Perhaps, once we figure out what the heck we are all going to do character-wise, perhaps it would be cool to make Freewebs page for our characters...Kinda like a larger, more expansive version of the homepages. For an example of what freewebs can do, here is a webpage I made for an alternate Zan at a...GASP! Harry Potter Rp. Here!

Okay, a site with music. That already makes it trash in my eyes. But if we look further, he has NOTHING other than his profile there. He simply does not have anything that we can't have with our profiles execpt maybe a dark blue background.

and I must ask, why freewebs? There are thousands of free hosts out there, that limits you a lot less (you can max have 50 files in freewebs, even if the files are super-small).

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or an example of what freewebs can do

What are you talking about? How the page looks has nothing to do with freewebs. That depends on how he made the site. Freewebs simply offers the space to host it.

I really really don't see any use for this but to increase the eye candy for our profiles, and is that really needed?
This looks better.

It's my old site, but for the RP profiles it's not necessary really... You can fit it on the forum easily at the Accepted Profiles.
Yeah, I think the Freeweb/homepage thing is kinda unessecary.

But I have a freewebs, and here it is. It even has my own invisionfree forum tied to it.
Meh...I made it years ago and I like that song, so As for the idea, it was just a suggestion. I think it would be kinda cool to make something like that for our characters. Not by any means necessary, just a bit of fluff that some people might like to incorporate into their characters. As for why freewebs, it is the only one I've had experience with. You could use whatever site you wanted, it doesn't eally matter. Basically, the idea was that we could use these free websites to better flesh out our characters with more things that they like/dislike. Sure, it can be done here on the forums, but the forums are just that...Forums. Having a website would be more visual and allow for a more creative design.
yeah, but probably harder to access. The forum could be up while the freewebs server down. that would stop any mod trying to read up on stuff such as signature attacks. It it is generally better to keeping stuff collected at ONE place, rather than spreading it out.