Chat stuff!

After an extended (and amusing) chat session in which I logged on with many names, I have been non-permanently banned from the chat.
Apologies to Aim, ZS, Shur, and myself, whom I all impersonated.
No, it isn't.
What's the most amusing thing that has happened to anyone on a chat? Overall?
One guy kept spaming his insane Kamomo ship. My brain actualy hurts to comprehend that one.
Y'know, that time where Shur was impersonating you, and then a bunch of Twi copies came up, and then the world went to hell.

That was AWESOME!
And all the time there was only one real Chat-Admin... The clones were all me. I had 4 frigging windows open. >_>;
Amusing...that thing were you guys seem to mistake me for a woman quite possibly everyday because of my chat name. That never gets old. XD
I often get mistaken for a guy.
Formation of the Colorzord.
Spouting Mechanical Ideas.
Sharing Internet Memes.
Having the Awesome Squad entertain us with amazing feats of awesome.
For me?

Finding out that I'm Shur.


Probably one of those epic fights. I dunno.
So it was Shuryou who lost the dot to his i?

That was weird, ya know?

But it was total awesome. X3