Bloodsong: Heroes OOC

The Prequel/Heroes party is to use this thread for OOC. However, metagaming (such as coordinating tactics without contacting each other IC) will be punished. The primary use of this thread will be for rules lawyering or for requesting information.
Just to confirm..

May I have my spells memorized already for the day?

If so I willl have lesser vigor memorized 3 times, long-strider once for level 1, and for level 0 create water memorized twice, cure minor wounds once, and mending.
Duly noted.
A little question. Did I dodge the Orc's attack through my reflex saving throw or not? You write it like I did and didn't.
You cannot avoid attacks through a reflex saving throw.

Otherwise rogues would be far more powerful in general. Basically, you tried to dodge but failed.
I deeply apologize that Ilianna's song was not full of awesome. It's just kind of hard finding a place to start that is inspiring when the DnD standard turn is 6 seconds. Bah!
What happened to everyone anyway. I mean.. its been way too long, surely you haven't been busy the whole time.