Kite Azure and Prominence.EXE

Name: Kite Azure
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kite stands at 6'1" with green eyes and straight dyed turqouise hair reaching just past his ears and down his neck. He commonly wears a black denim jacket, plain red shirt and navy jeans with black tennis shoes. On his jacket is a patch with the logo for NAXA, and around his neck is a cheap chain necklace with a charm in the shape of a comet.
Personality: Kite maintains a very laid back demenor, even in times of apparent stress. Though his outward demenor betrays a keen observational sense. Still, despite this, he keeps most of his thoughts to himself. With others his age, he is quick to trust, though for those that seem noticably older than him, he his quickly skeptical. Kite has a keen interest in the cosmos, studying to be an astronomer.
PET Modifications: Kite's PET is modified with standard wireless earbuds and microphone as well as a larger and higher resolution screen to allow Kite to view a netbattle more clearly and relay information to Prominence. It is colored black with a yellow trim.

Name: Prominence.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Subtype: Wind
Appearance: Prominence stands at 6'7" wearing a white chinese gi with golden yellow straps. A maching pair of pants stretch down the navi's legs. Prominence's Straight blond hair reaches down just to his shoulders, though his face is covered by a mask, White and featureless save for the eye slots cut sharply into the mask. His eyes consist of a black sclera with an orange-yellow iris seemingly molten in texture, containing within a standard black pupil. In stark contrast to the bright clothing he wears, Prominence's hands and feet seem as if looking through to a distant starscape. Specks of light seem to fly by surrounded by a deep darkness as he moves about the network.

Personality: Prominence thinks very highly of himself and is slow to accept his own shortcomings. He will commonly make quick judgments about people based on little information, but otherwise holds others to the same high standards at which he holds himself. Those that betray those standards he takes almost a personal vendetta against, while those who uphold them can expect nothing but respect.

Custom Weapon: Meteor Shower: With a wave of his hand, Prominence can fire waves of tiny meteors. With charge, he stretches one arm out to the side as a portal to the stars appears beside him, firing larger rocks wreathed in flames.

Starting NCP: Shield
Starting Chip: ZapRing1

Signature Attacks:

Name: Sudden Singularity
Description: Prominence points forward, firing a small black bead from his finger which expands on contact to a temporary singularity, rapidly pulling in everything around its target.
Effects: 20 Null Shot Pull 1 Blast 2
Cooldown: 2 turns
Cost: 60 points ((20+10)*2)

Name: Asteroid Field
Description: With a wave of his hand, Prominence summons forth a small array of floating stones scattered around his opponents.
Effects: Summon 10, 2 HP 'Asteroids'
Cooldown: 1 turn
Cost: 20 points
2 things:

1) Correct "burst" to "blast" in first sig effect.

2) You should pick a starting ncp from this list.


After that you ought to be good to go!
I have updated as well as included specifying a starting chip since I seemed to have missed that as well.
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