Weekend Brawl Hall

You open the door and a sea of faces look back at you. For about five seconds anyway. After that, everybody is back to doing what they were already doing: talking to friends, drinking a beer, dancing with a loved one, or chasing a member of the opposite sex around in a mildy-idiotic fashion. A few familiar faces pop out at you, but the rest are complete strangers. As you walk in, a smile crosses your face as you realise this is going to be a weekend you won't forget easily.


Welcome to a ANOTHER lame attempt to get some activity going in a place that should have more spam than it does. Introducing... the Weekend Brawl!

Friday to Monday, this is going to be the place for mucking around in a party-esque style.

(muffled) Can I use that word? It's not too Englishy? What do you mean, that's not a wor*smack*
So anyway, I'm heading to the cinema tomorrow to see Ice Age 3. I swear, I'm still a child sometimes.

Wait, look where I'm writing. <_<
Wedding in T minus 19 hours. Got sick today, but will definitely be better tomorrow. <runs to the bathroom>
Are you in the bridal party, or just part of the relatives line?
Bridal Party. First one to go in, last to come out. I feel really nervous.
Do you have a picture of the suit you'll be wearing?

If so, SHOW US. ಠ_ಠ
No. :3
*gets on a plane* We'll see.
It better be a hot pink suit. That'd be pro.

In other news I have to go to gamestop and get my aion ce beta access key. As soon as my brother leaves with my cousin to go to my great aunts for the holiday.

Anndd.. I suppose we'll see if my hypothesis is right.
Another Friday is upon us (or at least in my timezone it's Friday)...

What plans do we all have? I have to work, engage in construction work and find time to reinstall a computer. You?
Another wedding asdfjhfgajhgfalsldhf

Yay my roommate from college who is also my best friend from elementary school is coming over. I AM EXCITED LIKE YOU HAVE NO IDEA.
Actually, no I wouldn't. Seeing people you like from the past is awesome, you have so much to do and talk about.