Joan Hargrave and Rayner.EXE

Name: Joan Hargrave
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Appearance: Joan keeps her hair short, it is a deep brown in color, Joan enjoys trips to the salon for color streaks and trying different styles. This Operator favors tight jeans, although most of hers has faded from use and repeated washings. She's average in height and weight, standing only at about 5'2. She's tans rather easily, but even in winter her skin tends towards a slightly brown hue.
Personality: As you might expect from someone who lived on a farm, Joan enjoys spending her days outdoors and becomes moody when she's unable to spend time outside during the week. While Joan is outgoing, she's wary of people in the city, use to only her family and the other ranch hands. She's embarrassed about her lack of knowledge about both the Net and the City, and feels out of place when the discussion turns that way.
PET Modifications: The PET is silver with black trimming, and has a drop-resistant casisng. It also has a lanyard attached, allowing Joan to wear it around her neck.

Name: Rayner.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Subtype: Cursor
Appearance: Rayner sports a zipped up black leather jacket over his wide-shouldered 6 '3 frame. This jacket sports a large, soft fur ruff around the neck that just grazes the bottom of his skull mask, and it looks as though the right sleeve was torn messily off and the area where it was shredded. This reveals Rayner's rather basic prosthetic arm. Basic in appearance, there's a jarring difference between Rayner's right arm and his more normal left. While the left is covered by his jacket's sole remaining sleeve and ends in a regular hand, his right's base is a circular platform. From there the basic black and yellow metal supports and joints terminate into four clawed hand, reminiscent of those in claw crane games. The whole design is based off the kind of robot arm typically programmed by students.

A wide black scarf with weighted ends encircles Rayner's waist, and despite the length he can easily manipulate it to attack. The scarf features bright green keyboard characters along the edge, both basic symbols and ASCII appear.

The bright green patterns also appear along the sides of Rayner's jumpsuit he wears underneath his leather jacket. Charcoal grey in color, the jumpsuit extends from the base of Rayner's skull to his feet, although only the legs are visible due to his jacket and boots. Said boots come up to his mid-thigh and are black with more green squiggles on his soles. The circle with his emblem appears on the outside of his boots where his ankles are. The emblem also appears on Rayner's left shoulder and over his ears, merging into his skull helm. His emblem consists of a thick, silver ring that has a medium sized, straight edged line growing from its East and South points, with a smaller one sprouting from the SouthEast. Along the inner ring are two triangle that sprout towards the center of emblem, these are stretched between the East and South sides of the emblem as well.

Cartoonish in appearance, the Navi's skull helm covers his face from below his chin to wrap around the back of his head, hiding any hint of hair or face. The mask usually appears as a matte white, except for the eyes and nostril holes one would expect on a skull. In truth, Rayner has a limited amount of control over the color of the mask around his eyes and where his cheeks would be, allowing him form comical expressions Joan doesn't know what's under the mask as she's never seen Rayner without it.
Personality: Rayner is clearly a veteran of the Net, he's knowlegable about virus busting and ebb and flow of the Net in general. While he has a tense relationship with Karin, Joan's aunt, he's friendly enough with his new Operator. He enjoys teasing Joan, both about her ignorance of the Net and things she is shy about in general. Rayner enjoys teasing people in a friendly manner, and seems to lack a sense of shame if it allows him to taunt another. He enjoys helping people though, and is serious in his endeavors to help Joan become more efficient at using the Net and in building her confidence. He enjoys being mysterious and acting wise, especially if he can use these traits to set someone up for a joke later on.
Custom Weapon: Rayner's claw generates electricity that he can fire towards his opponent.
Signature Attack:
Static Snag — Rayner builds up static electricity in his scarf, whether through rubbing it against itself, himself, scuffing his feet on the ground, etc. and then flings it at the enemy. When the scarf hits the enemy the weights in the ends cause it to wrap around them, releasing a paralyzing shock.
30 Elec, 1 Stun, Thrown, 2 TCD


Looks good to me, approved. Please be sure to post both sheets in the appropriate sections of information databases and also to update your signature before you start RPing. Thanks!

GET CHIP: Cannon, Shotgun, RageClaw1, MaruBlaster1 x1
GET NCP: Undershirt, HP +50
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2