NEW Showing off Drawings & Sketches V.1

Okay, to start things off here's the comic I drew!

Yes! Excellent way to start things off! Too bad I can't draw... at least, not very well.
I'm trying to draw in a different artform. It's like chibi I think.
lol..that was funny.

Ah, yes! The famed Sonic artist has been revived!!

Also, here's a sketch of a character on another forum. It's not too good, but I'm not the best artist.

Also, I apologized for the lightness.
PRAISE RAPID! Im officially a RAPID FANGIRL! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I wish I could draw Sonic characters liek that!!!!

And Zero, your stuff is nice too. Keep at it.
*looks at Lunar with puppy dog eyes*

Chibi navis?

*joins P.A.'s groveling*
HEHEHE! DOnt worry, many chibis are coming. And hey, I have all my old chibi scans. I would b eglad to stick them here. Or if you want something new, tell me.
Both Plx.
Moar! Sonic! Chibi! Comic! Yay!
HERE WE GO! SOme old stuff.

This is for Fenix. His chibi was always difficult to do, but man was his character cool. And beside him is....OMG! I FORGOT! WAAAAAAH!


It has a high resemblance to fadielchaos' navi...
Oh well.
Oooooo....Chibis would be Ow-Shum. And btw, rad depiction of SoulMan. I'd always been trying to put an image of him in my head, and that one totally fits. Thanks for clearing up that bit of obsessiveness.
PhoenixStryfe, Navi of Duke_Crux. Left because of personal problems as read on his MySpace page.


Don't gimme those looks, I don't stalk people. And Lunar... Can you post all Chibis you've drawn up till now? I might stick them all together to create a new banner for RERN.
OH! Duke left.....oh......I feel really bad. Well now those two navis will always be remembered with that picture.

SURE! Gimme a sec. I'll put them up one by one.....

Capuchin!!!! The first chibis I did
That first pic of Cap roffles my waffles.

... would you do Volt? One with his visor, and one with a face?

Because the visored one would just be cool, and the one with the face would be my pic for Child.GMO!
Of couse! Id be glad to do a drawing for you.

Oh and heres the second Capuchin chibi's!!!