Reality Loop 1 (4/4 Players: FULL)

Reality Loop

So, once again, we enter the world of impossibilities within our very reality. We must shunt our original beliefs to the side in order to find that one happy ending within this reality, where things in a very peaceful place continually seem to- Go wrong. One can't truly say it is your job to fix this, as you yourself, are caught up in this trip of horror. You were hired for a large sum of money to come here, to act, and help film a movie. What else happens, one could say, is not your fault. Although, another could say it is. Things seem to appear from nowhere as things go on, intangible things that depict things past, things future, things impossible. What will you choose to believe? Will you believe at all?

But that is irrelevant. You must know the when, and where. Without these, you cannot discern the why, or how. So. Let us reveal these to you. The when is 2004. The month is the ninth out of the twelve months of the year. The specific day is the first of the particular month. The where- You have just made it to Sado Island, an island off Japan. There is a vivid history to this place, which we shall not discuss now. You must do your job, live your life, and hopefully- Find a Happy Ending.

You start out as an adolescent to middle aged male or female human, your history is not unrealistic, and you have two of the flaws below, and one of the merits listed. You begin your story in the town of Namake, a village between Kanai and Aikawa, where the residents are extremely few, but it's the perfect spot to reach your desired destinations for the filmtaking, not to mention having the cheapest rates, with its reputation for ghosts. You must retain life in order to bring this to a good end. Do anything you can to do so.

This is a Simple Map.


Chronic Liar
Bad Reputation
Phobia (Chosen)
Weak Immunity


Quick Learner
Good Reputation
Photographic Memory
Trick Specialist
Hard Working
Bounces Back
Eye for Detail


You must remain cautious. Be on your guard. Do not descend into paranoia. But you know none of this. How could you ever learn? --Be careful.
October 1, 2004

Today, you started filming. The area around is beautiful, the work, hardly work. Your lines seem to be that of a crazy person, as the movie seems to be a tragic adventure involving some of the myths and true tales of the island itself. Slightly stressful, are the demands of the director, who wants everything just right, but you get off slightly stressed but mostly happy. The island is your place to travel, the conditions just right for a day at the beach, or simply exploring. The inn will serve dinner at precisely 18:30, so be sure to get back there by then, though.

Please. Do not wait, begin. After four people have entered, the rest shall be thrown to the winds of fate.
Tsutae's shirt, slightly open, allowed just enough breeze to caress her skin as she sat on the tree's large roots, looking out at the ocean. She had more than three and a half hours to kill, and what better way to kill them than to spend some time exploring this place? The day had been hard-- maybe she could catch a friend or two on their way over here.

Tsutae shivered as she saw that no one was behind her, and quickly jumped onto the beach, savoring the feeling between her toes as she jogged to join some people who were spreading a blanket on the white strip of sand.
"A tragic adventure involving some of the myths and true tales of the island itself?" Lance repeated incredulously. "What true tales? It's probably just some story to scare children into behaving. The myths, too. Not that there's much difference." Nonetheless, that was apparently the premise of the movie. "Oh well, there'll probably be an epic battle with someone who is revealed to be behind these 'true tales'. That'll be fun."

Lance smashed his fist into a nearby tree. His hand came back scratched slightly, but the tree now had a large dent in it. He strode out onto the beach, somewhat satisfied, before running into a short, dark haired woman. "Hey, watch where you're going, you."
"Sorry!" Said Tsutae in something between a gasp and a whimper, quickly stepping back. The stranger had actually dented the tree! It seemed impossible, but--

Now she recognized him-- his makeup had made a big difference. He was the villan of the movie... She couldn't remember his name. Lance something. Not stopping to think about it, Tsutae spun around and quickly made her way down the beach, buttoning her shirt as she went. She had a swimsuit on underneath, but maybe she wouldn't use it today.
The small, fragile black chair upon which Lynwen sat creaked with her anxious movements. She watched the beach with a slight upturn of her eyebrows, disturbed despite the beautfiul backdrop of the beach behind her and the rolling ocean in front of her with a beautiful overhanging of rolling clouds and soft sunlight. She hadn't come at all prepared for swimming; even though she was on an island just off of Japan, the thought hadn't crossed through her mind. Dressed in a long white T-shirt displaying the word "IVAN" with the bottom tucked in so that the rest wasn't visible and khaki pants falling to around her feet, she stood out pretty obviously.

The young camerawoman had reluctantly removed her black shoes and rolled her stockings neatly inside them to allow herself to run her toes through the sand. A peaceful scene existed all around her, and a relatively quiet one at that; at least if there were people here, it wouldn't be nearly as many as her father saw each day. Sighing sadly as she remembered her parents, homesickness began to overtake her a bit, and she rose from the seat she was resting in. She'd brought the script from the movie with her, but it was hardly an enthrolling read.

Lynwen cocked her head to the side a bit, she noticed a woman a bit like herself, only much more attractively tanned and with a far more attractive figure. The girl was about her size, maybe even a bit shorter. Despite the similarities, Lynwen found herself unable to approach, especially in the presence of the very large, imposing figure who was now approaching the young girl. "I'd best just stay out of the way for now," Lynwen sighed quietly, falling into her chair with a small plop and straightening the beret on top of her hair.
"Well, this has certainly been interesting so far." Cederick scratched at his chin as he moved down the beach, his brow furrowed as he inspected the script. He sighed. "These lines are so strange, I really can't see what the director wants me to go with this. Maybe next time we work, I can get him to really pin what I'm supposed to be doing. As of right now though..." He shrugged as he continued marching along, his bare feet kicking up small clouds of sand in every step.

"I can't let something like this hold me back, though, I'm behind on things already! Let's see, I need to sink into my character quickly, but what is my character? I suppose... well, considering the situation... I suppose I could be a rival to the protagonist? Hmm, probably not, not in this sort of deal. I'll be opposing the main character from completing their goal, whatever that is, which means in this setting... Hmm... Well, since it's centered around local traditions, perhaps I'll be portraying the leader of a religious cult? Or perhaps the main character has some sort of criminal background and I have to capture them, all the while unknowing of what's going on in the story! Hey, that does sound kind of exciting! But... The scenario is still very open ended."

He stopped in his tracks and smiled. "Ah, but perhaps I'm looking at things the wrong way? Perhaps I am to play the obstacle between the main character and his love interest! Ah, now that would be certainly interesting, wouldn't it! So, it would go something like..." Cederick struck a dramatic pose, one hand held out accusingly, as he shifted his weight into the sand behind him. "What do you think you can do for her John? Do you really think that you can make her happy as the way you are now?" He smiled and scratched at his chin. "Yeah, that could be fun. Or maybe it's one of those teen movies or romantic comedies, where I'm playing the 'bad-guy' boyfriend?" He thought briefly of playing that scenario out as well, then chuckled. "I think I'm a little too old for that though... Well, I might still have a place in romantic comedy, certainly, but I doubt the youth of today want to see some 'old man' try and get a date with the prom queen." He laughed loudly as the waves lapped against the sand at his feet.

He moved his hand to his neck and rubbed at it firmly. "Right, right, nothing to get stressed out about. This'll pan out, no problem. I'm sure the scripts fine, just a little complicated, and if not, hey, I can always drop the project. No one will look at it funny, my career will be fine, just means I miss an oppurtunity to make some money, that's all. There'll be more." Cederick folded the script up and placed it at his side. It was then he noticed that he was not alone. Some more, farther up along the beach... He thought he even recognized one of them, although their name wasn't quite coming to mind.

Ced cursed inwardly. Other people, huh? Shoot, what I they heard me talking to myself... I suppose that might've seemed a bit strange, huh? Well... No matter, dwelling on it''s certainly not going to help anything. He raised his script up in the air and waved it back and forth as he cupped both of his hands around his mouth and shouted, "Hey!"
Lance sighed as the other girl started to quickly retreat from his presence. He raised an arm to wipe his face, but it didn't do much good. Damn makeup.

He decided to go ahead and sit on the beach for awhile. The stupid director wanted everything exactly as written. One of his fellow actors commented that his own paraphrasing was actually better, but he still wouldn't have it. Lance had been very inclined to smash the director's face at that point, but he was close enough to being out of a job as it was.

He took out the rest of the script and looked over it, noticing several areas where the director's demanding nature would ruin the mood. This would be a long next few days.

Suddenly, someone called out to...nowhere in particular. Lance turned to face him. Great, generic pretty boy. Just what we need. "Ya need something, punk?"
Tsutae came to the camerawoman (her clothes were distinctive) in a folding beach chair, and smiled automatically as she dropped her shoes on the ground. "Hello there," said Tsutae quietly. "You're a camerawoman, right? I'm Tsutae Ichazuki." Extending a hand, Tsutae hoped she wasn't interrupting any deep thoughts.
"Eh?" He lowered his arms, quickly, a kind of stunned look on his face.

And what's your problem, pal?

"N...nothing..." He whispered. Cederick inwardly cursed himself before saying, "It's nothing!" a little louder. He started walking closer to the others, now a bit slower, as his eyes naturally gravitated to the ground. "I, uh, just saw some people out here and was surprised to see anyone besides myself."

Cederick forced himself to look up a bit and, determined, he looked the loud man in the eyes. Only cowards couldn't meet someone eye to eye. He smiled. "You look familiar, you're working on the movie, right? One of the main players? I can't remember for certain..." He offered his right hand, holding it forward. "Nice to work with you. Cederick Via. I'm looking forward to our production's success."
"Surprised? It's not like you're the first one here, boy," Lance answered, standing up. He gave Cederick a piercing glare, almost assuming he would flinch. "They called me out here because this movie's going to air in Japan AND America, and I'm bilingual. That's what they claim, at least. I've heard the rumors going arond."

"Listen," he said, cracking his knuckles. "As far as this setup goes, I'm the last person you want to mess with, so if you don't have anything important to talk about, I suggest you leave before you say something stupid."
Ced stood there a moment, still taking in the hostility, before taking a step back and letting his arm drop limply by his side. "I see..." I could say something... Something about being bi-lingual, that's impressive...

The guy could just be having a bad day. Yeah, that could be true. But... Ced nodded his head slightly, in recognition of his fellow, before moving away. But that doesn't give that guy the right to be such a prick. He could take his self-righteous self and throw himself off of a cliff! What the hell was his problem anyway? Where did that guy get off? Was he just one of those kind of people?

I could tell that guy off, give him a piece of my mind. You think that attitude is going to get you very far in this business, asshole? You think any actor is going to want to work with you twice? Directors won't stand for that kind of stupidity, they'll just go and find someone else to play the part! Nobody needs this kind of ridiculous...
He shook his head slowly. It wasn't worth getting so worked up over. There was another pair nearby, but was there really anything else to say? Approaching them now could be... awkward. Ced instead turned back down the beach, scratching at his head. "That was unpleasant..." He went back to reading his script, trying to get a feel for just what exactly happened and who his character was, deciding to attend the dinner but do little else unless something demanded his attention.
Lynwen was quite taken back that the actress remembered she was a camerawoman for the set, failing to notice the woman's approach until the stranger had gotten right next to her. Gulping Lynwen stared at the sand and talked to nobody apparent, refusing to make eye contact. "I'm Lynwen Ghislane. Pleased to meet your acquaintance, Miss Icha... Icha...." she muttered, trying to recall the name that she'd just heard moments ago. She held one hand to her head stressedly, trying desperately to summon the girl's name, just her family name, to her mind. It didn't even have to include the full name: just the last.

"Ichazuki," the camerawoman sighed, falling back into her chair with relief. "Miss Ichazuki, that's it" she smiled, still not looking the girl in the eyes and obviously revealing that she'd not been paying attention to the first name. With her relaxed, nearly dopey expression, it seemed as though Lynwen thought she had dodged all further interaction simply by managing to cough out Tsutae's name. Surely enough, Lynwen remained quiet, kicking her feet in the sand idly and thumbing through the script she'd brought with her as if she still had some interest in it.
"What's your name?" Asked Tsutae with a smile. "Sorry if you're busy, I'll leave you alone if you want..."
Lynwen gasped, retracing over her past conversation. I was almost certain I gave her my name then, didn't I? she thought to herself, holding one fist to her mouth. Dismissing the thought, she nearly turned to the other girl, but still avoided eye contact. "My name's Lynwen Ghislane. Didn't I...?" she started, but then trailed, off, not wishing to seem rude by implying that the other girl had made the mistake.

As the girl asked if she was busy, Lynwen started to thumb back through the script, attempting to put up some facade that would make it appear that she was. Unfortunately, Lynwen couldn't keep up the farce effectively, and simply dropped the script back into the travel bag, sighing deeply. "No, I'm not really all too busy," she responded, staring vacantly into the sand.
Upon hearing Lynwen repeat her name, Tsutae felt her ears heat up and could practically hear herself blush. She had said her name almost immediately. Stupid! She hadn't paid attention, and had made herself look foolish-- and rude-- because of it. "Oh... okay, well, if you don't mind me asking, how did you come to work here? Have you always been a camerawoman?"

"Oh," she said suddenly, hoping not to cut Lynwen off, "And you can call me Tsutae."
"H-h-holy crap!" A man stumbled onto the beach, clutching at the sand for a moment or so, before stumbling his way over to the nearest person- Cederick with wild, near-crazy eyes. He was breathing hard, sweating all over, and had a nervous twitch to him, as if he had encountered something that had scared the life from him. As he clutched at Cederic, the man chattered out one word, his hands clammy with sweat.

Luckily, there was almost no danger of cutting of cutting Lynwen off mid-sentence because of her reluctance to talk at all. "Tsutae... okay, I'll try to remember that. You can call me Lyn too if you like," the camerawoman suggested with a smile. "I'm here working with the crew by invitation, since you asked. I was called here after they saw my photographs I took on a tour of eastern Europe. I've only really been a photographer for a few years though, but it seems I must just have a knack for it," she laughed weakly. "So you're an actor, right? What's your-?" she started, but then noticed the strange occurance behind them.

Rising to her feet from her squeaky chair, Lynwen raised her eyebrows as she heard the man's loud cries. "Did he say ghost?" she asked, slipping back on her socks quickly and sinking her feet softly into her comfortable black shoes. Straightening her cap, Lynwen moved over to try to see what was going on, readying her camera in case something of interest happened.
Recoiling at first from the wild-eyed man and his sudden approach, Ced caught himself quickly and grasped the man firmly by the shoulder. "Hey, are you okay? What happened?" Ghost? "You look near about scared to death there, are you alright?" Must be bad to be seeing things...
Tsutae turned quickly, more because... Lyn... seemed so suprised than for any other reason. Whoever it was (Was he a member of the cast? Tsutae couldn't remember) was a distance away, near the person who had scared him, and the panicked person was grabbing someone who Tsutae recognized as another main character. Tsutae could only stare, and wait until she could understand what was happening.