As most know I'm a City of Villains player and RP there a lot. From time to time I write some RP-related stories and I recently finished my first. I tried writing it with a style I'm not familiar with, copying it from others on the CoV RP forum, and wanted some comments on it. I'd, mostly, like comments on writing style and content. And note that it is not written for any specific age, so it may be a bit to the adult side. If you don't recognize a term, then it's probably a location within the game.

The location was Cap au Diable, the time was midnight and the streets were empty. The street lights were battered and only a few were on, leaving a dark trail across the path as two figures moved over it. Neither of them knew where they were going but frankly didn't care as long as they would encounter trouble to fight. Two small flames moved up and down with the movements of the smaller and male figure, illuminating his face faintly in the darkness of the alley. Lately he had been meeting with his new lady friend more often, almost every night by now, ever since he felt a close connection to her that one day.

It was an ordinary day at Pocket D with most faces being known to him, but he wanted something new and interesting. Red side and blue side were both depressing with the same faces, so he had gone towards the Tiki Lounge where he met her. After a quick introduction they started talking to each other about their own life and he quickly noticed that they had similar stories about themselves. They laughed as they sat at the bar, having a drink, and chatting like friends until an urge surfaced he had been trying to hide. Inviting her to a couch, she was swift to agree, and before he realized it he had his fangs in her neck and his hands all over her body in a daze of lust and pleasure. They quickly left each other, hurrying back to get his mind clear again after having fed. It always went like this, so why did this time feel so different to him?

Playful feminine laughter filled the alley, the two flaming eyes of him fixed on a group of small-time crooks and criminals. They were sitting around a small bonfire, happily talking to each other but quickly stopped as they noticed the two unknown figures in a faint light by the bonfire. Daggers and handguns appeared in the criminals' hands, preparing for their attack while insults were flung at the two. An amused chuckle came from him, while next to him formed a sword and shield of flames in his lady's hands before she charged off towards the light of the criminals' bonfire with an excited battle cry. He just remained in his place, looking at her from a distance while she blitzed through the evening as if cleaving the darkness itself along with the criminals. A pair of them had already dropped on the floor before she lifted her head towards the sky and shouted out at him to join the fight. Lighting his hands in flames he walked over towards her nonchalantly with a smirk on his face and joined the fiery brawl by her side carrying a passion in his heart he came to enjoy with her.

Knowing she was in a long distance relationship, he wanted to give her a nice time out and decided to get her a beautiful dress. With her personality being as it was, she dragged him into fitting rooms constantly to look at different outfits but this was not without the necessary glimpses of her skin. Afterwards they went to Ouroboros, this being one of her favourite places, and decided to settle down on one of the floating rocks close to the water. He had fed recently, so there was no urge to take blood, but why was the feeling of lust and passion present. They started out chatting happily, but then came the suggestion to take a dip in the water. From this point on he could have seen the ending, and should have, but still joined her. Not wanting to get her new dress wet, they decided to get in the water naked and there they were in the end across each other with their body bared to the other. It started with hands, then skin and eventually they joined together with passion and lust he had never felt before. It felt right, as if he were free, without a worry and without limits. That night he stayed at her place to continue what they had begun.

The bonfire had been extinguished as he stampeded over it to reach one of the criminals on the other side of it, his flames flowing through the shadows gently yet bright and passionate, and immediately connected his enflamed fist with the other's face. Screams and shouts echoed through the darkness as flames played through the air in perfect combination. There was no need for petty tricks or impressive fighting moves, only the longing for battle and the adrenaline coming from it. His laughter was audible throughout the night as he slammed his opponent against the ground, flames flying into all directions due to the impact, while his partner had knocked out another of the petty criminals. After more time, the criminals all had fallen to the ground with burn marks all over their bodies but the fight was not over. Lunging at each other, the two started fighting each other in the middle of the battlefield as the feeling of the battle swept them along. Their flames danced across the night as they took to the sky still caught in their battle and remaining close to each other. With a fierce kick connected mid-air, they seperated from each other while flames started getting thrown at the woman by him. Dodging the flames while bashing away some she paved herself a way towards him, her eyes illuminated by her sword and shield and the moon's light shining in them. A small smile appeared on his face before he flew towards her with flames in his hands and ready to strike. The sword and flames connected as they hit each other, a shockwave unleashed by the force and flames being thrown everywhere as if in an explosion. They then disappeared from sight, retreating to their home to satisfy the other type of lust.

Later that night he asked himself as he stared at the ceiling, blowing some flames into the air to calm himself down after having sex with her, were they just friends? Or had he fallen in love with her? Glancing at her for a moment, he smiled and took off the ring on his left hand's ringfinger for the first time after having it put on. He then fell asleep at her side, snuggling close against her and smiling all through the night.