CCGs, the Board, and You!

So yeah, if you haven't been in the chat recently you probably haven't noticed that we've been playing a lot of card games. If you haven't been in and are interested in playing card games such as Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Legend of the Five Rings, Yu-Gi-Oh!, or UFS, or if you have been in and want to play, but are too lazy to bother to ask and get directed, this guide will help you set it up to play these games online with others. There are currently four programs being used to play card games online:
-Lackey CCG is the newest one we've discovered. It's biggest advantage is that it allows you to play a large variety of games on one program, including all of the above listed. Its downsides are some frustrating server or plugin problems occasionally. This is currently the preferred program for Pokemon and UFS. If interested in UFS specifically, look to troubleshooting section.
-Yugioh Virtual Desktop is one of the first we discovered. Basically, this is a very stable and convenient way to play YGO online with others. For all new downloaders, we typically play OCG and follow its tournament ban lists. Since most people already have decks on YVD, and haven't transferred them to Lackey to my knowledge, this is currently the preferred program for YGO.
-Magic Workstation is a decent program specialized for playing Magic the Gathering. Its evaluation version works fine for everything we use it for. Since most people already have decks on Workstation, and haven't transferred them to Lackey to my knowledge, this is currently the preferred program for MTG.
-Although not a lot of people on the board are actively playing it, we did look into and find a way to play Legend of the Five Rings online. Egg of P'an Ku is a fairly reliable program to do just that. Since most already have decks on Egg and haven't transferred them to my knowledge, this is currently the preferred program for L5R... but uh, not many people were playing it to begin with, so maybe if you were really interested in it and wanted to save space on your computer you could just use LackeyCCG.

Having trouble installing? Trouble-shooting section!

Q: UFS's plugin is lol bad.
The above link has a fully working version updated by Hunt3r of 3vil of the LackeyCCG forum. This seems to be the best one to use with the current version of LackeyCCG. It is highly recommended that you use this one rather than using LackeyCCG's built in plugin-finder to update your plugin.

Q: I get "Bad Card" in YVD.
A: You're using the TCG.exe, or you don't have the latest card sets. Look at the black bar at the top of YVD: if you don't see [OCG Mode], you're not playing OCG. If you have a start menu shortcut, you should see the OCG client there. If you don't see it there... wait until I can remember what you do. XD
Alternatively, if you just need to update your card sets, an "Update Sets" button in the deckbuilder does that easily.

Q: I've heard of a lot of these, but... what is L5R?
A: L5R is a game most comparable to MTG of the ones we currently have listed. While it can be a little complex to get started, it features some interesting tactical considerations that set it apart. Plus, it's set in an interesting era of feuding clans with samurai.

Q: I've heard of a lot of these, but... what is UFS?
A: UFS, or Universal Fighting System, is an interesting card game I found out about that features fighting game characters from series such as Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Darkstalkers, King of Fighters, Tekken, and Samurai Showdown. The game is more focused on the initial character you choose to start with than any of the others listed here. In more competitive play, mathematically balancing your deck can be necessary. Not an easy to pick up game, but very different and should be interesting for fighting game fans.

Q: I have a question not answered here.
A: I'm not the best person to ask, but you can try looking me up on the chat or sending me a PM with your question and I'll do my best to answer it. Shuryou and Aim might also be able to answer your questions. If your question is about YGO or MTG, we have relatively large player pools for them and you might be able to fish for answers in the chat.

Q: I want to learn a game. What's the best way?
A: Again, try and coordinate with someone on the board who knows. Alternatively, MTG has a very convenient tutorial and set of rules online to help learn it, whereas Pokemon and UFS can be hard to learn with these methods. Best suggestion is to ask about it on the chat.
Alternatively, I'm now linking some tutorials and rules sets as I remember where to find them:
UFS rules: Now included in the UFS plugin.

Q: What do people mean when they say "Makai YGO" or something like that?
A: Makai Empire is a board originally created by Aim and I: more to the point, Aim designs Makai Yu Gi Oh! cards as a separate set. You can play with them in YVD. Check for more info.

And that's all! I'll keep updating this as need be and as I have the time. I hope we'll be able to expand our player pools from this guide.
UPDATE: After working literally the entire previous day (May 2 2009) from 1:00PM onward, I have managed to add 565 of the missing and new cards to Lackey's UFS plugin! As such, I think more of you should pick up the game so I feel rewarded for my efforts! ; D

Seriously, I had to wrestle thing thing to the ground like a beast. The thing was ridiculously difficult to do correctly. At any rate, cards that are still missing include most of Shadow Wars and perhaps a few promos. New cards include Soul Calibur, Darkstalkers (only a few promos that were missed), Street Fighter, and SNK, so they're worth a look regardless of what you were playing. I'd like to see the Shadow Wars sets added, but doubt I'll have time before I leave for the summer.

NOTE: EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Because I know the UFS plugin is a pain to get how you like it, back up your whole UFS folder before you download this new .rar to unzip, as it is intended to entirely replace your old folder. Besides ensuring that you have a backup in case this messes up something, this will also ensure that you keep your old decks instead of ending up with mine.

The link is here:

I've had the weirdest problem though where occassionally the thing will stop reading all of the cards and only read the ones I most recently added... I have no idea why. Please tell me if you experience this problem. There should be about 3050 cards if it's working properly.
I won't have time to make any updates before I leave in two days, but I'm keeping a log of things that will need to be added or changed with the next update:

*Pre-existing error with Adon's versions where two are labeled Adon***.
*New error with Rock Howard's versions where two are labeled Rock Howard***.
*The names of some cards are still given dots instead of stars.
*Incorrect naming of Tam Tam character cards.
*Shadow Wars cards need to be added.
*PC cards need to be added.
*I think a few Street Fighter promos are still missing.
*New "Life" resource cards were added as "Nature" because the excel file I used had them listed that way.
*Pre-existing error where Action Hero is listed as "All" resource when it is actually "Air."
*Light of Virtue has been given the keyword "Reversal" when it should have "Ranged."
Updated info on the UFS plugin (for those who had heard in the past month or so that it was down, a fix is explained above). The above posts on Aim's LackeyCCG version are also now invalid: besides having lost the master copy when his comp crashed, Hunt3r of 3vil's plugin should be more complete.

So in short, there's never been a better time if you want to pick up UFS.