Pocket's moderation thread

I asked Pally and he said it was okay to make a mod thread not in the moderation training topic (because that's for official business).

Looking for a few volunteers to play along. Please note that there will be no rewards at all at the end, it's just for fun. Just post saying you want to join.

- Enisoc
- Grim
- EN
- Goroke
* Player One has joined the game
I'd be more than willing to try it out.
I'll join too, I suppose.

...k, mofo, count me.
((Adventure time is go! Backstory is that you've answered a Science Lab ad looking for navi test subjects. Net ops are put into separate, isolated rooms each with a jack-in port.))

The net area looks to be an endless plain field with a tall and narrow reflective wall.
A purple card came floating down to the ground, and out of it materialized the form of the Purple-cloaked Navi, known to the few people who knew he existed as SummonerMan.

"What are we doing here again?" the navi asked his operator.

"I told you, research. Besides, we could use the money." She said. "Though I am a little worried about these isolated white rooms. Makes me feel like I could be picked off pretty easily."

"Whatever, not likely that you;re in danger. I'm the one who's at risk of death whenever you want to make money." SummonerMan replied, looking around.

"Oh, Come on Summ, just deal with it." Rose advised.

SummonerMan didn't respond. He did gaze over at the reflective wall, though. "I wonder what that's for." he thought to himself.

His silly little ((Well, not so much, actually a rather large sized)) card hovered behind him. He sat on it, kept his feet on the floor, and looked around, waiting for something to happen.
Beatnik made a face and knocked on the wall.


She regarded her expression in the mirrorlike surface, as if contemplating how best to knock it down.

"How you doin' up there, Toni? Any ideas?"

The Operator in the small, enclosed room shifted her position to make the most of the space, which was little more than that of the average closet. "It must be some part of the challenge to figure out what the challenge is."

"Well, that sucks on ice. Borin'. I thought it was gonna be some kinda slaughterfest to grab some data on how badass I am or something."

Beatnik kicked the wall, winced, and skated off parallel to it, searching for a way through.

At that point, a purple card descended from the sky and released a Navi not far away. Beatnik took note and tensed up slightly. Her strides became more compact and slightly more powerful, ready to send her shooting off in any give direction at any given time.

"Yo," she called to the Navi that had just appeared. "You here for the test thing too? Any idea what we're supposed ta be doin'?"
While he sat, SummonerMan was confronted by another Navi. This one was a girl, with long green hair, and she seemed to be skating on air.

She spoke. "Augh, and accent. Though at least she's easier on the eyes than my last partner." He though, raising his eyebrows in an inquiring manner while he looked over at her.

"Nope, no idea." He replied. "And yeah, the test. I'm here for that, too."

Rose didn't seem to have any idea, either, so she stayed quiet.

Another Navi seemed to have appeared while he was talking. It was covered in some sort of bandages. But it didn't approach him, so SummonerMan ignored him.
Failureman took a look around as he materialized in the area. He nearly fell over from the disorientation of seeing nothing in front of him. The horizon stretched out as far as he could see unbroken by trees, buildings, or for that matter, anything. Turning around, Failureman did a double take when he was greeted by his own reflection.

Albert broke the silence, "Hey, are you alright? Just wait a minute, I think we're going to start soon. I'm just waiting for instructions."
"Blargh," said Beatnik. This guy seemed to be useless, too. He was looking at something over her shoulder, though. She half-turned, and saw that another Navi had appeared as well. She waved a hand in the air to hail him. "'Sup! You got any clue, man?"
Failureman heard a noise and saw two navis a little ways down the wall. One was waving at him. Briefly wondering whether or not he was allowed to move from his designated spot, he started to walk towards the pair.

"Hi, you're here for the science thing too?"
As the flash of light shined down, a tall lightly armored navi appeared with a long lance-like on his hand. Voulge started to walk towards the group of navis all huddled around each other. "This is the Scilab test network, correct?" Voulge took his Lancea and placed it on his back. "My name is Voulge.EXE. Pleasure to meet you."
In the isolated room, Marius set his PET down and stretched his arm up. Looking around in the dull room didn't feel any comfortable

"Hey Voulge! Let's finish this quickly!"
Two cyan beams of light warp down, stopping at the floor. The beams then twist and move, forming two figures; one more angular than the other. The light fades, revealing Machman and Aera. Machman looks around, noticing the fairly plain terrain features and the group of Navis a few feet away. Machman and Aera approach the group, Aera is the first to speak up.

Hello! I'm Aera! You all here for that test?
I'm Machman, nice to meet you all. Any ideas as to what we are doing?
As the five navis became aware of each other and wondered about what kind of experiment this would be, a clear automated female voice sounded overhead.

"Hello and welcome. You have all been selected to participate in a simulation of a new firewall program developed by Science Laboratories," a small musical tune interrupted the announcement, "We ask that all participants please abide by the confidentiality wavers signed upon joining this experiment and we hope that your efforts will help us in advancing our research in this new digital age. We would also like to remind the network operators that there will be no smoking inside your booths during this test. Thank you."

The navis all stared at each other in an awkward silence until a countdown started.

A significantly more intimidating masculine voice boomed over the announcement system, "INITIATING IN THREE. TWO. ONE."

The silence resumed. Everyone was on edge wondering what exactly would happen until a foot emerged from the large obelisk in the room. As the rest of the body came into view, everyone could clearly see that it was a copy of Summonerman. The clone's costume was tinted a much darker shade of purple but his features were identical. At the same time, more clones stepped out from the mirrored surfaces. Soon, each navi had a dark counterpart staring at them with a blank expression.

Suddenly and without warning, the clones charged straight into their opposites! This was serious!

* * *

xSummonerman: 140 HP
xBeatnik: 100 HP
xFailureman: 100 HP
xVoulge: 180 HP
xMachman: 100 HP

Summonerman: 140 HP
Beatnik: 100 HP
Failureman: 100 HP
Voulge: 180 HP
Machman: 100 HP

((Kinda tired...the RP quality will go down as you go down >__>))

"Voulge, prepare your weapon!"


Voulge ran towards his clone with his Lancea, holding the weapon into the position of a spear. Strangely, Voulge didn't transform his weapon into a different shape, but kept it the Lancea in it's original form. With the clone coming close, Voulge pushed the end of the spear with his right arm and thrusted the lance straight towards the clone.

He stepped back and held his weapon tightly. From seeing how the clone reacted from his attack, Voulge measured the power and equality of the clone. "Interesting...The structure and the power is nearly the same as mine. Or, I misinterpret it by a long shot.". Marius didn't look so concern about the situation and gave off a little yawn, "That clone can't compare with you, it's just a petty imitation." Voulge spun the Lancea around him and pointed it towards the xVoulge.

"I'll defeat him with my own power. Please do not interfere with this battle."

With determination deep in his mind, Voulge gripped his weapon tightly. In a flash, earthly round shields appeared from the ground and created a line of shield right between Voulge and it's clone. Hoping that it would nullify an attack, it would give Voulge some time to plan his attack. The Lancea flashed and in hand was a giant trident with a metal net. He aimed the trident towards the right arm of the clone and threw it towards it with impossible speed, while throwing the metal net right after.

Certainly, if the attack was effective, it would've pinned the xVoulge down into a extremely vulnerable state. With that in mind, Voulge prepared his Jousting lance and rushed to the clone with all his might. As soon after the lance made "contact", Voulge turned 180* and started to stab multiply with his War Scythe.

1. Spear Thrust w/ Ruby Assault [12/Buster] @ xVoulge (Attempt to measure the strength of the Clone)
2. Phalanx Aspis [1-hit Shield / 1TCD] Towards xVoulge (Attempt to delay him)
3. Trident throw & Net throw w/ Retairius Triden [Hold / Stun / Slow / 3TCD] @ xVoulge's Right Arm
4. Grandis Attero [80 Damage / Break / Impact / Melee / 3TCD] @ xVoulge's Torso
5. Multiple Stab w/ Bona ex Diabolus [60 Damage (Life Drain) / Melee / 3TCD] @ xVoulge's Back
Machman looks back at his alter ego, its armor shining bright orange while its under armor is a cobalt blue, same for its hair. Its dark green face and orange eyes stare at Mach, almost saying "Wanna race, punk?"

Aera! Lets take this guy out of commission!
Sure, he's giving me the creeps.

Machman pulls up his buster and fires a quick HeatShot blast before boosting off to the right, Aera in tow. Expecting the copy to give chase, Machman releases a small circular bomb that clinks over the ground and quickly rolls a few dozen feet before exploding and showering the area in shrapnel. Machman then turns in the air, still continuing backwards with the help of his boosters. He points his right arm towards the duplicate Machman; it begins to change with mechanically precise movement. The arm itself expands, the surface of his arm plating separating and creating large gaps. The gaps are quickly filled by rapidly appearing solid plates before locking together in place with a metallic clanking and scraping accompanied by the occasional spark. In the end of the transformation, Mach's arm has nearly tripled in size; even his fingers are much larger than before. The entire arm then flashes and turns a deep yellow color with dark outlines for the joints and fingers.

Mach pulls back his massive GutFist into a ready to punch position, waiting for the copy to make a move.

Summon Aera
Heatshot1: xMachman (60dmg Fire + Splash)
LilBomb: xMachman (50dmg + Splash)
Gust: Continue to move Machman on current path
Counter1: xMachman (Counter attack w/ GutPunch 70dmg + Breaking + Impact)

Keep up with Machman
Failureman quickly got over the surprise of coming face to face with himself, again, but matched step for step by his copy he could hardly avoid the oncoming balls of energy much less launch a counter offensive. Failureman tried to recount what he knew.

"I am in a large field. There are four... no, five... no. Four other navis with me. Five counting me. The lady said 'firewall'. Five purple navis appeared. Everyone is chasing each other. The guy chasing me looks just like me. He has the same bandages, the same belt, and the same emblem. But he's purp-"

Failureman stopped a moment to think just as a charged buster shot flew past his arm. Another step and it might have been a direct hit.

Albert spoke overhead, "What are you doing! I sent you a chip!"

"I'm profiling what I kn-"

"You don't have time to make a profile! Shoot him! Shoot him in the head!"

Noticing the cannon data, Failureman starting running in his zig-zag across the field again but kept his eyes on his copy. Failureman readied his buster and fired a few shots of his own. Satisfied with his aim, he loaded the chip data and let loose with all he had.

1. Dodge
2. Buster: xFailureman (8 dmg)
3. Cannon: xFailureman (40 dmg)
"Toni Toni Toni SHIT'S HAPPENING!"

As the copies of the assembled Navis, including herself, stepped out of the mirrored wall, the real Beatnik took a couple of strides backward. It almost equalled edging away from the weird pseudo-Beatnik. Its colours were all wrong...what the hell was up with all that purple? It looked like cra--

One instant, the fake Beatnik was standing there, looking grim. The next, it was blasting straight toward the real Beatnik.

"SHIT!" She screeched. Beatnik panicked and kicked off, intent on getting as far away from the pseudo-Beatnik. Antoinette got a chip down to her. Shotgun. Figured. Beatnik looked back over her shoulder and saw the rest of the test subjects engaging their counterparts.

If only she still had the power she'd once beat the snot out of people with in the NetMafia. Beatnik actually would have been able to defend herself. It probably would have been a damn good fight, too.

"How strong you think this creep is?" Beatnik yelled up.

"Perhaps if you started fighting it instead of running away we could find out." Beatnik heard the quiet click of another chip being slid into the PET's port. "Also, I doubt that your allies are going to be very pleased with you bailing out on them."

The Navi hissed through her teeth. Toni had to stop making sense so often. On her next stride, Beatnik pushed off extra hard for the bonus momentum, spun in the air, and unloaded the Shotgun into her clone's face. There was another chip waiting -- the Cannon; after dropping that in a screaming blast of hot plasma, a third chip popped up in her systems. This one was the Rageclaw.

Still zipping along backwards, Beatnik slammed on the brakes. This constituted little more than dropping into a deep crouch and throwing her entire field back under her heels. But it worked; within a few yards, she had stopped almost dead. By that time, the taloned gauntlet of metal had fused itself into place over Beatnik's right hand. She dropped her head and kicked off as hard as she possibly could. It took a lot of effort to get her moving again, this time toward her doppleganger, because her momentum was still going in the previous direction. The delay in getting up to speed gave Beatnik time to haul back her arm and, with a roar, swing the tearing Rageclaw at the copy's midsection.

Gust: Dodge
1. Shotgun @ xBeatnik (50 NORMAL damage + spread1)
2. Cannon @ xBeatnik (40 NORMAL damage)
3. Rageclaw @ xBeatnik (40 NORMAL damage)
The battle raged on with each side looking fairly evenly matched. The soulless navis focussed only on their counterparts and attacked relentlessly.

Voulge and his copy locked weapons and exchanged blows with equal strength, filling the arena with the sounds of clashing metal. Every blow the navi threw at his copy was parried away while equally powerful incoming attacks brutally smashed away his floating shields. In a stroke of misfortune, one of the copy's jabs managed to penetrate Voulge's defence allowing it to claim first blood, if only with a scratch.

The two Machmen raced around the battlefield at top speed trying to best one another. After Aera joined the battle, yet another shadowy figure stepped out from the wall. The new combatant's slender frame mirrored Aera's in every way except for the gloomy colour scheme. Her neck craned up mechanically to her counterpart and she dashed off to assist her Machman. The real Machman had meanwhile prepared a Heatshot and fired it to slow down his opponent. The duplicate managed to dodge out of the way but the fake support program that just caught up didn't seem to notice the shot in time and was incinerated by the blast; and as quickly as she appeared, she was gone. A Lilbomb was lobbed, but in a burst of speed, the copy activated a Dash and rushed through the rolling explosions unscathed. The boost also brought the two Machmen within close proximity to one another. The copy raised its arm and slashed with what appeared to be a Rageclaw and prepared to attack again, but was blocked by an oversized fist. Vicious retaliation followed as Machmen suckerpunched his copy with a Counter, sending him sprawling out of control and crashing to the ground. The copy strained to get up while a wave of healing energy washed over his broken body. He stared up at the original and prepared to continue.

Failureman and his counterpart both fired several shots at close range, but managed to miss each other horribly. However, Failureman's stray Cannon shot somehow struck Voulge's clone in the back of the head, interrupting whatever he was doing.

A quick Shotgun blast caught Beatnik's clone off guard but it maintained its speed, ignoring the damage. The copy's hand flashed into a claw and it grabbed Beatnik's buster before she fired her Cannon, which sent the shot flying harmlessly off into the distance. The floating metal plates between the two grinded against each other like gears turning in opposite directions. The clone applied more pressure to its grip and nearly crushed the navi's wrist until she activated her own Rageclaw. She swiped once and missed, but shook off her attacker. It flexed its claw with mechanical dexterity as it stared at Beatnik. The clone's face showed no sign of emotion whatsoever, its pupils locked solidly on her movements.

Summonerman stalled for a moment and stopped moving. His copy evaporated mid-run as the original EJOed due to a connection problem.

Only 4 navis remained.

* * *

xSummonerman: evaporated
xBeatnik: 50 HP
xFailureman: 100 HP
xVoulge: 140 HP
xMachman: 40 HP

Summonerman: lagged out
Beatnik: 60 HP
Failureman: 100 HP
Voulge: 170 HP
Machman: 60 HP
Aera: 40 HP