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Backup Chat Features

Connection Info
Channel #RERN

How to register your current Username. Please know that you have to be logged in for 1 minute before you can register a username.

/msg nickserv register enter_password_here email@something.wht

1. Multiple Setups
2. Stability
3. Other Features
4. Mibbit Widget Specific Features
5. The Current Cons
6. Tips, Tricks, and what not.

1. Multiple Setups

With this chat you have various ways to be able to connect to it. Such ways are using the Mibbit Widget, mIRC, Pidgin, Trillian, ChatZilla, and many others that can connect to the chat via IRC Protocol.

With the Mibbit Widget, it'll allow you to be able to just use the browser as a way to connect to the chat, no installation needed. It uses just JavaScript which comes with the browser you use. Note JavaScript shouldn't be confused with Java, they are two different creatures, One's Tame and Multipurpose (JavaScript) the other is a Wild Monster (Java).

With programs such as mIRC or the Firefox extension ChatZilla, it'll allow you to connect to the server and the channel which the chat is on. Look at the code box above for the connection info.

Pidgin and Trillian can do what mIRC and ChatZilla do, but they can also do much more. Pidgin and Trillian are multi-protocol IM programs, which basically allows them to connect to IRC for starters, but also to MSN, YIM, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, and others, all ran from inside the same program (I prefer Pidgin for its simplicity). While I have no experience with mIRC, I know ChatZilla doesn't keep logs automatically. Pidgin and Trillian can be setup to keep logs of what have been said in the chat and other chats for ease of going back and reading something.

There are probably many other ways to connect to the chat with other browser base IRC Clients and what not. The ones I've listed here are the more common ones. But at least with this, there's no need for the forums to be up to access the chat. A simple bookmark, or program setup will create instant access to the chat.

2. Stability

Ah stability, the staple to any well off chat. So far the chat has had no problems what so ever, and a few have mentioned not being disconnected or lost of messages when their connection has gone shitty.

Among the stability is also the fact of the multiple setups and the Mibbit Widget. Both don't create that much of a strain on the computer's processing power, which allows up to more processing power to other programs instead of being diverted to the chat.

I've been able to have this chat in Pidgin and experience very little difference in lag when I was playing GMod. So basically I can now leave the chat open for when ever I'm gonna game.

3. Other Features

This section is for various things, like chat specific commands

Change your name without logging out via the /nick *name_here* command!

Create a chat room of your own via the /join #RoomName_Here command! This also means you can be in multiple chat rooms at the same time without having to log out or create a backup account to stay in touch with the main chat.

Use emotes with the / me Action Here command to make it appear as Sora-Chan went and smacked around Hiko for saying only four messages and then leaving before she got out of bed on Sunday morning.

Note about that one command, remove the space between the / and me. I had to seperate it otherwise it would of outputted as *[color=red][b]Sora-Chan[/b][/color] Action here. As it turns out you can use that IRC command in the forums

*Sora-Chan does the 2 frame FFVI victory dance

Private Messaging! Depending on the client you're using, you can double click on the person's name in the user list, or type the command /msg Nick_Here then message or typing /query nick_here to open a chat window separated from the chat. By default, Mibbit Widget, Pidgin, and a few others open up the private window if you receive any PM from someone.

Copy and Paste! Ok I know this is a problem for some chats, but not in this one. You can copy and paste bits of the chat without having to worry about opening a accidental PM window! Makes Random Outtakes easier.

Logs, this is available for many clients, some automatically do it while some require you to manually save the logs. I've mentioned this before. I think Mibbit keeps logs of personal messages, if you use and have an registered account there, but beyond that they don't keep logs of what happens in the chat, I think anyway. I could be wrong, haven't messed with it.

4. Mibbit Widget Specific Features

Access from any internet access, its not big in file size, quick load for even dial up users, doesn't have much images, only requires a browser that has javascript enabled.

Translations. The Mibbit Widget allows for you to be translated into another language, and to translate what is spoken into another language (even english). What happens is it will basically have the original text followed by brackets with the translation in it. Unfortunately as far as I know it'll do it to any language if you have it set on, even English into English so you'll basically get it copying yourself.

Tabs, oh who wont love the tabs. Each chat room in this chat will be kept in tabs if you're in it. Not only that, if someone PMs you in the chat, it'll just open a new tab instead of popping up into focus (EN should enjoy this feature). Granted the only issue here is that beyond a new tab opening, there's no notification that its been opened for PMs, and since it doesn't bring that tab into focus it'll require you to look at the tabs now and again.

PasteBin. Now this is a feature that many will like. Instead of flooding the chat with a wall of text, you can use the PasteBin to paste a large amount of text into it, and it'll link everyone to a temp page with what was pasted in it.

Notification that someone is typing. When someone is typing it'll turn their names Red in the user list.

Active Log. If someone in the chat is using mibbit, it'll store messages they get in the chat they are in. and if someone else comes in using mibbit, they'll see the last.. 20 lines(?) that was said in that chat.

(Note to self... test the chat out in one of GMod's browser addons)
(note to self... While it can work... its a bit of a headache to have the chat in Steam's Community Browser, not quite work trying really...)

5. The Current Cons

Before we start this section I should mention that these Cons can be temporary, are an unfortunate permanent issue, or will have a suggested alternative.

One thing to mention first is that this is a IRC chat, things can be a little limited on some stuff, but it makes up with functionality.

Sound Alerts. There aren't any sound alerts (currently) in the Mibbit Widget. I recommend using a different client for alerts, visually (task bar flashing) or sound wise. Mibbit how ever if you have it in its own window, will change the title of the page to saying "People have said stuff" or something like that.

Another con with the Mibbit Widget, there's no way to turn on or turn off the smileys without having access to the theme account. I've disabled them since some people were mentioning they were against. So if you want to have smileys, use a different client, or go to and use the connection info there. (PS Pidgin's smiley is evil...)

Color Selection. Unfortunately there isn't a wide selection of colors that one can use. This is mainly caused by the fact that IRC chats aren't able to support more than the limited number of colors given. There are only 16 colors to choose from.

No menu for actions. Its a little bit of a problem. All the commands you can do are done via the text input area using the / as a command recognizer.

Its a IRC channel. This brings up a semi problem. Its not a real problem per say, but it can still occur now and again. See cause its a registered IRC channel, it allows for just about anyone to join up into it. Even people who never been to this site. Granted this could be used in our advantage and recruit new players. Though I think my current Topic title is enough to drive people away. ^^

6. Tips, Tricks, and what not.

Here are a few tips and tricks you can use if you so desire to. I'll really only brush up on two at the moment.

First Tip: Custom Theme.

It is possible for you to create your own custom Mibbit Widget theme. Here's what you do; You go to the Mibbit Homepage and create an account. Then you go into the pref menu and you can edit colors, edit settings, and what not (Also a way to have a theme that has smileys enabled if you want them), then from there you can, either A use the site for your IRC needs, or use the Mibbit Widget creator to create your own mini IRC. If you want to base it off of the theme that the chat is on, go into Prefs and hit load skin. then input 0b78716357409c93bb3701c7fda3aa95 into the code box. It'll then copy the settings from the RERN Mibbit Widget client theme onto your own for you to modify how ever you like.

Second Tip: Firefox 3 Sidebar

With the current version of FireFox 3 you can open webpages inside the sidebar. Meaning you can have the Mibbit Widget in the sidebar and not in a tab for accidental closing. Now I should note that this trick will cause some of the messages to be a little compact since the sidebar only expands so much, but anyway if you want to mess with it, this is what you do.

Bookmark the Mibbit Widget. On the bookmark, right click on it, click on properties. Then check the "Load this bookmark in the sidebar" option and click Ok. Now when ever you click that bookmark it will open up in the sidebar.

---end of feature list---

I keep feeling like I forgotten something... Oh well if I remember I'll edit it in.

As for moderation, please refer to the below post for more information.
The Chat Moderation Staff.

The list below shows the people to go to if you are having troubles with a fellow chatter.

---Current Mods---
Sora-Chan [Owner]
Valiance (Leon) [Op]
Various forum officals

---End Mod List---

Forum Officals are basically the only people who'll receive chat mod powers.

They either register and I Op them. Or they can use the account RERNChat instead if the need araises.
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updated the modlist with some info.
News time, due to a slight issue discovered by Pally, we have moved to a new IRC server! So please update your Bookmarks and/or Connection Info! The conenction info and link to the new widget have replaced the old in the first post.
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