A Yes/No survey on a federal scholarship that I'm applying on, which is in Malay. I have translated all 245 questions for your amusement. Some of these are understandable, but some are downright stupid. There are 245 questions in Section A, but I'm too decked out to translate Section B.

It's a psychological test, by the way.

1: Sometimes I think of things I shouldn't say.
2: I'm active in group work or society work.
3: I can still be calm even if someone else is sad or emotionally disturbed.
4: I have a life that is full of interesting things to do.
5: Sometimes I get too emotional that I can't think or act rationally.
6: I am quick to respond with inconsiderate or disturbing things.
7: I feel lonely and unneeded a lot of times.
8: I'm not on the right track of life.
9: I can say that I love someone without being shy.
10: I think cultural shows are a waste of time, energy and money.
11: I have a strong influence over my family or colleagues' way of thinking.
12: I'm very accepting of apology.
13: I like school.
14: Sometimes I want to vent by bashing someone verbally.
15: I like relaxing vacations rather than vacations that involve active things.
16: I have trouble focusing on reading or revising my studies.
17: I have a satisfactory life.
18: I'm prone to analyzing my feelings and nature.
19: I'm free of racial prejudice.
20: I think life is meaningless and disappointing.
21: My family doesn't like my current or future job.
22: I'm looked at as someone friendly and easy to befriend.
23: I think a student's job is not to present Malaysia to the other countries.
24: In group activity, I am prone to be a follower than a leader.
25: I sympathize with and understand other people's misery.
26: I find it hard to speak with someone new.
27: Sometimes I lie.
28: I like being alone at work or home rather than outside activities.
29: I'm very prone to disturbance with loud noises or hectic situations.
30: I'm treated unfairly in life.
31: Sometimes I am regarded as someone who is not logical.
32: I understand if someone is late for an appointment.
33: I'm positive about the future.
34: I hope I can be happy just like everyone else.
35: I'm comfortable showing family love openly.
36: For me, the influx of illegal immigrants is not to be worried about, as they are only looking for work.
37: I take the initiative to plan activities or vacations with my family.
38: I sympathize with those who are weak and incapable.
39: I object to giving alms.
40: I don't read the articles in the newspaper every day.
41: I feel happy when I'm involved in social activities.
42: I usually look calm.
43: Sometimes I really want to run away from home.
44: I can summarize something only when I look at all perspectives.
45: Some people say I'm very controlling or inconsiderate.
46: I have a phobia of an object, place, or situation.
47: I'm very easily saddened in a quarrel or a debate.
48: I'm not very good at expressing my feelings verbally.
49: I'm proud if newspapers in other countries report positively of Malaysia.
50: I will strive to keep the peace whatever the costs.
51: I am considerate of social issues such as poverty and unemployment even though they have nothing to do with me.
52: I hope I'm not a shy person.
53: Sometimes I procrastinate work that I should be doing today to tomorrow.
54: I avoid doing things that are a burden and require a lot of energy.
55: I become uncomfortable when driving in traffic jams.
56: Nobody understands me.
57: Sometimes I have an uncomfortable feeling, like I'm being watched or people are talking about me.
58: I'm prone to help rather than criticize when initiating a response.
59: Sometimes I feel hopeless when there is no advancement or achievement in my life.
60: Today I don't feel very hopeless about something.
61: I'm a quiet guy.
62: I think that failure is everywhere and if a student fails his education, compensation is not a concern.
63: I like to compete in all things.
64: I am considerate of a sick family member's feelings and needs.
65: My family shows me less love than other people.
66: I'm very hot-tempered when I'm sick.
67: I do things immediately so as not to waste time.
68: I'm easily pleased compared to other people.
69: I find it hard to focus on one task.
70: I'm prone to being suspicious of other people's motives and actions.
71: I'm hot-tempered.
72: My life is meaningful.
73: I don't care if I'm made the center of a joke.
74: I feel difficult and embarrassed to talk about sex-related things.
75: I feel disappointed if the national team loses a match.
76: I like controlling and supervising other people.
77: I quickly realize when someone needs encouragement or motivational words.
78: My parents continuously disapprove of me befriending certain people.
79: Sometimes I get angry.
80: I like being alone than with other people.
81: I quickly calm down when something mentally disturbing happens.
82: I've experienced strange and weird things.
83: I'm easily embarrassed.
84: I'm prone to quarreling.
85: Sometimes I'm bothered by feelings of being unappreciated or not given any attention.
86: I do a lot of things that I regret later.
87: I can express gratitude or happiness when I see something beautiful.
88: After my overseas studies, I would like to work overseas to gain experience and money before I come back to serve my own country.
89: I'm so overconfident of myself that it irritates my friends.
90: I'm very considerate of other people's well-being.
91: I like talking about sex.
92: My table manners at home are not as good as if I'm with other people.
93: I often exercise to keep fit.
94: Active and noisy kids make me angry.
95: I've never had problems because of my sexual activity.
96: Sometimes I easily feel jealous.
97: I'm brave enough to tell people of their mistakes.
98: The past haunts my mind.
99: I rarely quarrel with my family members.
100: It's hard for me to be friendly.
101: I don't care about what other people say about Malaysia because my task is to learn.
102: I'm prone to accepting things unconditionally rather than object even though I think it's unfair.
103: I'm so kind-hearted that it's hard to be assertive.
104: I'm a pretty self-sufficient person, free from family rules.
105: If I could watch movies without paying and not be seen by other people, I might do it.
106: I like entertaining visitors at home.
107: I often keep my feelings until to the point of "waiting to explode".
108: When I was little, sometimes I stole things.
109: I find it hard to accept criticism or verbal bashing.
110: I respect other people very much.
111: I often feel hopeless that it's easy for me to cry.
112: The most difficult journey is concerning myself.
113: I can display friendliness easily to children.
114: I don't care about brands or make while shopping, so long as it's cheap.
115: I need motivation and encouragement to work efficiently.
116: A lot of people thing I'm not very considerate about certain things.
117: My family members sympathize with me.
118: In a fight, I like to win rather than lose.
119: I'm very fit and energetic.
120: I often use medicines to calm myself.
121: If other people don't oppress me, maybe my life would be more successful today.
122: I'm prone to revenge.
123: I'm impatient with sick people.
124: I often feel stressed because of personal problems.
125: I feel like I've done a lot of mistakes most of the time.
126: I'm prone to keeping my feelings to myself.
127: I agree to work in other countries if I get a big offer from a multinational company in outside my country.
128: I am ready to defend my rights.
129: I am ready to be a good listener when someone wants to talk about themselves.
130: I feel disappointed about love.
131: I like to know influential people because it makes me feel important.
132: I could be described as "a person who always strives" or "someone with much spirit and ambition".
133: Usually I don't feel worried.
134: I think and speak logically.
135: I'm prone to being cynical when I'm angry with someone.
136: When I'm really stressed, I did think of suicide.
137: I feel happy most of the time.
138: I talk with much spirit, intonation, and body language.
139: I am responsible for righting a negative perspective that depreciates the nation.
140: I like to express my opinion on an issue.
141: Other people often see me to complain about their problems or hardships.
142: The way I do things are often misunderstood by other people.
143: I don't like everyone I meet.
144: I have a lot of interests.
145: I am too worried about my health.
146: I am a just person.
147: I don't respect people who look like they can't make a living for themselves.
148: I often feel insecure.
149: Someone wants revenge on me.
150: I have a lot of friends and acquaintances.
151: For me, the job of protecting the nation's honor is not a student's job, as they only have to focus on academics only.
152: I am confident with myself when I do a task.
153: I believe that everyone has a right to a second chance.
154: Sometimes, inexplicably or something doesn't go as planned, I feel really happy.
155: Sometimes I gossip.
156: I like having a lot of work to be done.
157: I have quirks like nail-biting, leg-swinging etc. when I am nervous.
158: I often misunderstand what other people do and say.
159: I am considered a calm person, who is not picky.
160: I am easily demotivated when I am criticized.
161: I've been sent to the principal for bad behavior.
162: I am prone to being shy and isolation.
163: I believe a little service, even small, is to repay the nation's kindness.
164: I'm prone to relying on other people when I need to make a decision.
165: I'm very sympathetic.
166: When in a group, I have problems discussing the actual issue.
167: When voting, sometimes I pick an unfamiliar candidate.
168: I'm considered a very serious worker who doesn't tire.
169: I get stomachaches or lose my appetite when I'm worried or emotionally stressed.
170: I analyze the personality and the issues of a candidate when I vote.
171: I am prone to controlling the people around me.
172: I often suffer from depression, because I am demotivated for absolutely no reason.
173: I know the people who are responsible for every problem I'm facing.
174: It's really hard for me to sympathize with someone who is feeling sad.
175: Patriotism is for sentimentalists.
176: I easily fulfill other people's requests.
177: I'm interested in helping problematic young people.
178: I'm sure people are talking about me.
179: Sometimes I laugh at lewd jokes.
180: I only mix with one or two friends.
181: I always feel like I need to be busy that it's hard to relax.
182: I'm regarded as too sensitive.
183: I quickly forgive other people and don't care about their rudeness.
184: Sometimes I get tired because of emotional problems.
185: Sometimes my line of thought goes so fast that I can't express it.
186: I feel uncomfortable expressing my happiness when I receive a gift.
187: I feel motivated when I see the country's flag anywhere.
188: I always try to influence someone to change their mind.
189: I easily know other people's feelings and "moods".
190: I have little fear compared to my friends.
191: I prefer reading or watching TV after work than going out or involving myself in social activities.
192: I try to relieve emotional pressure by smoking, eating or overdosing on medicines.
193: I'm prone to daydreaming about things that are impossible.
194: I'm too critical towards some of my family.
195: I often smile or laugh.
196: I believe my life is peaceful, just like most other people's.
197: I like talking and communicating.
198: After my studies, working with my sponsor is my main choice.
199: I am someone who values undivided loyalty.
200: I think that our nation is too concerned about the needs and hardships of other countries' people.
201: I feel angry at the law when a criminal is released because of a lawyer's exceptional debate.
202: I prefer listening and observing than taking part in a discussion.
203: I'm prone to nodding off even when sitting or lying down.
204: I find it hard to forget an embarrassing situation or event.
205: I often comment so nonchalantly and cynically that I hurt other people's feelings.
206: I often feel unmotivated because of my humility.
207: My actions are often influenced by actions of people around me.
208: I feel that I'm given too much attention.
209: I will pay back the money borrowed from my sponsor only when my sponsor contacts me.
210: Other people take advantage of me too easily.
211: I will do anything to prevent an animal from ill treatment.
212: I have consumed excessive alcoholic drinks.
213: I feel happy and excited when I partake in social activities.
214: I'm described as an overly sensitive person.
215: I try to meter out just and fair decisions without being influenced by emotions.
216: I act like I'm better than everyone else.
217: I think it's difficult to do anything even though I have the time.
218: I don't experience decreases or increases in my body weight.
219: I can share my happiness and my sorrow with my best friend.
220: Excellent academic achievements are integral to uplifting the nation's honour.
221: I like talking in front of large crowds and like facing a challenge in a debate.
222: I am not very interested in other people's emotional problems.
223: I've never been involved in a criminal offense.
224: I'm interested in the general public and like to find new friends.
225: I often get anxious for no reason whatsoever.
226: I am always on the lookout for what other people are thinking of.
227: I'm slow on complaining even though I'm being burdened or used as a tool.
228: I often get depressed because of my childhood memories or past experiences.
229: What other people think about me doesn't bother me.
230: I find it hard to meet my family's aspirations.
231: I think that studying national history is not as important as studying science.
232: My talk and actions exude assertiveness.
233: I am a considerate and kind person when I deal with older people.
234: I have felt ecstatic for absolutely no reason before.
235: People say I'm an active person.
236: I always get stressed and worried when there's a lot of work to be done in a short time.
237: If needed, I will be just and fair in helping other people to solve their differences or quarrels.
238: I think most people are racing to get whatever they want.
239: I have experienced unexplained depression that lasted for days.
240: I feel uncomfortable doing something spontaneously in an event even though everyone else is doing the same thing.
241: I feel stuck or blocked in love relationships.
242: I will return immediately after my studies are over even though job opportunity is limited compared to my place of study.
243: I find it hard to say "No" to a very skilled salesman.
244: I feel it unnecessary to apologize if I hurt other people's feelings.
245: My parents and family try to find my mistakes more than they should.