Hi. I'm hearing a lot lately that a lot of us have started up characters in SFRP. I just wanted to know how you would rate their site and their game system. Maybe even explain any interesting points.
Well, they're a still-building RP community, so I'd encourage you to give their stuff a shot and maybe get to know their members. I think you'll find that making a character is pretty easy thanks to the fairly frequent assistance of their moderating team and the pretty stretchy limits of the Star Force Universe. Also, their systems are very different from ours, so if you want a change of pace it's worth a look.

I will also say that you take their current systems with a grain of salt. I know that a lot of people have looked there and turned away, feeling unsatisfied with what they read in the rules. Omega and other members of their moderating team have told me and others who had concerns with this that because they are coming from a very recent retool of their board's rules, a lot of the things they have planned are not yet in place. This certainly includes the plot, but also obviously includes a number of systems that seem only skeletal or hinted-at in the board's structure.

For this reason, I know some who've done one of two things: a ) Taken one look at what's in place and given up on it (usually those not informed of the previous information); or b ) Decided to wait it out... to see what SFRP ends up doing and join it in the future, after they can tell what's going to come of it.

I'd advise you to be wary of the second decision. One thing I've noticed is that a system will definitely grow if people who are interested in it give their input and often through the efforts of a few or more individuals dedicated to making it work. The other thing it needs, though, is a community waiting to see it happen. When you're working on one of these kinds of things and people are clearly not coming on board, it can be pretty discouraging. So, you might pop by and at least consider giving it some glances over in your spare time.

That said, I'll also add that in my personal evaluation, I'm definitely hoping to see a lot more out of SFRP in the future. The board can't be blamed for starting off small, but currently members transferring from here especially will probably be off-put by the lack of an obvious direction (for instance, there are no moderator-distributed virus battles that obviously serve as a grind to increase level). I understand that they plan to drive the board more through moderator and player participation plots and random encounters, but specifically with the player themselves generating the lion's share of their experience. In my personal experience, though, their current lack of any overarching plot or incentives makes it a bit hard to figure out what to do there... that's why I say that I'm expecting bigger things in the future.

I realized just now I kind of missed your actual question.

Personally, I'd say their site and systems would currently be a bit below the mark for my tastes, but as I've said I'm hoping there's a lot of potential. The most interesting point might be the entirely different RP system than we have here: the flow can be practically as fast-paced as you want, with player battles possible without even any moderator interaction. The player attacked decides what hits and what doesn't, so battles are more elastic. I would say it allows you to be very free-form, but in comparison to here lacks a lot of the structure that makes RPing come naturally if you have difficulty making small-talk posts or keeping yourself entertained. In addition, speaking frankly, people terribly concerned with power balance are probably not going to find themselves comfortable with the elasticity I mentioned.

I have no idea why I wrote so much for this. I guess it's just cause I'm naturally in support of people trying to make creative communities, especially RPs, since I've done it myself... XD
I appreciate your comments on the issue. I have been rping on many 'free form' sites in the past. Unfortunately I don't have much time to do more than one or two sites at a time. I barely do anything but this site anymore. So I would be remiss to join them, but not have time to help develop the site's community. Hopefully they and you guys have a good time at SFRP.