...Apperantly I got bored this morning while drinking soda... and drew Blockman.

...Everyone has to start somewhere...
Advanced Art Critique:
None. Amazing. Perfect proportions, details, and shading.
I drew stuff...

I think Beatnik wants to kill me now.
Here Mog, have Monday for your birthday.

...Had to drug her or something though...
Those are some mean looking pingas.



Sundae is a rather cheerfull navi, enjoying her occupation of selling ice cream and seeing the happy smiles of her costumers. She takes great pride that the quality of her goods will always leave a smile upon one's face, which is almost always.

Sample of Sundae delight (60 points)

This sundae is exactly like the basic variety that the navi makes, vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and a nice red cherry on top. The only real difference is, other then it not being as filling, it's small, really small. The Sample is to scale of a real one, fitting nicely in a cubic inch. The sample tastes just like the real thing, and is so good that you can just swear that your pain and fatigue just washes away.

Target heals 45 hp