NAVI IDEAS we will post our navi, and netop ideas that you wont be using. Anyone else who wants them may take them. it goes...Ill go first....


Name: PriestMan
Element: normal
Type: Cursor???
Appearance: Wears a black outfit (priest garb) with a Cross emblem on his chest. His helmet is black with a coss in the center.
Personality: Priestman is a kind navi that is determined to help those in need. He goes traveling around to find navi's in danger and to help them. He will also be gald to help guide a lost or hurt navi and netop.
Custom Weapon: A cross
Signature Attack:
New testament. He will clasp both hands together and pray. Then a huge bible will fall from teh sky crushing his enemy.
Angels above-Priestman will pray and a navi who was deleted in battle will apear adn fight alongside him.
Banish the Evil- An attack where Priestman will pray and teh ground will break apart and viruses of long past will come out and attack the enemy.

(I accidently wrote OLD testament cause I was thinking he'd have teh old and new one.....yeah...its fixed now)
Navi Name: Starz.exe
Age: Looks like 13
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Type: Cursor

Navi Description: Starz is a kidlike navi, only about 5"2. His armor is yellow, with a typical black undersuit. The armor is on his forarms, upperarm, chest, and lower legs. His hair spikes out to resemble a shining star, and his back has 6 long rods sprouting out to his sides. The rods are 3 on each side, not one sticking right up or down. His emblem is a pentogram-esque thing; a star made out of lines with a black background and a green dot in the center.

Personality: Starz acts very optimistic. Also, Void ivery playful and likes to run around and be active, rather than daydreaming all the time. Perhaps his most noble trait, though, is how he will not back down when comrades are endangered.

Custom Weapon: Star Beam - Starz controls several small stars that float around and shoot beams.

Signature attack: Meteor Crash: All of Starz's stars home in on an enemy and crash into them. 60 damage, 3 turn cool down.


Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Type: Recover
Appearance: wears regular nun garb with a crest of a blue cross on her chest.
Personality: Nun.EXE is the same as priestman. A caring navi that sinlessly cares for others that are hurt.
Custom Weapon: a ruler (hehehe) or perhaps a bible
Signature Attack: Holy water. Nun will pull summon from her hands vast amounts of water wich will eitheir damage the enemy of heal her and her group.
Angel's Blessing: Nun will pray and a light will shine from above that will shower them with healing rays.
Baptism. Nun will wash the group with water wich forms a barrier to effects on attacks
Gates of heaven or Pit of hell: Nun will pray and eitheir one of two things will happen, eitheir the ground will open up and deleted viruses will come out adn drag an opponent with them (deleteing them instantly) or a light from above will come and a gate will apear brining back a departed friend.
....A nun.... and a priest? Two of my perspective ideas are down the hole now.

Only joking. I just found that ironic because I RP a nun elsewhere and was thinking I might RP a VicarMan here, who would basically be like a Priest. XD

But in all seriousness, I have an idea now. I'll post some navi ideas of my own later. :3
I should post up Ookami. I am pretty sure someone would use him. Maybe. Need to think of a good other character before I choose anyways.

Element: Normal
Type: Normal
Appearance: Teh outfit she wears is purple but is stitshced together. He mouth is as well stitched. Her Crest on her chest is a doll with a needle.
Personality:Voodoo enjoys toying with people. When she gets mad at soemone she will exact horrible revenge on them. She likes to be better than others as well and hates to be bossed by others.
Custom Weapon:a huge needle
Signature Attack:
Stab. Stabs herself with the needle and damage is done to an opponent
Burn. Sets herself aflame and the oppoent gets the damage also they are burned
Revenge. Deals all damage done to her inm teh last three turns onto an opponent.

Name: Ann Dolly
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: Blond hair with a pink bow in the back and brown eyes. wears usually a long black skirt with a longsleeve pink shirt to match. She also wears black stockings with her pink shoes. She is also sometimes seen carrying around a little doll. Most people think its just an ordinary thing but in fact the doll is usedx in amy curses she uses on people.
Personality: Ann is a very popular and pretty girl. Like her navi, loves to be teh popular one and hates to be not in teh spotlight. She enjoys it when people give her compliments but hates it when otehrs recieve them. She is a spolied person who wants everything to go her way. She also drabbels in learning about cursed magic and other things to exact revenge on people she hates. She also posseses a wide selection of dolls taht she uses in her curses.
PET Modifications: Purple....I dont really know
Name: Metman.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Null
Subtype: Break
Description: The first of the five test subjects, Metman was a physically unaltered normalnavi... unless you counted the giant pickaxe he carried around. He was a cross between mettaurs and normalnavis, attempting to make the first member of a virus navi team. They succeeded. Also, he wears a mettool helmet on his head.
Personality: Not one to talk, Breakman likes to be in large groups, thinking he's weak. While this may be a sideeffect of the virus fusion with a mettool, it's more likely he's just a wuss at heart. Ah, well. There are always flaws. But in battle, that fear dissappears and Breakman becomes a deadly opponent.
Custom Weapon: Pickaxe (duh)
Sig attack: Megashockwave. Breakman unleashes a giant mettoool style shockwave. (60 damage to one, or 30 damage to two enemies if it hits two, 3 turn CD)

Name: Volcanoman.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Subtype: Cursor
Description: Although his base image programming is that of a normalnavi, Volcanoman has some obvious programming changes. He was the second of five test subjects, a mix between a Volcanest and a Normalnavi. His coloring is red where green was, and black everywhere else, apart from his yellow eyes. Lava flows through his palms in what appear to be glass orbs, apart from the fact that they don't melt.
Personality: Matching that of the structures after which he was named, Volcanoman is deceptively calm at most times. But when in battle his true nature really shines through. He becomes aggressive, with almost no regard for safety.
Custom Weapon: Magma launcher. Volcanoman fires magma at the enemies from his palms.
Signature Attack: Magma Cannon. Volcanoman unleashes a torrent of lava from the ground (60 damage to one, fire, 3 turn CD)

Name: Rain.exe
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Recover
Gender: Female
Description: Another normalnavi test subject at first, Rain soon outgrew the physical appearance of one. She's quite attractive, and definitely knows it. Also, she always has a light mist, or low cloud, around her feet. She is the third of five test subjects, and is a mix between a navi and a Cloudy virus.
Personality: Due to her good looks, Rain is very shallow. She will insult others who she considers to be beneath her, and is very diva-esque in all of her actions. She is quite the "background" fighter during battle, and would much prefer to be behind the scenes healing her allies than on the front line NEEDING healing.
Custom Weapon: Raincloud. Rain summons a raincloud to pelt the viruses with ice, snow, or sleet. She summons it to heal her allies with a light summer rain for her charged shot.
Signature Attack: Storm. Rain summons her cloud and rides it above her enemies, before releasing a major rain upon them. In the height of the rain, she will come down, give them a sharp kick, and return to her cloud to be taken away. (40 aqua damage and 20 null damage, 3 turn CD)

Name: Flora.exe
Gender: Female
Element: Wood
Subtype: Wind
Description: Attempting to avoid another diva (Rain was enough to handle by herself) the scientists decided to make a navi crossed with a Mushy this time. But all that Flora developed from the mushy was the ability to unleash pollen, and the wood element. Trying again, they crossed her with a second virii. A Weather. This time, she gained the ability to hover in the air, and boosted her pollen spreading abilities. She stayed a normalnavi for a time, before "evolving" like Rain. The scientists were worried, but their fears were soon assuaged. Flora was very modest, deciding to not take the path of her sister (a jumpsuit) but instead a green robe. She's not quite as physically attractive as her sister either, but that is not to suggest she's ugly. Quite the opposite. She did edit her face to match her sister's, however, and they would appear to be twins.
Personality: Very modest, and very shy, Flora is easy to avoid confrontation. She doesn't talk much, but those nearest to her know that once she starts she'll never shut up. In battle, Flora will hover above the field, peppering her enemies with many weak hits. They may be weak, but that's not to suggest there's not a lot of them.
Custom Weapon: Petals. Flora throws rosepetals at the enemies at high speed.
Signature Attack: Pollen. Flora spins into a tornado, releasing a deadly pollen to a small group. (10 to 3, blind for two turns, 3 turn CD)

All of these navis are unoperated, but they use battlechips on their own from the lab database in which they were created.

Yeah. These guys/gals are going to be in my subplot. All elements and subtypes are covered. I'm even thinking of making stats for them later...
And they took, like, an hour to make. So make suggestions if you have them.
Breakman's been done. I suggested the name as a joke. In MM3, he's the guy that looks like a chunky Protoman. In the anime, he's in the tournament. The guy who fired missles, I think.
Here he is folks! My old Navi because I am starting Anew! Just don't copy him exactly if you plan to use him. Here ya go! Into the bin!

Name: ???.EXE(make your own name)
Gender: Male
Type: Water/Wind
Appearance: ??? is a standard sized Navi, as far as height and body size go. He might actaully be a bit shorter than most. His look is a bit odd of that from a "normal" Navi as well. His appearance was meant to look like a rogue, a assassin, a fear. His armor shows this in him. It is a light blue color, one that you would expect to see at the beachs in Mexico or someplace. It is a light blue. The armor he wears is also a bit fear striking and rogueish. His upper body is protected by a thin layer of a flexable material that is slightly harder than that of his undersuit. It is largely unused due to the fast that it gives way easy. This piece of his armor, and all of his undersuit, are a dark Navy blue color. ??? also wears vambraces. But they stop short of where the normal vambraces would appear. They don't quite hit the wrist, and stop about an inch before the elbow. This is to make sure that He still has free range of motion, while being protected.

??? wears no armor on his upper arm, to his shoulder, and the harden undersuit stops in a thin strap over his shoulder. This was again made to allow for maxium use of his arms and shoulder, while still being mostly protected. ??? wears a light blue belt around his waist for both looks, and to hild his various supply of flasks and vials. ???'s leg armor is also the light blue color. It goes from just about his ankle to just below his knee. Lastly he wears a pair of blue leather gloves, the same color as his under armor. Now his hands are webbed together a slight bit under the gloves, so the gloves show the webbing on his hands. Only the actual armor gets the light blue color.

??? wears no shoes or helmet. Instead his head his feet wrapped in a few pieces of the undersuit. The wraps are not connected with the rest of the undersuit. ???'s hair is a brown color. It is slightly on the darker side. It is however long and straight. The hair tips are just barely touching his shoulders.

Now ??? also wears a blue rogue mask across his face. This is too show the nature of his attacks and choises in fighting. The mask is the same color as his undersuit, a Navy blue. ??? has a membrane over his eyes that allows him to swim under the water and see in any type of water. Swampy, salt, fresh, anything. This membrane makes his eyes a light blue color, and also gives him a membrane look around his eyes at all times. ???'s glare can be one of fear striking.

Personality: ??? is a quick learner, not a fast thinker. He can remember things he did wrong in other battles, remember advantages that worked well, and fight with a equal passion. ??? is also a bit stubborn and will ingore Adam in a fight if he thinks his way is right. ??? likes to use all advantagees to his use, not letting one thing slip from his grasp. When fighting ??? is very quiet and paced, keeping his movement fresh. When not fighting however, ??? has the bigest mouth ever. There is no filter from his mouth to his brain! He says whatever happens to come to his head at the time. Weather it be good, or bad. ??? also cna loose himself in battle and blindly rush at the enemy. This can be a good effect, but this strange rage in his programming leaves him normaly bruised.

Custom Weapon: Standard Buster, but a bit smaller in size comparsion

Quote (MajinBooger)

Breakman's been done. I suggested the name as a joke. In MM3, he's the guy that looks like a chunky Protoman. In the anime, he's in the tournament. The guy who fired missles, I think.

Ookaaaay then...

Name: Red Riding Hood.exe
Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Subtype: Wind
Description: A small brunnette haired girl with chocolate brown eyes who wears a red hood that covers most of her body. Underneath she wears a white short sleeve collared shirt and a blue, checkered skirt. She wears black socks that go up to her knees. At herfeet are brown leather shoes. She carries a picnic basket over her left shoulder.
Personality: Very cheery most of the time and likes to skip across the net. However, when she is in battle... Well actually she's just as optimistic. If she sees a Spikey in battle for instance, "Hello Mr. Spikey! How are you doing this fine day!? *pets Spikey*" See what I mean? Oh, and her friends call her Red.
Custom Weapon: Picnic Basket, It's a picnic basket filled with Cherry blossom petals. She throws the petals at her opponent to do damage. The charge attack is that she throws a lot of petals at her opponent.
Sig attack: Pastry Bomb ((Kudos to commondragon for the idea.)) Red digs through her picnicn basket and pulls out three giant pastries (pies, cakes, etc.) and throws them at her opponents. The pastries explode on contact. 3 attacks of 20 DMG
Name: Grave digger.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Break
Subtype: Fire
Description: a hooded figure with a crouched back. One hand holds a lantern while the other a shovel. Look closely into the hood and you'll see a horribly disfigured face with one eye larger than the other.
Personality: Strange, mad, insane. he's a grave digger. Meaning that all he cares about are death.
Custom Weapon: Shovel Blaster. The shovel has a hole at the end which is used to fire off normal buster shots. A charged shot will usually result in a panel break on wherever the shot hit.
Sig attack: Early Grave. Grave Digger will disappear, as if melting, and suddenly pull the target downwards, dragging him into the ground. While it may not deal any damage, it will leave the opponent wasting three turns getting out of the hole.
Here is one of my substitute navi ideas, I may be posting a lot here, just to get ideas out of my head.

Name: Captain Mardarossa
Gender: Male
Element: Water
Subtype: Sword
Appearance: Looking as though he stepped from the pages of a novel about adventures on the high seas, Mardarossa or simply 'Mard' has more of a 'real world' look to him than many Navis. Though the first thing one might notice is his stature, he is surprisingly swift given is 6'5" frame (relative digital scale). He looks rather aged overall but still powerful and a force to be reckoned with. Somewhat heavy eyebrows sit above a pair of expressive hazel eyes that can be both intimidating and comforting depending on his mood. Slight crow's feet at the edges of his eyes give a slightly weathered appearance as well as a somewhat shaggy but still well kept beard that reaches about half way down the length of his neck from his chin.

Dark brown locks of slightly curled hair hang down from under a worn brown leather three-corner hat topped with a large black plume. He wears a heavy, navy blue coat that nearly reaches to the back of his knees, with polished brass buttons up the front of it as well as on the huge cuffs. It's usually worn open, displaying a fine white silk shirt with a slightly frilled collar as well as a medallion baring his insignia hanging from his neck by a gold chain.

Mardarossa wears a pair of simple leather leggings held up by a black leather belt with a large gold buckle. The sheath of his cutlass hangs on his right, wrapped in black leather with a large, gold end cap that has some simple Celtic knot work etched into it. Finally his feet are covered with a pair of high cut buccaneer style leather boots, which complete his outfit.

Personality: Mardarossa is a fiery individual, who isn't afraid to speak his mind, though still has some degree of tact and knows when it would be better to not say anything at all. He is generally even tempered and has a good sense of humour, if a little crude at times. Though he's also known to have a bit of a short fuse every now and then, which sometimes causes him to get himself into trouble. Despite his somewhat rough exterior, Mardarossa still has a soft spot for a pretty lady, generally chivalrous and polite when dealing with them. However he does have his limits, anyone who treats him or his friends unkindly will be treated the same way, lady or not. Loyal to his allies and a menace to his enemies, Mardarossa is not one to be crossed unless you're willing to face the consequences.

Custom Weapon: Captain's Cutlass — A finely crafted sword with a slightly broader blade than normal wielded by Mardarossa. At the end of the leather wrapped handle is a gold, somewhat crown shaped pummel with a single ruby set into the tip of it. The gold handle guard is made up of a mesh of gold stands sculpted to look like ropes. The circular hilt of the sword has an elegant, decorative pattern etched into it that resembles a series of wave crests.
Normal attack: Mardarossa slashes with his sword
Charged attack: Mardarossa focuses energy into his sword, a visible blue arc following the path of his slash.

Signature Attack: Breaking Wave — A short ranged attack that summons a powerful wave of water, which slams into a single opponent. 40 damage, chance to stun.
I have planet-themed Navis. Sort of like Planetman's brothers.

Name: Mercury
Gender: Female
Type: Normal
Appearance: Pink. Lots and lots of pink. Her body is pretty normal, with a pink bodysuit with a darker pink stripe on each shoulder, joining together right in the middle of her chest, going down, between her legs, up her back, and splitting into two again on her shoulders. Her head has long, hot pink hair flowing down to about her butt, with bright purple eyes. Her face seems like one of a teenage hottie. Her legs are slim, with a pink miniskirt just low enough to keep anything from showing. She has a perfect figure, and she's pretty damn busty, too.

Personality: She talks, like, totally teenager-like. She's a shameless flirt, and prefers body over mind. She toys with the affections of male Navis, and loves it. Oh, and she hates, hates, HATES Tentacle chips, for "obvious" reasons.
Custom Weapon: Bitch-slaps. Her charge attack is a flurry of slaps.
Signature Attacks:

1. Feminine Wiles: She uses her body to make all virii attack with reduced accuracy.

2. Kisses for Everyone: She blows ten kisses, which materialize into ten lips that fly towards enemies (100, divisible between 10 enemies)

Name: Venus
Gender: Male
Type: Electric/Break
Appearance: He looks kind of like a large, human/bug. He doesn't have two eyes, as is normal, but ten, in totally random spots on his completely round head. He has two pincers on either side of his mouth, which click menacingly in battle. His body is quite round, and has a hard shell/carapace on the back, with wings underneath. However, he's so heavy, all they can do is make him look intimidating. His underbelly is quite soft and flabby. He has eight, spider-like legs, on either side of his body, which he can fuse together into two and retract into his body, and stick them out below him like ordinary legs. Also, the legs can shed their hard exoskeleton and become tentacle-like appendages. When he does this, he moves around by rolling, retracting his head to make him look like a giant bean. His color scheme is electric blue and light grey.

Personality: He's a creepy guy. He hisses as he speaks, and every time he says a word, his pincers click for each syllable. He enjoys listening to cries of pain, and even enjoys being hurt himself. He loves to capture Navis and torture them for the fun of it. He has a soft spot for Mercury, and because of that, requested the tentacle-legs.
Custom Weapon: Lightning Webbing
Signature Attacks:

10,000 Volt Hug: Venus sheds his legs, turning them into tentacles. He then proceeds to wrap them around one foe, and charge them with electricity, giving them the shock of their life. (60 damage, three turn CD)

Ball Lightning: Venus retracts his head and legs, becoming a ball. Engulfing himself in electricity, he then rolls randomly into a single foe (80, pierces defences, 5-turn CD)

Name: Earth
Gender: Female
Type: Wood/Recovery
Appearance: She looks just, well, dead. Her skin is deprived of all color, and is instead a light shade of grey. She has tangled grey hair that goes down to her shoulders. Her face looks sort of...empty. She never can and never will reveal emotion, and she speaks in a monotone. Her eyes look the same, hollow and grey. Earth wears plain grey robes as her attire, and her chest is quite flat. She walks barefoot, and slowly, as if gripped constantly by a giant hand. Her pain sensors are turned up to human level, making her scream in pain when hit.

Personality: Empty. Zilch-o. She can never keep a friend, and instead thinks of her comrades as Navis. She was once a deleted Navi, but was brought back by Sanda, but she was incomplete. She was drained of all color, personality, and emotion.

Custom Weapon: Remorse, a grey ball of empty-ness.

Signature Attacks:

Empty Barrier: Earth makes a 60 HP barrier out of her emotionless ness. She can put it over a partner or herself. (3-turn CD)

Petrified Wood: Earth creates a 100 hp reflective barrier of petrified wood. Sword type attacks do double damage on it, and won't get reflected, while fire types decimate it in one hit.
I like the first oone the best. =D
I wish there were a Tentacle P.A, just to use on Mercury. :D.

Kidding, of course.

Name: Peep
Age: 13
Gender: female
Appearance: Peep has short blonde hair that is curly at the ends and brown eyes. Her skin is well tanned since she works alot outdoors. She is usually wearing a hairband and a light green shirt with a long red skirt.
Personality: Peep has a very curious personality and she usually sticks her nose in places that she shouldn't. She's quite kind and generous to others but is somewhat gullible. Peep never seems to get upset very often but when she does, she looks absolutley in distress and she sobs all dramatically and innocently. Since she lives in the country, she finds city life to be fascinating and wondrous.
PET Modifications: white with a tiny bell on the side


Name: Shepherdess
Gender: Female
Element: normal
Type: normal
Appearance: Wears light red navi uniform with white wavy hair and a red helmet.
Personality:Shepherdess is a navi who was created for the soul purpose of watching over little viri an data programs. She and Shepherd man take this job quite seriously but she seems to be find ways to entertain herself. She, like Peep, actually is very kind and generous to all things around her and will become protective of her flock. She is always seen with a happy face on and is quite a calm and tame navi.
Custom Weapon: shepherd's cane
Signature Attack:
-Call the flock- Blowing on a tiny horn, a stampede of sheep will charged through teh area and trample all that stand in their way.
-sheep shield- blowing on a tiny horn, a huge sheep will arrive and shield her and two other teammates from an attack for one turn.

Name: Blue
Age: 13
Gender: male
Appearance: Blue has short blonde spiky hair with tanned skin from being outdoors so much. He wears green overals with a red t-shirt on along with working shoes.
Personality: Blue is Peep's twin brother so they seem to have identical personalities. Both being born in the country makes them quite curious about many city things. Blue is also quite gullible whenever someone tells him things. He is always keeping a smile on his face though and is calm and gentle to all things.
PET Modifications: white with a tiny bell on the side


Name: Shepherd Man
Element: normal
Type: normal
Appearance: Wears a light blue navi attire with a cow bell around its neck. The crest upon its chest is a white sheep. Also has a blue helmet and spiky white hair
Personality: Shepherd is exactly identical to Shepherdess in many a way. He is a calm kind and generous navi who is quite gullible and can get easily confused with city navis. He gets easily shy around stronger navis but always has a smile.
Custom Weapon: A Shepard Cane
Signature Attack: (Anything really to deal with sheep or a sheep dog)
-Call the flock- Blowing on a tiny horn, a stampede of sheep will charged through teh area and trample all that stand in their way.

Data system
SheepDog- a little dog that is used by both Shepherdess and Shepherd man to find missing things or to keep groups in order.