Drakim Project, pre-alpha :D

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(it's an EXE file inside a zip. It runs directly, no install required)

So! I've been experimenting with some advanced math physics, and ended up with a game. Mind you, it's still pre-alpha, meaning that it is NOT FINISHED. This demo has no "goal". Think of it as a sandbox game. ^^

Movement = WDSA
Machinegun fire = Left Mouse button
Positive Magnet = Right Mouse button
Negative Magnet = Middle Mouse button

Some of the things the game has is:

Endless space
Yep, that is right. The space is endless. Completely. No end. Try holding down the right button all night if you want, you won't meet any wall. Random space stuff are generated as you move around, thus ensuring that space isn't too lonely.

Advanced physics
This game contains some heavy physics, (with a few minor bugs, but you problaby won't notice), including a really nice collision system and awesome magnetism, both negative and positive against other objects.

Try messing around with a lot of magnets. It's really fun, especially with negative and positive magnets combined. It makes all the space debris run crazy!

The machine gun is very affected by magnets. Play around a little and imagine the effect in the full game? Under heavy enemy fire? Fire a magnet and watch them all fire against you in vain!

Too many objects on the screen causing lag? I've not optimized much yet, so it might turn laggy. If you travel far enough from the objects (about 5 screens worth), the objects are destroyed. Space is infinitve, so travel away!


Okay, so, when you have played with the demo, give me feedback. Any bugs found? Any awesome suggestions? Changes that should be made?

Ofcourse, this is still just a demo. The full game will feature bandit enemies trying to rob you, custom weapon making(!), mining astroids for metal, giant bacteria that acts depending on how their DNA is coded (you can code your own by "painting"), and much much more.
A: You want forum-script...
B: Tip: have the...gray things...make you lose HP when they hit you.
yeah, I've avoided adding hp since it is only sandbox game ish right now.

Anyways, I just came up with a new trick ^^

Make a negative (that pushes away rocks) magnet circle, and then some positive insides. Wait a little, and the space rocks will form a circle around you, thus protecting you, should enemies arrive.

ascii art example:


o = positive
* = negative
What was a bit irritating was that, after laying several magnets that attracted debris, my machinegun was so ineffective that I had to use negative poles to get out.

I'm looking forward to further versions!
Yes, I'm working on enemies now. AI is kinda hard with all those rocks that blocks around, but I think I can do it.

I'll add so that you can switch weapons on the keys 1,2,3,4,etc so that you don't only have 3 weapons at a time. I'm also thinking of having weapons that charge up depending on how long you hold down. But that is for later.
Pretty good physics, though hardly exciting. But that means nothing since it's demo.

Keep up the yarr.
Okay, new version up.

Not much new stuff that you can see though, sorry. I changed the machine gun into something a little more useful, but that's it. Oh, yeah, I've added an Frames Per Second counter.

What has been changed behind the scenes is a LOT AND HECK OF LOT of optimizing. The game should run twice as fast as before. If you want to help, try making some magnets to fill up the screen with rocks, and report back on how many FPS you get. Does it sink right away, or is it an acceptable rate?

The next version will include enemies, I promise. ^^
My laptop dun got a middle button.
Machine gun is a little chunky.

Like it's not even a machine gun anymore.

Also, the dropping framerate made the screen fail to catch up with the fleeing ship.
I have an awesome suggestion.

Have some enemies fire shots that treat magnets as the opposite of what they are, and have a weapon that reverses all your magnets. Also have some enemies fire shots that pierce through things they hit so that you can't just use shields forever.

And make beam-looking weapons so that they'll look cool when affected by magnets.
Kazuhiro: Too bad for you. Middle button is standard. It's like complaining that you don't have a enter key on the keyboard. Not my freaking problem at all >>

legoroy2: Yeah, I forgot to say that I changed it. Last minute stuff. It's a bit more useful since each bullet has real impact now. Oh, yes, I'm aware of the low-framerate scrolling problem. It's fixed in the next version.


It's for balance reasons as much as for cool reasons. If you have an extremely effective strategy for using magnets to deflect bullets or create shields, then the game becomes really easy, right?
Make the ship faster!


Quote (Kazuhiro)

It's for balance reasons as much as for cool reasons. If you have an extremely effective strategy for using magnets to deflect bullets or create shields, then the game becomes really easy, right?

Well, I'm introducing specially made metals that aren't affected by magnets. However, such metal can often be weaker, or have other faults (such as melting under high temperature)

Also, if something is fast enough, it's path won't be changed too much by the magnets because of the momentum. I've already added a "boost" button for the next version. it helps a lot. ^^
Twi regrets that he doesn't have a middle mouse button either. Just a scroll wheel that-


*Changes some settings*

Good news! I have a middle mouse button!


Idea: A 'reset' button.

('.' )

( '.')

( '.' )

I'm working I'm working. >>

Had a week without computer due to vacation, and various other things getting in the way. But, most things are running smoothly. Well, that is if you don't include the random crashes and memory leaks. So, it's still some time off. But it's coming.

(along with my other projects, like always, >>, I max get 30-60 minutes a day to work on this stuff)