Pokemon cards

I have been wanting to get back into the pokemontcg community for a while now, not that I was ever a real part of it to begin with, but I finally ignored my friends taunts and laughs and spent about 40 dollars the other night on a few packs, deck, and what not. Oh how I've missed this game, is there anyone else here who enjoys the pocket monster trading card game?
Trading card games are kind of on-and-off popular here. The number of us that collect them in real life is pretty small, I think, but every now and then some of us play various games over LackeyCCG. They do have a Pokemon plug-in, if you wanted to try to build a deck and play against people online.

That said, I dunno that Pokemon ever really caught on here, but it could still be worth fishing for opponents if you really wanted to. We tried it out a while back and while it held some initial interest because of the property, it didn't go far for whatever reason.
Well Pokemon trading card game online is in the open beta now, and i'm giving that a try for a while. I'm gonna try and balance my time between work, basketball, pokemon cards, time with my girl, black ops, and wow.

Watch as I am silly and only comment on this thread because I only play Yugioh.

I know a couple of avid ptcg fans though.
I also enjoy the game of Yugioh very much! Just my real life decks lack staples therefore leaving fresh meat for any opponent lol. I play anybody on last years world championship though...
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