Xbox live and the games you play!?

I would like to become better friends with people on this board! My XBL gamertag is DaBlueBonnet.

I mainly play Call of duty games(not very good but hey), I'm trying to get back into fighting games with the release of KoF13, Soul Calibur 5, and DoA5 in the making. I'll be happy to play with any of you people so hit me up!
Actually, everyone here has a PS3. :lol:

Aim and Heat have a long-neglected 360 at home (which they aren't currently at) and I think Rai and Dark do, but Rai plays PS3 mostly/exclusively and Dark isn't around often.

We do play a lot (less than we used to but still often on weekends usually) of League of Legends, which is a free-to-play DotA PC game.
Not cool I'm trying to sell my ps3
I rarely play video games and when I do I make it a point to not play multiplayer games.
Antisocial mostly. And the rest is a preference for RPGs along with just getting older and not really caring about video games much anymore.