The MTG Thread

So yeah... After my recent crushing defeat (RAUGH!), I felt it necessary to throw this topic idea out here. Here, we discuss Magic: The Gather, the trading card game. That's right folks. And all 4 or 5 of us on this site who actually play the game can horde here and be the geeks we are. Woots.

Ahem, at anyrate, I can think of a few topic ideas. Decks currently running, thoughts on new sets coming out, tournaments, etc. Right now, I'm going for the first option. I guess I just want to see how my decks rank up against others, y'know?

I've only got one with me right now, but here it is.

Sliver Aggression

Forest x 10
Mountain x 10

Bonesplitter Sliver x 4
Fury Sliver x 2
Gemhide Sliver x 4
Homing Sliver x 4
Might Sliver x 4
Reflex Sliver x 2
Spined Sliver x 4
Spinneret Sliver x 4
Two-Headed Sliver x 4

Fatal Frenzy x 4
Strength in Numbers x 4

The decks concept should be fairly easy to spot out - To make the biggest, nastiest, trampling sliver humanly possible. Fatal Frenzy + Fury Sliver alone = Quadruple Damage and Trample, which is normally a game winner.

I'm currently looking for ways to improve the deck. Theres an R/G sliver that gives haste and only costs 3 mana that I'd like to incorporate into the deck, but I don't have a single copy of it...

Anyway, you MTG heads, enjoy!
Sliver decks generally use all mana types, but you're only using two here..which makes your choices a bit limited.

Just put in some damage increase and trample cards, and you'll be good.
The deck currently lacks a sideboard and I was thinking about moving the 4 spinneret slivers over there. They're a 2/2 for 2 mana that block flying, that's nice, but I figure I can switch something else in for them.

Other sideboard ideas? Eh... not sure.
The last magic cards I got was a pack of the ninja one (which was horrible.). The last real series I got was like... A little Mirrodan...

.... Silver mana..?
Sliver decks, yuck.

At any rate, having Gemhide slivers makes splashing any colors easy, so don't worry about that. There are a few haste granting slivers, but I'm not sure what you're planning as far as deck legality, or I'd go with Heart Slivers.

Of course, I play casual Type 1, and I sideboard Humility to completely wreck slivers. (My friend insists on playing them.)