RE:RN Food Gallery

Because I can. Thread's free for all for anyone wanting to share food photos from all over the RE:RN network. Be sure to accompany food with a description!

Introducing CLAYPOT SESAME OIL PRAWN. :3c yummy yummy.

Claypot ginger fish slices. :3c
Welcome to Disaster Food with your special host, Shuryou-who-actually-calls-himself-Marchand-more-often! I will show you some of the amazing things I've made over the course of last 2 weeks, 'cause I had to make food myself. Whoooo, exciting! Let's dive right into it, shall we?

It's chicken soup with a ton of noodles. I had to eat with soup with a fork. Nothing to say about this. Moving on.

I think there was fish in this.
Potatoes, tomatoes, cucumboes and fishoes. Nothing exciting here.

This was actually pretty successful.
A ton of noodles (again) with shrimps, sugar snaps and egg. Yeah, there's egg in there but I was too excited with making it into small pieces. Now they're VERY SMALL.

A supposed pizza.
A pizza with a horrible base. It has tomato sauce, red onion (for triple the deliciousness), 2 eggs, mozarella and bacon.

One day I ordered some sushi from a place nearby. Mostly as a test to see if it was good quality and if it was enough for a full meal.
Assorted sushi.
Whatever they say, cheese, rice, salmon and avocado don't go well together.
It turned out that it was. And I had it another day afterwards. Picture of the full set not included.

And that was Disaster Food with your host, SWACHMMO. Yes, we're abbrevating everything these days. With that said.... TTYLBBLHFKTHXBYE.