Darkfall by Phoenix

Oh, God. Don't expect me to do the others anytime soon. I feel totally horrible. Anyway, I revamped Darkrai's Darkfall series to the best of my abilities. Here's the remade chapter one. And this is NOT going to replace my chief fanfic, The Endless Void. Its way to sh**y to be held in such high importance and priority. I'm just doing this because A: I need something to do, and B: because I felt like being nice.

Salieo usually knew what was going on at all times, it was his nature. But now, behind his closed eyelids, lying flat on what felt like grass, a throbbing pain in his temples, he was more confused than he had ever been in his life. "Where am I?" he thought numbly. After asking the first question, more soon followed, flooding his brain: "What is my purpose here? Why was my clan and race slaughtered so suddenly?"

..."Why can't I remember?"....

Then he remembered: the day he was to become a Crusader. That repulsive ...thing had come out of nowhere. Before his own eyes, it had killed his mother and father, and burned his sister alive. He shuddered while remembering the tortured screams of agony that were his dear sibling's last breaths. He'd tried to stop it, but the Elder of his village had knocked him out; after all that time training him in such desolate places, he'd stopped caring about him entirely. All because he was a being of Dark Energy.

A sudden, loud rustle brought Salieo back to reality. He quickly opened his eyes, only to be met with a face full of green. "That's one of my questions answered; this is grass," he said in his head, getting up. It seemed he was in the midst of a thicket of bushes. Which way had that rustle come from. Salieo's catlike ears pricked up, listening for anything.

Eventually, he heard the rustling, and this time, muffled cries. Salieo guessed there were other people other than himself. Quickly pinpointing the location the noise had come from, he found that it was just across a row of tall bushes. He peered through the hedge, and came across the sight of a tall, dark person pinning down the strangest-looking female he'd ever seen in his life. She looked to be about his age; maybe a bit younger, but was dressed in naught but a small top and a rather short skirt. And where were her ears?! He could only imagine that she was being harassed because she was some deformed Varr, until the thug spoke.

"Pretty little thing, aren't you? Why don't we see what's under that little dress of yours?" he gravelled, a lecherous smile seeping into his unsightly face. The strange girl protested, but was no match for the burly fellow.

Salieo realized that she wasn't in fact a freak; just some other species. And she was in obvious discomfort, so he decided to put a stop to it. "After all," he said to himself, "I am technically a Crusader, I just wasn't told I was one."

Raising a hand to channel the Dark Energy that flooded his body into, he shouted, "Dark Blast!" The stupid idiot didn't even get the chance to say anything before he was blasted off the girl, collided with a tree and slid to the ground, stunned.

The thug was stunned, but not stunned speechless. "What the hell was that?" he roared, struggling to move.

"Me getting you off that girl over there. You were obviously causing her grief and discomfort, so I intervened," Salieo answered simply. He then sent more Dark Energy into his hand, forming a dark purple aura around it. "And now, I must finish my job," he finished, rushing the hood. The thug only had time to let out a scream of surprise before the hand punched a hole clean through his chest, shattering the ribs and rupturing the heart and one lung. He died.

Satisfied with his work, Salieo disengaged the swirling energy on his hand, letting the thug's blood run off it, then turned to the girl still lying on the ground. "Are you okay?" he asked in English. He usually spoke Varran, but since English was the universal language, and only Varrs spoke Varran, and this girl definitely wasn't a Varr, he decided to use English around this girl, whoever she was.

The girl didn't take it as well as Salieo. "You killed that guy. Who, no, what are you?" she asked in amazement, seeing the slight smoke issuing from the Varr/Neko's hand, and the bloody man lying dead against the tree. Without waiting for an answer, she started to run as fast as she could away from Salieo, only to find herself grabbed around the waist. "Ahh, get off me, get off me!: she screamed, trying to escape Salieo's vice-like grasp.

"Please, calm down," Salieo said, his voice soft with concern.

"Why should I when you're abducting me like this?" the skirt-clad girl shouted, still trying to break free.

"Abducting? I don't even know what that means," Salieo replied, confused. Deciding that the way he was holding her was obviously not comfortable from her point of view, he let go, but still kept a steely grip on one arm.

The girl was seriously confused. "What? Are you even human?" she asked.

"What's a human?" Both Salieo and the girl were seriously confused.

"Me. I'm a human, and so's that thug you killed. There are over six billion spread all over Earth," Dawn explained. Just what the hell was this guy, if he didn't even know about the word abduction and Earth itself!

"How can there be that many of one species? And what's Earth?" Salieo asked again. "Great, I had so many questions before, and this girl keeps giving me more of them," he thought.

"Earth is the planet we're standing on; the land we're in specifically is called Haro. Back to the current matter, though ... let me go!" Dawn shouted, getting seriously impatient.

"Not until after you tell me more about humans ... the female side," Salieo said, wanting to know more.

Apparently, this had not been what Dawn had though he would say, as she started blushing, but nevertheless replied, "Oh, umm, ok."

"Why are you doing that? Are you sick?" Salieo asked, cocking his head to one side.

"It's called blushing, people usually do it when they're embarrassed about something. You really don't know much, do you?"

"Forgive me. I've never seen a human, much less a blushing human," Salieo apologized.

"Then if you aren't a human, what are you? And while I'm at it, what's your name?" Dawn asked.

"My name is Salieo, and I'm half Varr, half Neko. I was spoken of in the Ikaten Prophecy. What's your name, human girl?" Salieo answered with pride.

"My name's Dawn. Eight years ago, I was a Pokemon Trainer in a far-off land called Sinnoh," the girl that had been revealed to be called Dawn said. She thought for a moment, then asked, "How old are you?"

"128, 518 years old."

Dawn just stared. "That ... was really ... unexpected," she managed to say.

"That's 18 in human years, what about you? And what's unexpected mean?" Salieo corrected.

"Oh, okay. I'm 18, same as you," Dawn replied. Then, something occurred to her. "You don't know quite a few English words. What language do you speak?" she asked.

"I usually speak Varran, but at times like these, I use the universal language. You know it as English, I know it as Basic," Salieo said. He then mumbled in Varran, "Dammit, I need a drink." Out of an inside pocket of his deep purple robe, he pulled out a small bottle filled to the brim with a black liquid. There seemed to be a slight haze around the bottle, and it felt cold to the touch. Ripping out the cork stoppering it with his teeth, then spitting it out to the side, Salieo took a sip, shuddering as the icy liquid made its way down his throat.

Dawn seemed confused when Salieo had said something indecipherable, but decided that it had probably been something in his native language. Her thoughts then turned to his appearance. He was a pretty cute guy, she summarized. His heavy dark purple robe was definitely covering some strong arms and a pretty well-toned chest, as well as tough legs and ... Dawn stopped there. She didn't even know him that well! Then for the first time she realized: that mass of long dark red hair was completely covering his face, save for a small sliver of fine, pale skin. "Salieo?" she started tentatively.


"Will you ... move your hair out of the way so I can see your face?" Dawn asked, blushing a bit again.

"Umm, sure I guess," Salieo replied. He then pushed the long, blood red hair off his face, tying it back into a short, stylish ponytail just for good measure. He then noticed that Dawn was staring. "Dawn, is something wrong?"

In Dawn's opinion, Salieo's face was, for lack of a better word, perfect. There wasn't a single blemish marking it, his skin was baby smooth (she could tell just by looking) and pale. It looked to be more suited for an alabaster doll than a person. The blood red hair only emphasised it, as well as the ears... "Salieo, what's with the ears on your head? Where are your ordinary ears?"

"Those are my ordinary ears. I'm half Varr, half Neko," Salieo answered, shrugging. He wanted to ask the same question, but figured that the weird crumpled-looking things on the sides on he head had to be her ears.

Dawn didn't quite understand, but didn't say anything until he started drinking. "Hang on, is that Dark Elixir?" she asked cautiously.

"Umm-hmm. Why do you ask?"

"What? But that stuff's supposed to be really dangerous! It corrupts your soul and makes you go insane, doesn't it?" Dawn exclaimed, scared.

"For humans, maybe. I'm immune to it; all it does to me is feed me energy," Salieo explained, tucking the empty bottle back into his robe.

"Wait, like you killed that guy. Was that Dark Energy? Are you evil?" Dawn shouted, pointing an accusing finger at Salieo.

"Yes, that was Dark Energy I killed that thug with, but no, I am not evil," Salieo said, gently pushing the pointing finger back to Dawn's side. "Hang on, you said you used to come from ... Sinnoh, was it? Why come here if Sinnoh is that far off?" he asked.

Dawn struggled to remember. "It was like ... something was calling me over ... telling me that I needed to be here, in Haro. To start over."

"You can hear voices. Is that normal for a human?" Salieo asked.

"No, not really," Dawn said. The two had started to walk while talking, going nowhere in particular, but Dawn was running out of things to say. She thought for a moment, then thought of a question that had been burning in her ever since she found out he was a Varr/Neko mix. "What were the other Varrs like?"

"I can't quite remember; that was a really long time ago. All I can remember was that they looked a lot like me, but they had ears like yours, and were ... low-class, unlike me," Salieo reminisced, his eyes closing in thought.

"Were they all Crusaders like you?"

"No," Salieo said simply. "I was one of few, possibly the only one." He then went back to his drink, taking a swig of the cold beverage. He then glanced up from the bottle, looking right into her eyes. Another perk about his being born of Dark Energy was that he could tell what something was thinking just by watching their eyes. She was currently thinking of an incident that had happened a time ago, not being pinned by the thug, but something else. "You had a past experience ... a bad one, I'm sure," he murmured, almost indecipherably.

Dawn heard it anyway. "How can you tell?" she asked anyway.

"What was his name?" Salieo asked.

Dawn was utterly confused. Then, "Are you messing with my mind?"

"Maybe." the Varr/Neko smiled impishly. It looked cute on him, but mischievous like all impish smiles were. It won Dawn over.

"I'll tell you later, 'kay? I don't like saying his name," the girl confessed.

"Where'd it happen?"

"In those same woods that idiot thug found me in, but I was deeper in at the time."

"The guy hurt you, right?"

Dawn shuddered. If there was one moment she never wanted to go through in her life again, it would have to be the pain she's received that time. "Very," she answered.

Salieo said nothing, but instead went to find the thug's bag. It was full of stuff that Salieo had never seen before, but he could see uses for everything in the bag. "Well, I'll just take that man's bag. It has everything I need," he said to apparently nobody, hoisting it onto his back.

Dawn muttered under her breath, "Condoms," but turned it into a cough when she found she'd muttered it a little too loud.

"Con-what's? What are they, some kind of cloth?" Salieo asked, confused.

"Never mind," Dawn corrected, waving a hand. She then saw a sparkle in the bag. "Ooh, what's that?" she asked.

Salieo pulled out the sparkling object, revealing it to be a bejewelled pendant. "Hmm," Salieo grunted. He then held it out to her. "Want it?"

"It's beautiful. Oh, thank you!" Dawn squealed, grabbing the utterly perplexed Salieo in a hug.

"Umm, what exactly are you doing?" he asked, squirming slightly, but enjoying the attention.

"Hugging you. Don't you know what a hug is?" Dawn said into his chest, smiling.

"Not exactly."

"Well, I'll have to tell you. it's a sign of affection," Dawn explained briefly.

"Affect-ion? Is that a disease?" Salieo asked.

"Boy, do you EVER have a lot to learn!" Dawn let go, somehow now wearing the pendant. "Hey, Salieo, want to go see this graveyard I saw on the way over here? It looked really cool," she asked.

"Heh, why not? But why a graveyard of all places?" Salieo answered, shrugging.

"What's life without a bit of fun? Now, let's get going, its almost dark!" Dawn exclaimed, starting to run. Salieo easily caught up, and the two sped towards the graveyard.
This is ok. Considering the base material you had to work with, this is surprisingly tollerable.

Good good.Now work on the second part.Which is where Salieo meets Giratina,then he challanges him to a fight,thus ending in Giratina losing.
Darkfail........shut up.......just shut up, you are in NO position to go asking for stuff like that.
On the contrary,It's MY story.So I can command it.
i'm not gonna continue, your an IMMATURE LITTLE BRAT THAT THINKS HE CAN GET ANYTHING HE WANTS! i shouldn't even be wasteing my time on this post come to think of it.
If you weren't going to continue...Then why did you?

Hmmm...That's a billion times better there Phoenix, though I don't see why you're bothering? I mean, why mold a pile of crap into a statue? No matter how good the final product looks, the materials are still shitty.
I'm in college you twit.
Actually, if you look at the creator of the topic, this is Phoenix's work, which is based on yours. So, if you want to command anything, how about commanding my foot up your ass your own topic.

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People in college, which I doubt you are, can still be everything said of you.
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Every Pokemon is from London. Didn't come up much in the series, though...

Quote (Zanallen)

If you weren't going to continue...Then why did you?

Hmmm...That's a billion times better there Phoenix, though I don't see why you're bothering? I mean, why mold a pile of crap into a statue? No matter how good the final product looks, the materials are still shitty.

I'm doing this for a multitude of reasons:

I need something to do when I can't think of anything to write for The Endless Void.

It makes okay practice for writing, making sh*ty stuff into less-sh*ty stuff.

I felt extremely generous when I started this, and I have no reason to stop doing it. Plus its kinda fun.

I love writing, and English is my favorite subject.[/off-topic]

I pitied and still pity the original Darkfall.

Oh, and Darkrai, you say you're in college? I'm in grade 8; high school/junior high. ^.^;
I freaking wrote better than him in Jr. High, and I hated writing then. In my opinion Phoenix, your ability to turn crap into tinfoil is quite impressive.

I am currently taking bets on when Barkrai will stop being a noob. The good money is on NEVER!
The good money is on 'He's banned for a week'. :'D

That he is...

Anyway Phoenix, have you tried writing promps such as those in the Writing Contest back in the day?