the man an explanation. As long as you speak with authority, it works... and no one can talk with as much authority as an aristocrat like himself. Even in the ruined,half soaked clothes he was wearing.

He had no reason to shoot, after all... unless he was mad. He was about to act when he saw a boy recklessly running towards the mystery man. Perfect! A distraction like that will make his job much easier. Complicating the situation further didn't really seem wise at the moment, so the obvious thing to do, he decided, was to lay low, and look around for a good spot to hide, or possibly some weapon to return fire with. In fact, he'd have been happy just to find his walking stick washed ashore somewhere. He was a faithful companion for the past 50 or so years... not a walking aid, mind you. But a gentlemen isn't fully dressed without his stick. Unless he has a sword, of course. Or a gun. Either way, you can't get more fully dressed than a hunting rifle.

[Hide, play dead, crawl around, try to stay low]
[Look for weapons/cover]
Tae-Kyung's despair left him completely unable to find anything of use on the beach or discern survivors any further than those who were obviously getting up and looking around or talking. He remained mostly unaware and lost in his thoughts regarding the predicament.

Martin had a bit better luck, at least managing to see the potential in the lumber scattered all around from the ship's wreckage. There were as many boards or half-broken bottles (which had been carried with the ship) as anyone could want, although those would likely make fairly flimsy weaponry considering how busted up they were. A thick shaft segment of one of the dilapidated pier's legs, about 2 feet long, also stood in the stand, a cumbersome but doubtlessly stronger object. In spite of the situation, his keen survival instinct allowed him to stay unnoticed: he could tell that the man in the red jacket, obviously scanning the beach, didn't seem to have registered him.

Benjamin and Sammy appeared to have the clearest heads. In addition to all this, each spotted a flashlight half-buried in the sand. There was no telling whether they'd need them, but finding them could at least be taken as a good sign that one's senses were sharp. Sammy also found something that Tae-Kyung might have been interested in if he were to see it: a cell-phone, half buried in the sand. Checking it, however, would reveal it had no bars for service. The previous call log and the phone's owner could probably be detected, however... [Lore item added, can be viewed in Setting and Story]

The man with the gun surveyed the beach in an obvious stupor, and with good reason: despite his approach, nothing on the beach appeared to have responded. The only other living creature that appeared to notice him was the young boy, who the man quickly raised his gun at. It took the man a few seconds to lower it, his shaky hands returning the weapon to his sides. "M-my lord Jesus Christ, young lad. You're not one of them, are you? You're... still human?" The man put a shaky hand to his face, muttering in a quivering voice. "You can't imagine how close I came to killing you right now. Please, don't startle me so..." The man was now patting his sweat with a cloth as he talked. "I'm William Rupert, the owner of the hotel that is... was... agh, will be on this island," he said with an effort. "You have to come with me immediately." The man raised his voice to a shout upon spotting the butler, apparently judging him safe to talk to. "Please, don't... if you don't see any of your family or friends here, or if you see them and they look dead, please, leave them. There's nothing you can do for them and... and they'd want you to get away..." William obviously realized his words probably made no sense to the group, but he seemed satisfied enough to leave it at that, turning his back and heading toward the stairs cautiously.

Benjamin, meanwhile, was putting priority on checking his two fallen masters. Upon checking her pulse, the butler was able to determine that Kitty was not dead, merely unconscious. The butler's duty spurred him to leave the young mistress at that and check on the condition of Rex. The situation did not look good: simply turning his master over revealed to the loyal servant that he could be looking for new employment. The man had been lying on a broken plank, and it was evident he had taken a roughing up from the crash. Dried blood stained the area all around his mouth, and sure enough, when Benjamin checked his pulse there was no response at all...

... Only, there was. The pulse came back not faintly, as is often seen in hospital dramas, but suddenly sprang back to life. Similarly, Rex's eyes did not flutter back open like a man waking from a dream but snapped like one waking from a nightmare. He sprung up violently from beneath his butler and began glancing around. Benjamin's natural sympathy for his master tried to convince him that Rex had simply forgotten his bad leg, but it just didn't seem possible. All the same, the man went crashing down the sand in a wail that didn't sound human, landing on his bad knee with a sickening crunch. "Uguuuuh!" he roared, beginning to roll around on the ground as he cradled the wound. "The balmy bastard there in the cheap suit... am I shot?! Of all the rotten sh*t..."

Benjamin began to become overwhelmed with a sickening sense of dread as he took in the situation. First, he realized he'd never heard his master speak foul language before, except on a funny occasion once (that didn't seem so funny anymore) of rapping his bad knee on a table at the manor a few years ago. Secondly, there appeared to be fresh blood running along the creases of Rex's face, mixing with the sand caked there in spite of the fact that Rex had no obvious wounds to his eyes that Benjamin had seen. Third, however, was the point which pricked at the back of the butler's brain: despite his horrible injury, the master was quickly rising to his feet again, a twisted grimace that could only be read as intent to kill the man he believed had shot him. It was an expression so foreign to Rex's gentle face that it almost shocked the butler in its resonance more than anything that had happened to him so far.

Tae-Kyung was probably the one most lost, having still failed to put together the pieces of the situation around him. All of a sudden, however, his problems were doubled as a lightshow of a headache invaded his senses. For a few seconds, his vision was too blurry to tell, but after a while he realized a clear picture was beginning to form. The image appeared to form in the back of his head, but gradually he realized that he could filter it into a kind of double-vision. What he saw... was himself, standing on the beach, with the bodies scattered all around him. He experimentally maneuvered that standing self until he was looking at the himself like a hapless hidden-camera show participant that has just realized he's been had.

What the Korean saw in his regular vision was not too surprising, with all the noise around him: the fisherman on the dock had stood up, and was now looking at the group with interest. It wasn't the group he was looking at, though... the man's focus had fixed sharply on his figure.

"SCARING AWAY THE FISH!" the man suddenly cried, a blood-curdling yell sent straight at Tae-Kyung. The fisherman had leapt from his folding chair and was now running toward the group (any casual observer would say the group, but Tae-Kyung knew it was him) with his fishing rod in hand. The Korean had a surreal mental image of the man leaping the remaining feet between them like a wildcat and pouncing upon him, but that nightmare was luckily dispelled as the fishing rod jerked from the man's hands. He hadn't bothered to untangle the wire before leaping. The man grabbed the rod and tugged, quickly breaking the line and beginning in now slower steps towards his target.

Trish's, Bruce's and Zacharai's bodies remained motionless on the beach, dead to the casual observer. If they were asleep, it was hard to believe among all the chaos. Even harder to believe was that the man appeared determined to keep on his course to the stairs, paying no mind to the fisherman's cry or Rex's death threats. Martin noted with some dry amusement that the gun the man was carrying wouldn't help him much if he remained so deaf to the danger around him. A second glance, though, made Martin wonder: the man's body did seem tensed. Had William simply judged that keeping moving was more important than turning around?

Suddenly, as an exclamation mark to punctuate the chaos going on around them, a loud crash came from the area up the stairs. The noise was unmistakably a car crash, and a flash combined with a plume of smoke arising from the horizon in that direction confirmed what they must have believed.

The minds of Benjamin, Sammy, and Martin were then simultaneously pulled to a single event in the form of dull, gripping headaches. Kitty and Zacharai stirred similarly in their sleep as their dreams took the same form. Tae-Kyung, having enough to worry about, would have been thankful to know he was being spared yet another thing to worry about: his mind remained invaded only by the fisherman who seemed intent on making his beach quiet. The rest, however, were greeted with a view that was at first completely dark. A second pair of eyes seemed to open in their heads, however, and in this split vision they saw the inside of what was obviously not a regular car. The gaze drifted down to reveal that the owner of this set of eyes was wearing a uniform of some sort, and that the car he was driving and currently strapped into had a broken windshield. The man said nothing to provide any hints and simply let out a low groan as he unstrapped himself from the vehicle. He exited the door, which promptly fell of its hinges, and stepped out into a parking lot...

His view was clearly fixed on a red sea where a ship had crashed. The top of a staircase was visible on the boardwalk ahead of him.

As the view turned from that scene and back to his car, which was clearly a wreck, the view dimmed out and left those who had received it to ponder their lot.



Objective: Proceed to the Convenience Store

DIRECTIONS: Facing away from the sea, the stairs to the boardwalk lie ahead. The wreckage of the boat is to the right, a pier with a fisherman on the left. Trees growing thickly along the coast further in that direction make it fairly obvious there would be no point in pursuing that course further.

All players are together. Tae-Kyung is being pursued by the Fishing Man. Martin is hidden, disguised as a dead body on the beach.

Sir Martin Richards: 10/10 Vitality
Benjamin Wright: 12/12 Vitality
Han Tae Kyung: 10/10 Vitality
Zacharai Archer: 10/10 Vitality
Samson Young: 10/10 Vitality
Kitty Arlington: 10/10 Vitality

The 6 players detect each other and the following figures.

William Rupert @ beach: 10/10
Rex Arlington @ beach: 10/10
Fishing Man @ pier: 10/10

2 other bodies on the beach that are not moving:
Bruce Wrencheck @ shipwreck: ???
Trish Felden @ beach: ???
Everything was happening too fast for Benjamin. First his master was dead, but then, inexplicably alive, but not as the kind old Rex Arlington he once knew. He sensed danger, great danger indeed.

The car crash occurred, and his mind was sent reeling from his own sight to that of something overlooking the beach, noticing the broken window in the hallucinatory sight, he deduced that this experience was from the eyes of whoever was in the car.

His first response was to stuff sand into one of his pockets, knowing that it might come into handy later. He stored about three handfuls worth before rushing to his not-so-dangerous master's side and attempting to lift her up under his arm.

"Don't worry Miss Kitty, you may sleep well for now. I'll protect you," Benjamin whispered to his master as, after he, possibly, picked up his master, made a dash for the flashlight he located and picked it up, storing it in his other pocket, before heading toward the man in the red suit.

"Alright, let's go." Benjamin said, stopping in front of the hotel owner.

[Stuff Sand in pocket, Add Sand to inventory]
[Strength Check to Pick up Kitty]
[Make a grab for Flashlight and add to inventory]
Martin wanted to cuss, but the words didn't come. Not only because he was a gentleman of high standing (that didn't seem to stop that other rich guy either), but more because of running out of breath.

He of all people, always sound of mind (not so much of body, as of late), had a vision. That never happened before. At least not without being under the influence of mind altering substances, and he laid off the stuff some forty years ago, bar the occasional night of drunken stupor, especially after Emily... well, at the very least he was now sure this was not a nightmare. Or at least not his. She wasn't here. If it was his nightmare, she'd be here somewhere... and it made too much sense to be one of the random ones he got after a more-than-healthy meal. There should be laughing pig heads rolling around in a sea of custard at the very least to be one of those.

So the alternatives are that his mind finally succumbed to age, or against all reason, things are actually happening as they are. And since if the first option was true he wouldn't be able to assert this line of thought any longer, that leaves the second one.

Get a grip, man. In fact... there were many instruments of bodily harm scattered around, just waiting for someone well versed in the noble art of beating people with random pieces of chair or bottles while drunk. And though he was out of practice, and a bit rusty, he reckoned that it's probably like riding a bicycle, and they say you never really forget how that's done. Most of the stuff was washed ashore from the ship, but there was one particular piece that piqued his interest. Seems like it was part of the pier... yes, that'd do nicely. When in doubt, endeavor to be the one with the biggest stick. Standard military practice, that is. So he got a grip of it.

The weight felt reassuring, and though a bit cumbersome, he wasn't that old. Not yet. What now though? There was some guy getting leaped at by an apparently crazy fisherman, and then there was one of the rich bastards from the ship limping menacingly after Williams while spewing curses like mad. Quite an epidemic. He saw crazies like this before, quite often in some of the worse entertainment facilities... they wouldn't stop until someone was beaten half dead, or worse. You'd need half a dozen lads to hold one until a bobby arrived... or a bullet to the head. To his dismay, he had neither at hand.

Both of the crazies were unarmed (save for the fishing rod)... but Williams had a gun. And should the one called... Arlington or whatever catch up, he may try to wrestle ownership of that piece of equipment. That won't end well... Besides, if you have to rely on civilians, you may as well try to choose the ones that actually know what the hell is going on. Martin made a decision.

No one noticed him yet, so sneaking up on the already preoccupied man shouldn't be hard... And one good hit to the legs with this rather heavy piece of wood should be enough to keep him in place. It's not time for aiming the blows for the more important parts yet... not until there's no other choice.

[arm self with pier leg]
[Sneak up on Rex Arlington]
[Smash his legs]
"Oh COOL!!!", Was the first reaction the small boy had as he grabbed for the sand covered phone, he had never owned one before and never expected to find one in such a location, his famous luck was beginning to pay off. As he stuffed it into one of the pockets in his shorts, he also noticed another object of interest; a curious looking flashlight, he lifted it into the air, inspecting the various scratches and dents it had accumulated, he was almost certain that it wouldn't work, he stuffed it into another pocket without even checking.

Suddenly the approaching man began to speak, his words were jumbled and confused but by the sounds of things he could be trusted for the time being. On the other hand, Sammy was quite wary of this individual due to his strange request, replying with a tone of childhood innocents, Sammy said, "My mamma said I shouldn't go with strangers", as he said this he grabbed for a nearby piece of debris to use as an impromptu weapon, it was then that things took a turn for the worst.

Another of the body's on the beach began to stir, one of the close by survivors seemed to know him and from the looks of things the new figure wasn't in the best of shapes. Sammy watched as he muttered lines of nonsense and stumbled around awkwardly, being the kind person that he was, he began to offer his assistance, "Are you ok miste...", then all of a sudden the silent fisherman wasn't so silent anymore, this was swiftly followed by a strange vision of a nearby figure.

In a desperate attempt to make sense of the situation, the only circumstance that the child's mind could come up with that could explain the situation was a crazy one. Turning his attentions to the beckoning man, Sammy clambered over the debris until he was back on clear sand, he tried to explain to the man what he just saw, "Hey mister, if this is a game and those are the bad guys, how can I see that baddie walking towards the beach?".

[Add Mobile phone to inventory]
[Add Flashlight to inventory]
[Equip a nearby piece of debris]
[Follow William Rupert]
[Alert William Rupert to presence of Shibito coming to the beach]
((Benjamin pocketed Flashlight and Loose Sand))
((Martin equipped Pier Leg))
((Sammy pocketed Mobile Phone and Flashlight, equipped Flimsy Board))

Benjamin easily lifted his young master off the ground and onto his back after gathering some supplies quickly. While picking her up was no challenge at all, the butler wasn't sure exactly how long he'd be able to carry her in this manner... Furthermore, both of his hands were occupied, so

Martin had picked up the heavy piece of lumber. With the weapon in his hands, the gentleman's reservation was replaced by his sharp sense of opportunity. His approach wasn't stealthy, but it didn't need to be: Rex was still focused squarely on Rupert. Unfortunately, however, Martin's senses were ahead of his body, and his fairly good health was losing a battle with his old age and fatigue from his experience. The swing started off strong, but Martin ended up swinging with his back at the last second and brought the weapon thudding onto Rex's calves at a nicely cushioned point.

The huntsman found himself pining for a trusty rifle, noting the strange set of events. The blow should at least have caused a man to stumble, even if it was shoddy. Rex, however, was completely unharmed. Furthermore, although Martin was certain he could hear the squelch of something shifting beneath the log's weight, as soon as he removed it Rex had whirled around to face him. "Sir Martin! You old bastard, you know I have a bad knee!" Rex laughed jovially, putting his weight on his good leg as he bent down to pick up a piece of wood at his feet. "You know... you... know...?" His words tapered off as he raised his bleeding eyes in his discolored face to meet Martin's own.

Tae-Kyung's paralysis had become a life or death matter, and the fisherman managed to close the distance in short measured steps. "You here for that danged hotel? That danged hotel's scarin' away the fish! Travuhstay!" The man threw his head around as he talked, showcasing a red stain around his bearded face. "Travuhstay..." the man whispered, lowering his voice and lumbering closer as he began to grin, raising his finger to his lips and pursing them. "Travuhstay for THEM FISH!!" The man suddenly reeled, swinging his arm powerfully to connect the rod with the side of the Korean's head. Tae-Kyung tumbled backward toward the rest of the crash's survivors, blood beginning to rush down the side of his head where the fisherman had hit. "Y'see it now, dontcha?" the fisherman ranted, closing in to strike a second blow with the rod. "Catchin them fish's all in the wrist... and keepin' real quiet." He raised the finger back to his bloodstained lips while dragging the rod across the sand with the other.

Sammy and Benjamin (with Kitty in toe) had now reached the stairs William Rupert was now climbing, but it was clear that the two potential survivors they were leaving behind were in a bit of trouble. Rex was between Martin and the party, and Tae-Kyung seemed at the mercy of his assailant. In spite of this, however, William Rupert seemed unwilling to consider the possibility of shooting at the crazies. "From this point on," he told the two following him, somehow unable or unwilling to recognize the mayhem behind him, "we have to remain very quiet. I have an idea of what we're going to find at the top, and I guess you do two if you saw the same thing as me. When we move, remain very cautious. Make as little noise as possible." With that, he began slowly ascending the stairs.


Objective: Proceed to the Convenience Store

DIRECTIONS: Facing away from the sea, the stairs to the boardwalk lie ahead. The wreckage of the boat is to the right, a pier with a fisherman on the left. Trees growing thickly along the coast further in that direction make it fairly obvious there would be no point in pursuing that course further. At the top of the stairs, players who have sightjacked may infer that crossing the boardwalk will leave into a parking lot.

All players are together. Tae-Kyung is engaged with the Fishing Man. Martin is engaged with Rex.

Sir Martin Richards: 10/10 Vitality
Benjamin Wright: 12/12 Vitality
Han Tae Kyung: 5/10 Vitality
Zacharai Archer: 10/10 Vitality
Samson Young: 10/10 Vitality
Kitty Arlington: 10/10 Vitality

The 6 players detect each other and the following figures.

William Rupert @ beach: 10/10
Rex Arlington @ beach: 10/10
Fishing Man @ pier: 10/10

2 other bodies on the beach that are not moving:
Bruce Wrencheck @ shipwreck: ???
Trish Felden @ beach: ???