Tatianna and PurgeMan.EXE

Name: Tatianna Yuchuria
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: A stark, petite young woman, Tatianna appears to be almost a child's height, but clearly a woman by her features and face. Only a meager five foot five, and not too sturdy to boot, either, this net-battle enthusiast is often unassuming. Her short, blonde hair and bright blue eyes as well as the distinctly casual clothing she wears makes Tatianna, once more, entirely unsuspecting of her profession. Her small nose, recessive chin, and even her little dimples seem to have a girlish, young charm, while not entirely being overwhelmingly liked. Some even say her appearance and attitude combine make her a nuisance.
Personality: Bubbly, eager, and compassionate, Tatianna looks to be a team player on paper. In reality, she's a near lone wolf, who keeps social ties as an excuse to ignore her crippling awkwardness and social isolationism. While otherwise scatterbrained, she always keeps focus in a Net Battle, and relies heavily on her partner's unbending will to keep herself in the zone. Tatianna considers her life-long, battle proven navi, PurgeMan, as her one true friend.
PET Modifications: Wrought of a black-steel casing with silver trim, which usually gets stopped at airport customs for obvious reasons of being metal, Tatianna's pet looks like something out of a goth kid's backpack. Scratched, even having a dent, and imprinted with tally marks and carved skull pictures, it is a tried and true looking thing. It even has PurgeMan's skull crest on the screws that hold the flip-case together!

Name: PurgeMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Subtype: Ground
Appearance: Describing PurgeMan as bulky is an understatement. The massive, towering figure stands seven feet even, his looming shadow cast over many navis of the net. Clad in white, cumbersome-looking armor, the otherwise clunky Navi is a walking fortress to say the least. Starting from his helmet, two blue eyes peer from their ominous, carved holes in his medieveal styled knight helmet emblazoned with a skull symbol on the front, smoothed and given a modern, soft metal look. The collar and breastplate mirror that of modern soldier's armor, and the pauldrons rise just under head level. PurgeMan's right arm has been replaced with a heavy rifle, fed by a belt of bullets coming from his inner right pectoral (which doesn't tangle no matter how far its pulled, and almost never seems to run out). PurgeMan's left hand, however is geared in a cylindrical armor plating, his four fingers and thumb exactly like that of a human's, if not also held fast in that snow white mail. His boots are heavy, the toes equal distance of the shin plating, making his legs more like tubes or cylinders than anything else, just barely enough room to show he has a toe-like extension. The thigh guards are equally as heavy in shape.
Personality: PurgeMan is by all means a soldier, bound to Tatianna by his own code and will. Programmed to be loyal to the end, he never disobeys an order, no matter how much he may dislike it. As an opposite, an almost foil to Tatianna's outgoing demeanor, PurgeMan is very much a shut-in, an abrasive figure, and almost hostile to most others outside of his most trusted circle. Those who find themselves on the receiving end of his compassion will quickly learn that PurgeMan is zealous, and driven in his duty, whatever it may be. He always cheers his NetOp on, even though he sits on the front line, to keep her encouraged.
Custom Weapon: The Purge Buster is a heavy, belt fed rifle-like weapon that is mounted to PurgeMan's right arm. When fired, it has a distinct 'thunk' noise when hitting, as a real bullet would give when making contact with any sort of object not thick enough to repel it. The gun even smokes out of the barrel!

Signature Attack 1 - Expunge
Fluff: PurgeMan fires a heavy volley of shots to his target, attempting to overpower them. Each bullet bursts into flames upon impact, sending a searing heat through his target.
(8 Fire Damage) x 5 Hits. Shot Type.
1 Turn Cooldown

Signature Attack 2 - Panel Termination
Fluff: Running his infamous Termination Protocols, PurgeMan attacks a panel directly using an aggressive subroutine of damage dealing heat. The searing temperatures might not delete the enemy atop it, but they'll seriously hurt. As for the actual attack itself, the panel itself simply ignites, firing a massive pillar of heat and embers upwards. While it doesn't catch anything hit on fire, it literally cooks them from the outside in. Viruses deleted in this fashion pop in a comedic fashion, almost like popcorn.
40 Fire Damage. Ground Type
1 Turn Cooldown

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Cannon, Shotgun, RageClaw1, HeatShot
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