Lunarlion's Awesome Sketches!!

Well, to begin with a new art board I have created a new Aida!!!!

I inked it on adobe. Im new to it so its not perfect. I like it though!

Please dont look at the hands....I SUCK AT HANDS!!!
No, no you're not crazy...
Am I psycho, or is that picture curning to the left...
...........Yeah.......all my pics curve! Its because I draw in an odd way I suppose.
lunarion are you left handed or right handed?...oh...and nice drawing...i can't use the pc to color my drawings cause i suck at doing it
Well, Lunar, do you draw with the paper turned to one side? (I used to draw on an angle, and that would make my people lean slightly. This is even harder to negate when you're working on blank paper instead of lined stuff.) If that's what you're doing, then turn the paper so it's straight and draw that way. Otherwise, sketch out the entire figure first, or if you're willing, draw it on lined paper and use the lines to keep your figure straight, since you're inking (and can therefore get rid of the lines later.)

Otherwise, good job! Hands aren't that great, I know, but they're the hardest part of the whole thing.
Yep, I angle the paper. Soem teacher made me do it while I was in teh third grade...something about me staying on the lines. Ill attempt to draw not from an angle then. Thanks!

Oh and im right handed. And I suck at coloring too!

My excuse is....


I just can't draw very impresively ;-;

Reminds me of Megaman Powered Up
Bwahahahaha! Rockin'!

Chibius maximus!

XD! Thanks Lunar! You are, by far, the Queen of Chibi.
Okay, I see that PA is using the pic I drew....on problem is....IT HAS NO COLOR! So I fixed it for ya! HERE!


Take your pic. I had fun!

That is SO my new avi... after I scale it.

And the top one is more accurate.
Thanks! heres a mini one if ya need it. I'm so happy that Im getting better at this!
Yay! No resizing needed! Much thanks, Lunar!
Could ya make a chibi American? I'll pay you in zenny? Or a free set of 8-bits? And a set is ten 8-bit sprites.
I'd pay you 500 zenny if you could make a chibi Phoenix (not in battle, so just with his feathers). Seriously, I'll pay you 500 zenny right outta mah wallet.
Oh yeah? Well I can pay you in EVENT REWARDS! *Notices the glares coming at him from not only the members but the moderators as well* Er... I mean... eh hehehe... *Flees*