Battle practice

I'm a noob and need to learn how to battle
Also. Hello moderators I have not been on in a while
The easiest way to get familiar with the battle system as it works here is to first go over the basic rules, and the other useful guides and help threads that exist for that reason, then just jump in and have a go. it's not too complicated, and there's not really any consequences.

Take a look here: Battling Rules
And here: Posting Rules

Before engaging in battles, you'll need to put your signature back in order, too.
What do you mean by back in order?
In order to post in character with your active pair, you need to have a signature that displays or contains certain information about your active characters - this is so that the moderators can keep all of the formal mechanics in line.

If you look at my signature, you'll see that I've got two active pairs at the moment, each blocked into separate tabs, which contain all the vital information for each pair of characters.
This thread here: Signature Creation Rules will teach you how to build your signature so that you're RP ready.
Ok thanks