I've gotten the idea lately to use someone else's Navi to write a story of how they'd be and how they'd fight a battle... This is kind of a test though, so don't take it all to serious... And don't take the contents serious... Really, don't...

I started with using DNR fighting a MetoolEX3. But it's more or less... Just a Metool... I'm not using systems or anything. Just a free-based fanfic thingie. Well, here it is... Hope I did well.

DNR VS. MetoolEX3

"Hey Polonius!" shouted DNR as he ran over the streets of ACDC Net, "Look what I can do!" And with those words, he put one of the scalpel blade's side into the ground and launched himself into the air. Making two spins in the air, he landed on his feet again. He picked up his blade again after he ran towards it, panting slightly, and extended his arms to the sides. "Ta-dah!" he shouted with a smile while looking at Polonius in a small floating window. "E-Eh... You could've h-hurt yours-self... DNR... B-Be careful," Polonius replied with a shaky voice, thinking about the consequences that could've occured if the landing would've been less perfect. "Pshaw!" DNR reacted as he waggled a finger from left to right of his free head in front of Polonius' face. Pulling the hand back, he pressed his thumb against his chest while his tongue dropped out of his mouth slightly and said, "I am immortal!" "O-OK," said Polonius quietly as he took some chips in his hands, "L-Let's look for some viruses..."

Making great steps over the street, DNR held a hand above his eyes like an indian as if it'd improve his sight over the Net plains. "Hey Pooooloooo," DNR said as he continued walking with large steps and his legs stretched all the time, "I think I got lost." "N-No... The m-map says we're still i-in ACDC. AH! I mean... You're s-still in ACDC," Polonius said as he clicked some buttons on his PET while his hands were a bit shaky. "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!" shouted DNR as he ran out with his arms hanging behind his body while his legs became a blur in the motion, "I found me a virus!" "W-Where?" Polonius asked as he took his face closer to the screen of the PET, "I don't s-see it." DNR stopped running instantly, his upperbody acting as it was elastic until it was in its normal state again. Quickly taking out a picture of the virus he saw from their database folders, he planted it against the screen for Polonius to see. "AH!" shouted Polonius as he fell backwards on his butt after seeing the huge picture of the virus. "It's just a Metool..." muttered DNR as he put the file back slowly. "B-But..." started Polonius as he got up slowly, "It's H-H-HUGE!" "No way!" said DNR as he looked as he took out the picture again to check it out, "It's a little thingie. Hmmm... Maybe..." Tilting the picture sideways constantly and looking at it from different angles, he suddenly held it close to his face and hummed as if he was thinking. "Yes," he said slowly while he moved the picture downwards slowly, "It is huge. But then..." Running forwards again, he pointed at a virus in the distance after stopping again and spoke to Polonius. "What is that?" he asked while tilting his head to the right side.

"Ah! That's it!" shouted Polonius, his entire body immediately starting to tremble again, "W-Wait... Get closer..." DNR saluted and ran towards the virus to investigate it. It was a green metool with a black cross on it and an impressive looking pickaxe in its non-existant hands. "It's... Small..." muttered Polonius. "Awesome investigation, Polonius!" shouted DNR as he gave Polonius a thumbs up. "Anyone c-could see this virus is small..." continued Polonius while glaring at DNR, "W-What was that huge thing b-before?" "Same picture," said DNR while looking innocently at Polonius with a large smile on his face, "Can I attack now?" Polonius sighed softly and nodded as only reply to his Navi. "Vwoot!" shouted DNR and ran out towards the virus, "Hey, virus! DNR, the eradicator of ailments, is here! Prepare to meet your doom!" But before DNR could pull off any attack, he got struck by a wave that came over the ground and was blasted backwards. A large crack in the ground was visible by the virus after DNR stood up and he just put his hands in his sides while keeping the scalpel blade away from his own body. "That was NOT fair!" he shouted, "Who said I was finished with my speech!?" "P-Please... Can we get o-on with it...?" asked Polonius softly. "Oh. Oh right. Sure. Getting on it. Of course. Naturally. Verily," DNR replied in a flurry of words. Putting on of the sides of his scalpel onto the ground, he dragged it with him as he started to run towards the enemy while strafing from left to right. Paying attention this time, he noticed an attack coming from his enemy and jumped into the air. "HAHA!" he shouted as he spun around his scalpel blade very quickly, causing him to float above his enemy. Switching the position of the blade, he pointed its pointy part towards the Metool and let himself drop upon it. However, the blade hit the solid helmet of the Metool and he bounced away from it as if his blade became a pogo stick. "Aw buggah," DNR said as he flew through the air only to be headed back to the ground. Landing on the ground with his feet set apart, he grunted slightly. "That did not go well!" he said and stood straight up, "Got any pointers?" "N-Nuh-uh... I don't k-know this bad guy..." Polonius muttered and went through his chips slowly. Picking up a chip, he accidentally dropped it and lost sight of his PET as he kneeled down to pick it up again.

"OK, show time," said DNR quietly and charged out for the virus with his blade tightly in his right hand, "It's time for surgery!" DNR jumped into the air, as the Metool launched another of his ground-based attacks, and landed with his feet on the shield of said virus. Crouching slightly, he held his head to the shield and started to gnaw on it with his teeth while keeping the pickaxe away with his own weapon. "Nice material," he complimented to the Metool and created a box that was floating in the air. Bending backwards as if he was made of some gel material, he grinned wide at the face of the Metool and spoke to it softly. "Prepare to be assimilated," he whispered and, after saying those words, moved his body back into a regular position. He opened the box and stuck his hand into it while singing a song softly, "And Margaritha isn't coming home yeeeeet~ No, she's in Floridaaaaa~ Margaritha is my little bonitaaaa~ My little bonitaaaa~" He stopped singing as he pulled out a large syringe with an odd light purple liquid. "Wheeeeeeeeee!" he shrieked as he stuck the needle of said syringe through the shield of the Metool and injected the fluids into its helpless body. Jumping off of it, he posed in front of the Metool as he landed on the ground again. The Metool had closed its eyes entirely, falling into a deep deep sleep while DNR put a cap over his mouth and some white gloves over his regular gloves. Pulling apart his scalpel blade, he separated the blades from each other so he would have a scalpel in each hand and walked over to the Metool threatingly. "Resistance is futile," he muttered quietly and started to perform operations on the Metool.

Polonius, who had passed out temporarily after bumping his head against the edge of the table he had his PET on, came to and slowly stood up. "HEY! HEY! LISTEN! HEY!" came from his PET constantly for at least ten minutes straight until Polonius got a clear sight of everything again. "HEY HEY HEY!" shouted DNR as Polonius took the PET from the table and brought it to him as he remained sitting on his ground. "Welcome back," DNR said with a large smile. "Welcome back," came another voice similar to DNR's voice but slightly more squeeky. "W-What..." muttered Polonius who hadn't put his mind in proper order yet, "My... S-Sight isn't proper yet... I see t-two of you, DNR." "This is Mini-DNR!" DNR shouted as he picked up a small thing from the ground and showed it to Polonius. "Isn't that t-the... Metool?" Polonius stammered but he started to slowly understand it. "DNR..." muttered Polonius softly as he looked at the screen. "Yes, Polonius?" asked DNR as his head popped out from behind the thing he held in his hands. "Is t-there any reason t-that virus has the same f-face as you...?" Polonius asked with squinted eyes. "Duh!" DNR replied and put his new friend on the ground. It was the shape of a Metool, but it had DNR's face instead of its normal black face. Its helmet had been replaced for dashing pearl white hair that covered one eye. "Poyo," said the Mini-DNR softly and smiled at Polonius. "It's... Your head... On legs..." muttered Polonius before he passed out again and fell backwards on the ground. "Oi... POLONIUS!" shouted DNR as he pressed his face against the screen to see if he could find where Polonius had gone off to. "Ah well," he continued, "He'll be back later... This is normal... LET'S GO ON ADVENTURES, MINI-DNR!" "Rawr rawr!" said Mini-DNR and wobbled after its master quietly as they both walked over the streets of ACDC Net.
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