Allright peeps, i have many anime addictions in me right now, slowly corrupting me from the inside out... currently im stuck on one piece right now, but youtube, being the copyright bastards they are, have taken down a few episodes i must see! I'm at the climax! I must see how franky joins the team! Now, does anyone know a place i can watch the episodes? i'm on 248. I've tried going to the source, AKA Kaizoku fansubs, but i don't understand how to download them. Can anyone, A. show me a site that has all the episodes, or B. teach me to download them?
scratch that last bit, apparently kaizoku only goes up to 220... go figure
If you just want to know, highlight. My buddy get's all his OP from boxtorrents, I believe, although Kaizoku's quality is about ten times better.

Franky joins the crew because his family forces him to once he gets a bounty along with the rest of the crews updated bounties.