Adam and ???.EXE

I am taking the Sig 2.0 and 1.5 legacy along with the Navivust program. The program I choose is the Hp+50.

Name: Adam Wolfe
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Adam is a tall young man. He doesn't stand as high as most, but he still towers over many. His height is around 6" 1' or so. Adam's face is a simple complexion, one that doesn't stand out too well in a crowd. He isn't a head turner. His eyes are a deep blue color and have white lines scattered within them. His hair is a short, messy mop that layes however it wants to. His hair is naturally curly, and he hates it!! He will randomly run off to throw water on his hair to keep it flat. He hair has a dark brown color, with a lighter hue in it making it a near brownish-red.

Adam's dress keeps up the simply appearance. He wears single color shirts with no patterns on them, normally black, white, or steel. His pants are just blue jeans with a black belt. Adam wears a couple of necklaces. One is the emblem he used for his Navi. Adam wears a pair of basketball shoes all the time. He also has a pair of leather gloves with some fingers missing. The thumb, index, and middle to be exact.

Adam isn't over or underweight. He a healthly young man who used to play basketball. He is in shape, and somewhat toned. He used to be strong and fast, but a basketball accident sent his hips into problem ville, and he had to quit.

Personality: Adam likes to watch people and observe things. He gathers infomation in his head like a sponge and thinks clearly through each and every detail. Ofen time he makes up scenes for himself to think his way through. Over and over. He is somewhat reserved and pulled back due to his hip probelm. His thinking says that Before he was always talked to and greeted. Now he is just looked down apon. He chooses not to confort many males, but he talks to girls all the time. Adam is calm and layed back, thinking quickly and on the spot about anything placed before him. His layed back nature gives him a funny give off sometimes, and he is brutally honest. He never beats around the bush about anything. He is somewhat quick to anger when things don't go his way in his plans, or things get in his way too much.

PET mods: It is a deep red color. It has a headphone jack in so that Adam can put it in his pocket and talk to his Navi while moving down the street.

I don't have all the details of the Navi filled out. I just wanted to make this topic and get everything rolling so my lazy self wouldn't kick it into slow mode.

Name: Aduro.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Type: Wind
Appearance: Aduro is a average height Navi, standing around 5"8' in digtal height of course. Aduro has a very powerful look to him, one that displays his firey makup. His wings are Phoenix wings, and they jut from his body a fair distance. He can wrap this wing aroud his body if he chooses. Aduro has blonde hair that falls to his shoulders. The blode hair is highlighted a light red color to add a bit of differance to his face. Aduro has very stern features. His face is hard set and doesn't change much from a netural postion. One can never tell what is going through his mind because he expression changes mostly when he is fighting. Aduro has red eyes that are slightly futher apart than a normal set.

Aduro wears a standard Navi bodysuit, one that is red. He has very little armor over his bodysuit as well. What armor he does have however is a set of vambrace that stop short of both the elbow and wrist join, and a pair of grieves that stop short of his ankel and knee joints. This set up of his armor still gives him protection and speed at the same time. Aduro wears no form of shoe or covering over his feet. His feet barely touch the ground as it is due to the wings and hovering abilites. There are small tears in Aduro's bodysuit. Wherever these tears appear, a plume of fire is comming from them. Aduro only has a few however. He has one on each ankle, close to wear the bodysuit ends. He also has one on each elbow and one comming from his left hip.

Aduro does have a few non-standard things about him. These non-standard things have to be searched for and do not stand out however. On the tips of each finger, he has a small hole. This small hole is use to make and spread his fire seeds. These holes aren't very big, no bigger than a pencil eraser. Aduro also has a smal hole in the palm of each hand as well. This palm hole is used to make special fire seeds, mainly the ones used for his various sig attacks.

Personilaty: Aduro can be very over-confident. He thinks he is better than any other Navi or virus he will ever encounter, and often makes foolish mistakes in battle such as toying with an opponet or letting them live far past their due. He can be very cocky as well. Aduro does have a plus side however. There is a basis for his cockyness. He is very smart with his moves and choises of damage to opponets. Aduro knows how to use what he has got, and thinks he is better than most. Around Adam he is very calm and cool, and he often lets off a suave apperance, because he is great in his eyes, what has he to lose?

Custom Weapon: Fire Seeds. These fire seeds are the very essance of his data and the element of fire. Aduro takes the data from within him and forms it into small tiny seeds. These seeds can be shot from his fingertips, spread over the arena, and even planted within an opponet. The fire seeds made from his palms are a lot more powerful, but take time to make and also can't always be made. The fire seeds are pointless and powerless until Aduro snaps his fingers to set them ablaze. Snaping doesn't take and action and must be done in character to count.

Normal Attack: Each fire seed from Aduro's fingertip always does 1 damage. For the normal shot Aduro fires the amount of seeds equal to his normal shot damage, at one opponet. Although he is firing more than one shot, all the seeds must go to one target.

Charged Attack: Aduro takes time to chrage up a seed and fires it from his palm at one enemy for the charged shot damage.

Chip effects on Aduro.EXE: When Aduro uses certain chips, they have a different effect on him. When Aduro used a guard chip, his wings simply wrap around him and the wings become hard. Aduros wings are big enough to completely cover himself.

Other chips remain the same. (At least until I find a cool new way to have them look)

Sig Attack: 1.0 Four Seeds

Aduro starts to form four special fire seeds in his palms. The seeds are then launched and sent out over the arena, covering the ground and making fire panels. Aduro can sacrifice these if needed to gain extra effects from them as needed. Deals no damage to enemies, doesn't hinder enemies in anyway. The fire panels are represented by four lava pools. The lava pools are all interconnected.

-Sends out four Fire seeds to make four fire panels.
-Gains the +20 for being on a fire panel while these are out
-Can sacrifice these Fire panels to gain the +30 attack for being a fire type.
-Can also Sacrifice one panel to one of the following, chosen by Aduro.
-Heal for 10 damage.
-Deal 10 damage to an opponet.
-Change the type of one enemy to fire for three turns.
-When Aduro sacrifices a fire panel he chooses one of the three effects. Due to the nature of him being a fire type he always gets the boost to one fire type attack. The damage boost doesn't get counted towards the max damage of this sig, due to the fact that all fire types can do it.
-Cooldown 4 turns.

I am going to reg my Other sig attacks now, just to get them out of the way.

Sig Attack 1.5 Inferno

Aduro starts to build up his fire seeds again. This time they are comming fom his fingertips however. Aduro covers the enemys in the fire seeds and smirks at them in glee. He snaps his fingers and the seeds all burn at once, dealing large damage to one target, or minor to a lot of targets.

-Aduro coveres the enemies in 90 fire seeds.
-Each fire seed does 1 damage and each seed can be put on a different opponet.
-This means he can deal 1 damage to 90 targets, 10 damage to 9 targets, or anyother combo he can think of.
-Aduro may also cover himself in a portion of the seeds to heal himself for the number that burn him. May still only put out 90 seeds total
-Cooldown 5 turns

Sig Attack 2.0 Phoenix Rebirth

Aduro makes two seeds from his palms. One can be used to heal him, or hurt the oppoent. The other is a arena effect damage seed. He throws the seeds how he wants them to be and snaps his fingers to start them. One beings a fire over a set of two targets, setting them ablaze. In the mist of the flames comes the image of a phoenix rising up, being reborn. The other may be either thrown at a single enemy, dealing fair damage, or be used to heal Aduro for the same amount. As the effect is chosen, another Phoenix rises up to greet the other formed. They watch over the battle and leave at the end.(Pretty effect)

-Makes two fire seeds
-One seed heals Aduro for 40 or deals 40 damage to one target.
-The other traps three virii in a blaze of fire and doom. It deals 30 damage to each. On the next turn the virii take an additional 10 damage each. Durning this turn they are on fire and will be worried about running about trying to put it than attacking. One Navi's it is minus 1 action.

Ok thats it. Got everything. Just to say it again, I picked the 2.0 and 1.5 sig legacy. Along with the Navicust program Legacy and picked my +Hp 50 from the old site. I think everything is in order. If doing the sig fills outs is a probelm for the 2.0 and 1.5 here than I will make a thread for them. Tis all. My new character.
Ok, edited the Navi in. I have a Navi now! At the top of my first post, also the bottom, shows which legacy I want. There ya go, have a field day mods.
Kay, good ideas and such but there are 2 problems...

1. The panel system is being retooled, perhaps even done away with. So yuo might have to change the first.

2. Even if they are accepted, you won't be able to use the other sig attacks until you hit the proper levels to use them.

However, since I'm not the normal reg nazi, I'll ask Demon or Twi to verify this.
Ok, then. Demon or Twi come here, I summon you!! xD

Anyways. If needed I will change the first. If the panels are being changed for gotten rid of, then most of my sig attacks are going to change.

IMO, if you are going to let people have the legacy items, they should be able to use them now. Makes sence to me.

Are you changing the advatanges and disadvantages of the elements? If so I want to wait on the approval of this guy because I might see a better advantage in another element, or wish to rethink his fighting style and sig layouts.

We're editing Panels/Elements, yes.

That's partly the reason we're holding back on Legacy Signatures, as well. But the main reason is that we're trying to keep Legacy Stuff from making THAT much of a difference early on. So Level restrictions still apply.
Ok then. Hold back on this reg approval until I see the new stats and rules for elements and panels.
That... could be a problem..... we're almost debating removing panels completly... elemental rules are also going slower than planned. Thus, I think it best for you to request the ability to freely change your signature attacks when the new rules come out and deal with what ya got for now.
I don't mind waiting, I would rather get it all settled now. Plus, when the new elements come out, I might not even want fire! I think it best that I wait and see what happens. Take as long as you must to make the system work.

Also, what is condistored flying for a Wind type? My Navi, right now, will almost always hover about 6 inches or so from the ground. If that is flying then I need to make an edit so I don't get stunned just from a normal attack.
is he .... able to dodge things at fast speeds? or is it like, "oh hey I dunna have legs so I can hover like professor xavier in this really crappy wheelchair that can really only go as fast as my legs can"
He has legs, but instead of walking he just hovers. He moves around at the speeds a wind navi would use when fighting in battle. He can dodge when going as fast spped, just like Ookami. If needed, I will drop him to the ground and have him run in battle, when he acutally needs to dodge.
the whole moves around as fast as a wind navi.. yea that classify's as wind navi.

Moving him down to his feet to dodge even though he hovers and moves like wind navi requires a IC reason.... which would be difficult to manage so I figure it's best to go with It's a wind type decision.

Also, a normal attack really doesn't send a wind navi down to the ground. Harsh attacks like say 50-90 damage would of course send ANYTHING down to the ground K?
True true. Ok That mean I am going to have to edit him some. Bah. I will work on it later. Only editing because I like the way that Ookami could run at the wind Navi speeds, but not be stunned from it because he was always on the ground. Thanks!
I want to change my legacy items to the Navicust and chip on. I want to take my sword, cannon, and shotgun from the old site. And my Hp+50.

Also, do I have presmission to make him and change his first level sig attack to a simple 60 damage sig, so that I may get in on the event?
Permission granted.
New sig attack.

Simply Aduro makes three special fire seeds from his palms and sends them at the enemies. Can be divided up to three times. All can be launched at one target.

-60 damage to one target
-30 damage to two targets
-20 damage to three targets
-3 turn cooldown.