Manhunt 2

If you can't handle very mature stuff, GTFO.

Have you heard about Manhunt 2? It was supposed to come out for the Wii and PS2, but it's been banned in Britain and Ireland. (Who says the Wii is kiddy? ^^).

Take-Two Interactive Software Inc is now delaying their game. Their options is pretty much these:

    [li]Remake the game so it get's a 17 instead of 18 year rating (would include taking away some of the main elements of the game)

    [li]Release it anyway. (Very few stores would stock up on it. But, a lot of people might order it anyway).

  • Don't give it out. D:
For those of you who doesn't know what Manhunt 2 is about. It is some heck of a bloody shit. In RE4 for the GameCube and PS2, Leon get's his head sawn off by a zombie, really close up, while you sit there watching the blood shoot everywhere as Leon's limb headless body falls to the ground. That is just one of the many many gruesome ways you can die.

RE4 passed for 17 years. Manhunt 2 did not pass. Man, I have to get that game. ^^

What do you think?

(on a sidenote, don't seach for "manhunt" on google images. You might get a gay unplesant suprise ><)

Well, let's see what I can remember. The original Manhunt's story featured something like a convicted murderer getting captured by an unknown force who then released this character in a situation where he would have to kill to survive, using whatever means available, all for the amusement of this mysterious force. The player, of course, took control of this murderer. From there, the game took on a brutal action/stealth hybrid gameplay where you absolutely had to kill from stealth or else get mobbed by people with bigger and better weapons than you. Apparently, one of the biggest handicaps of the game was a lack of super-pwn weapons. Instead you had things like knives, baseball bats, plastic bags, all sorts of melee weapons that featured horrific, gruesome stealth kills. Go back to plastic bags and I'm sure you can imagine what happened there. And then, whenever you did one of these instant kills, the camera would shift to a black and white camera closeup of the kill in all it's gruesome glory, all being watched by this mysterious force.

Let's not forget, this was a creation of Rockstar Games, creator of the ultra successful Grand Theft Auto series. I'm not sure which branch produced it, but I was fairly sure that this was going to be one monster of a game. Still, as intrigued as I was by the prospect of it all, I never did manage to get my hands on a copy.

With Manhunt 2 though, I'm hoping to give things a change. Let's see what my memory can dig up from an article I read last month. Manhunt 2 once again features a convicted criminal, although this time our protagonist is innocent of the crime! Too many game reviews have mixed up what happens next, but either there's some sort of incident that occurs in the prison he's held at that forces him into a life or death situation or he tries to escape. Anyways, once again you'll see the return of gruesome death scenes, highlighted by an upclose shot by a prison security camera. The game is also supposed to host a powerful and emotional storyline. The main character becomes physically ill after his first murder and vomits. That definitely says something about our hero.

Unfortunately, that's about all I know. I'd have to find the magazine article to call up anymore information and chances are I've probably thrown it away by now. Still, looks like a prety impressive game coming our way. As for what's worse than getting you head chainsawed off? ...Well... Apparently broken glass can be used as an instant kill as well. Either that takes some creativity, or that's going to be brutal as all hell.
Manhunt 2 has been banned from reaching the United Kingdom and Italy. The Netherlands wants to prevent its coming here too. Me? I'm not a fan of such games. I'll wait for 'No More Heroes'.
That's total crap.


You got to use the Wiimote as the knife/bat/other.
Something tells me our good old friend Jack Thompson had something to do with this...
Chopping off people's balls sounds fun. >_>
It's quite surprising that it wasn't banned HERE in the U S of A. I always thought this place was censor trigger-happy. But then again it might be soon. Or maybe the people charge of that realized that they would probably have to do something with the game after this ban D:.
Actual manhunt, as in at night, with other people, running around, is a lot more fun.

so are navy seals and capture the flag.

the video game has lethal weapons, i'll give you that.

Quote (commondragon)

It's quite surprising that it wasn't banned HERE in the U S of A. I always thought this place was censor trigger-happy. But then again it might be soon. Or maybe the people charge of that realized that they would probably have to do something with the game after this ban D:.

I think people in the states would go bananas if the goverment directly banned something like that. Anything the goverment does in USA equals communism D:
Of course, I'm exercising my 100 percent unbiased opinion when I say that Splinter Cell is a kabillion times better.

At the least, its shadow-based stealth gameplay is more plausible then from what I've seen of Manhunt 1. >>
*Farnsworth On*

Good news everyone! Linky

Well, actually, not good news. Those of you expecting to play Manhunt 2 on the PS3 , PSP or Wii are in for a dissapointment. For those of you who don't feel like following the link and reading the article, I'll sum things up for ya.

Manhunt 2 has an Adults Only rating. Not familiar with it? That's probably because it's usually reserved for games containing pornographic material. For example, when it was discovered that GTA3 San Andreas had sex content in it, it was remade from an M rating to AO and was then pulled from shelves. Yeah. Manhunt 2 is going to have that rating. And as far as I know, Manhunt does not have sex related content. Which means it's going to be BRUTAL.

Continuing, because of it's AO rating, Sony and Nintendo are refusing to host the game on their systems. Wii wants to keep it's family friendly image and an AO game could certainly damage this. Sony probably wants the same thing. Who wants bad reputation, right?

Anyway, looks like Manhunt 2 was scheduled to release on July 10th for just those systems. While I was at first hopeful that it might be released for the 360, that article also states that Microsoft also refuses to have AO games on their system. That leaves the PC, and as far as I know there is no PC version as of now.

So what does this mean? Does this mean that Manhunt 2 is cancelled since none of the platforms will support it due to it's rating? I find it doubtful. The more likely result is that Rockstar games will set the release date back a couple of months, remake the game to get an M-Rating, then release it like that. Still, if and when you do play the finished version of Manhunt 2, you're gonna have to wonder what the original had to get freakin' AO... Scary man. I almost feel like a bad person for wanting to play that, heh.

There's always the case that Manhunt 2 will be suspended though. The gaming community's certainly been seeing that word enough lately... Sorry, I'm just bitter about the recent death of Spore... but that's a whole nother issue. Let's pray that Rockstar finishes fixing up this freak of a game so we can get our grubby paws on it.

Would this be AO too? I'm gonna laugh if it'll be. XD