The NetCity Open

Every year, SciLabs holds the biggest NetBattling event of the year. The NetCity open lasts for nearly a month, and for a modest registration fee, you can register for nearly any kind of contest imaginable. The centerpiece of the event is the open tournament, where NetBattlers from all around the world come together to prove who is truly the mightiest on the Net.

The IC intro sucks, but anyway, this thread is meant to be used as a 'lobby' for staging OOC/IC RP fights. Links to battle threads, ideas for battle formats, and organized tournaments will all go in this thread, and the first post will be continually updated (I promise.) This thread, by the way, is totally OOC. An OOC/IC thread is, uh, in the works. Yeah. Until then, organize your fights OOCily.

As Siren walked into the loby, she just leaned against the wall and wraped her wings around her body, taking a little 'cat nap' of sorts as she burried her head in her feathers.
Sorry- I'd meant for this to be an OOC thread. The idea is that these battles need no IC explanation, so even totally unlikely fights are all fair game.
oh...just...ignore my last post then.