Dark Boy

That my friends, is my NetNavi Dark Boy. Here is the story.

Dark Chips where just discovered by the Sci-Lab Officials, and they needed some way to study the effects of these Mystic Battle Chips. They got a navi named Boy to help. Boy was an orphan, abandoned by his Net Op. He stayed allong the net, cleaning and drinking coffee as a NormalNavi does...Until he had a purpose. He started using these Dark Chips, and he had to use every one over and over to find the exact effects and damage. After all of this, the data was all recorded and saved into Sci-Labs main computer system. But one thing happened.

Boy, became unstable. Darkness was taking over. His arms, legs, heart, and eventoully, [SP] his soul. His soul was completely soaked in Darkness. His physical form shaped, he gained more attacks, his HP raised, and most of all....His speed when beyone Mach 5 up to Mach 6. Sci-Lab contained this Navi in the Deepest Part of the Graveyard. He broke free but Sci-Lab diverted him into a trap. After this, he was shut down and repaired for months. After he stable enough to controll himself, they held a contest. The winner of the contest gets to keep Dark Boy. Thhey must use Normal Navis. Here are the Standings:

Chaud - Marc Gothic
Trillian - Lan Hikari

Trillian was a strange operator...he was an official in the land of Netopia. He never talked much but was one of the most skilled Net Battlers in the world. Even better that Chaud Blaze. Chaud Defeated Marc and Lan gave up because he had no reason for Dark Boy. Trillian, hardly defeated ProtoMan. ProtoMan's speed was close to his, but DB was faster!

So Trillian won the NetNavi, but after that, they where adding programs to inhance his controll over the Dark Soul. But an intruder destroyed the main power plant at Sci-Lab, which sent an Energy Surge through ACDC Town, affecting Dark Boy, and all of the scientists as well as their computers. All of the data was erased, and Dark Boy practicly deleted.

Nobody remembered anything during the tests and the data was gone....so Dark Boy and Trillian's goal in life is to find the remains of that data...

His speed is unmatched.
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