Getting my wisdoms out

Hi everyone. I get my wisdom teeth out today.

No idea what kind of mental/physical state I'l be in afterward.

Might take me a couple days to... actually, I don't know. Just sayin'.
I need mine out, but I can't afford it.
Hey that's my story too! Funny how that work huh? I am mine coming in actually and have an exposed root on a tooth because they are pushing them out of place in the back of my mouth.

Have fun with that and make sure to tell us the stories of what you did while on the gas xD
One of mine is coming in horizontally. It sucks 'cause it'll have to be surgically removed.
I have at least two coming in horizontally and none of them have come through the gums yet. I got to see my own X-rays because my dad took them. Totally crazy looking and it made me wonder why they aren't already hurting.

I have the legal right to tell them not to put me under general anasthesia, so that's what I did because I figured it would make the procedure simpmler. So I'm getting pumped with what I assume is stuff similar to what they give you when they pull a tooth or give you a filling. Also nitrous, which is good because I'd hate to lie in the chair fully conscious, bored, and having to listen all the nasty cracking and sucking sounds.
I had mine out a few years ago, via surgery.

It was cool, because I went under, then, when I came to, I was perfectly fine. I stood up and walked to the recovery room.The guy before me was about twice my size, and they gave him the same dose, and it took three dudes to carry him to the room. I walked out to the car after a while with the doctors not understanding how I was able to.

Then I got home, popped a single vicodin, took a nap, and was fine the next day. No pain, nothing. I was eating solid foods the day after that. It was insane how quickly I recovered. I felt real manly.

It's too bad, though. General anesthesia was awesome. One second, I was thinking about how my ass itched, and the next, I was coming to about two hours later. It was cool to think about. Maybe the doctor was having sex with a nurse like you see on TV, and I had no idea. AWESOME.
At least I get to see what laughing gas is like.
So I'm back from getting my mouth shredded.

The nitrous was a bit of a letdown. It helped me to lie back and have many unpleasant things done to my mouth without getting bored or nervous. What it didn't do was make me feel intoxicated in any way whatsoever. It felt like sleep deprivation.

Mouth full of gauze now. Two Vicodins in my system, dunno if they're affecting me yet, doesn't feel like it though.
take more and then make posts all over.
Feel nauseous now.

Lying on my back for a while helps it.


Not feeling altered, just really unpleasant, the nausea, makes it hard to think
I got anesthesia for getting three fillings today.
Only the right half of my lower jaw was numb. Very odd.
filling =/= teeth pulled

and the anaesthesia for the two procedures is equally unequal
Shoulda gone for good ole knockout kneedle.