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Quote (Navi networker)

Endless Spoilers!!!!

Just so you know, everyone hates endless spoilers.
luxray be trolling.
If anybody wants to talk feel free to
Heya NN, how's it going?

I noticed you fixed up the technical details for your first pair registration somewhat. All you need to do now is give us a little bit more detail about the two (if you're stuck for ideas on how to flesh them out a bit more, why not tell us something about each of their histories, as well?). Once that's done, we should be able to get the pair approved and ready to go in short order!

Rogan can you set up a practice battle for me?
I have already got approved by lurch,
Check your other thread, I left a few instructions that have to be done before you can battle at the moment.
My mistake, seems that was Storm's thread, so instead I'll simply post the information here for you:

Howdy there my new forum friend. I thought I'd take a chance to try and offer just a little bit of advice, and possibly offer some help to get you going a bit around here. So I wanted to give ya a few links to look at.

1. Your Navi and Your Operator
Have a look at both of these profiles, re-read through them. Something that is very important to the staff, particularly the battle modders, is punctuation and capitalization. So just have a quick read, and make sure your character's names are capitalized when you mention them.

2. Forum Signature
Next is probably the most important thing you can do in the forum, make your signature. It's here that both you, and moderator staff have quick reference and access to your navi, operator, and all it's details, battlechips and everything else. As such, it's also required to have this before you can ever get modded, or have a battle. This link gives a bit of tips and help on how to set it up, so have a quick look.

3. There are a host of other useful tips, tricks, and general advice in the forum's Rules section, detailing out everything about the site that is a great source of information. Likewise, the forum's chatroom usually hosts staff willing to help or give advice. We're all friends here, and always willing to help, so by all means, ask.
No need for a practice battle, or any such; there's nothing at all wrong with learning as you go, since even if things go badly, there aren't any truly detrimental consequences. As Morisha mentioned however, you'll have to get your signature set up appropriately before you're ready for action; it's an important part of play here. Shur's thread, linked above, is really the very best thing you can read about how to get it done.

Once that is done, all you need to do is jack-in in a real-world thread (You've already done this bit, in fact), and then follow up by making a thread in the appropriate Net, for you navi to jack-in to. Once you've played them in, just put the battle request (usually marked off in OOC brackets at the bottom of your post) in at the bottom, and a mod will hook you up.

I say again, though, because it is important and bears repeating: you've got to get your signature set up and correct before you're ready to play. Until it is, no mod can do anything for you. It may look a bit intimidating at a glance, I know, but it's actually pretty easy to settle into and work with.