Bika's Famitracker work

These are a few songs I've developed in famitracker, I hope they aren't absolutely painful to listen to as I can't say I'm confident in my music composing abilities.

This was my first completed song, took some time to do as well. it's certainly close to some of the worst stuff one might hear if they are use to famitracker but I tried my best at the time.

This was a more recent song, made 2 months ago. while I'm a bit more proud of it, the timing is clearly off in some areas and I haven't successfully solved it yet, I've been at it for some time. it happens within 30 seconds of the song.

This one was more or less a mild remix of a Network Transmission song, more than likely you should be able to tell which song.
It took a minute, but I did recognize the last one and enjoyed it. Really cool.
Not bad, I think I liked the Alphasong the most, with TestSong3 close behind. About how long did it take you to make each song, and with what difficulty? I ask because I think it would be kind of cool to make some themes for NPCs or player Navis
While I cannot say I'd have the ability for something like that, but the Alphasong took a little less than a week in total, and the testsong2 about 4 days to make, and I've gone back to them from time to time after that to polish them a bit.

Testsong3 was done within a day however.

As for difficulty, well Alphasong was rather hard to do since it was one of my first, but the latter two were done later down the road and weren't as bad to make.