Kazu's Scribbles

Yes I do draw. No I'm not that good. In this thread I'll show off my work, and who knows, maybe you folks will be able to help me out. I'll take commissions, though I can't imagine you'd want one, and I certainly do want criticism.

I've got a lot of shit to dump into this thread for posterity, so here goes. To save my photobucket's bandwidth, each one will be a link.

Some of this is really old stuff, and I'm only uploading it because it's good. Some if it is really old stuff, and I'm only uploading it because it's RN related. Some of them have numbers in the corner. Ignore the numbers. I put them there so I could filter them into groups for an art project.

A lot of them look better when the scanner doesn't enhance every single detail.

Without further ado...

Shame on you if you don't know who this one is. Yes, my drawing skill sucked as much as my RP.

No, they don't actually have anything to do with Romeo and Juliet. Funny story about that first one-- I got funny looks while I was working on it in school, because I drew her without clothes first. The first looked a little something like this. The top one remains some of my best work ever.

--I wanted to turn these guys into a D&D campaign. Like all my other attempts at a D&D campaign, it fell through and never happened. They are pretty good work, however. Funny thing is, I drew those in the order 3-4-1-2-5. I didn't know that I was going to draw more of them when I drew 3.

[X] Very old and still one of my best. This was the drawing that got me started on all of these. Blood! Violence! Lots of it! Some of the people I showed were a little disturbed.

Another old thing, one that my friends liked a lot. I'm not sure why-- perhaps it's the smoke? I liked drawing the smoke, but this drawing seemed very plain to me. Not that it isn't some of my better work.

This is also some good work of mine. It was during an interesting time in my life, though I can't remember which one. Ah, well-- the picture should give you an idea.

RN related stuff. The first one is a little hard to see, but they worked out well. The second was kind of for fun. There used to be more notes written between Eon and I. They're erased. I forget why. But they were funny.

I drew this on my trip, and it's some of the best work I've ever done. I know that's not saying much, but looking at it gives me faith in my own abilities. It's not perfect-- there are some pretty nasty mistakes in there-- but I think it's pretty damn good. As such, I'll greatly appreciate any pointing out of its flaws.

My attempt at character design. Her concept came, then I drew the one above, then I drew this. She's actually Cecilia, but I've replicated the idea over and over. I think she was a Naruto fancharacter for an RP on Gaia, at one point.

I drew this on the trip. It's not that great, but the concept is hilarious. That's a male you're looking at. I wanted him to be a bishie, but he turned out being totally androgynous-- which is fine by me. It was as close to a transvestite as I've ever done without actually drawing a guy in a skirt, which I have done by the way, but I lost it. It was really really good. And pretty disturbing too. The girl in tough-looking clothes I drew along with that one (which I also lost) was also way better. It was something like this, except way less sucky. [X]

RN related. This is Elma, after she's discarded her lab coat for some more sensible garments: A Navi bodysuit with some awesome-looking accessories. Yes, I know it's a huge sword. She's really really strong. I drew Surline with a torn-up coat and a wicked polearm but he sucked. The polearm came out good though.

Basically, I'm looking for 6 characters. 3 humans, 3 reploids. I haven't got many details on them, which is why I said I was looking for designs in the chat. This is what I have so far...

Khaos - Androgynous, child-like Reploid. Also the leader of Neo Arcadia.
Praelium - Broad male Reploid, built to withstand damage. Is the General of the Neo Arcadian army.
Fabel - Human female. A Ride Armor/Chaser pilot with considerable skill. Also acts as the Neo Arcadian Chief mechanic.
Aether - Human male and leader of the Resistance. Very strong-willed. Average build, yet determined
Epee - Human Male and chief mechanic for the resistance.
Parc - Reploid Female tactician. Visibly thin. She commands the Resistance forces.
I'm having second thoughts about the special 50% off discount I made for you. Normally this would be 3k. I'll take some time to think about price. But I will do this. It's a challenge.
Pally demanded that I post the results, so here's Khaos. Next I think I'll do Parc.

I've been done with Parc for a while now, and I just did a rough Fabel. Trouble is, Fabel looks like a hard-core Ride Chaser biker, and nothing like a mechanic. I hope that's okay.
You've got free reign, so yeah.

Also, got pics?
I always feel a wee pang of guilt when I realize that I only ever did one of Nal's requests.

Anyway, I've got a request for anyone reading this. I've been drawing on and off again, and I guess I have a post-worthy drawing or two hiding in my room somewhere. I'll show them off eventually.

Perspective and poses are still a bit beyond my reach, so while I wait for those things to magically come to me, I'm working on realistic faces, drawing bigger, and making original designs, among other things. So, if you've got a character concept that you think might be interesting-- OR IF YOU'D LIKE TO POST YOUR OWN PICTURE FOR MY REPLICATING PLEASURE-- then please give a hoot in this thread.
I really
Like the magekid.
He's awesome.

You're seriously good at fantasy art, Kazu.

You have my highest award as a fellow artist, even if you do nothing as noble as dragons. :'D
I admit, you have nice legs...

I mean... you draw legs well, It's the main point of fail in my guys. aside from the other mistakes...

do you have any rules for legs?

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I admit, you have nice legs...

as was my intention...