Smash Service Ending

Today I got a message from Nintendo on my Wii stating that the submission system for Brawl will be closing at the end of this month. This could mean that the entire Smash Service could close sometime afterwards, either on that day or once the submissions have dried up. This is very distressing for me, as I thrive on the custom stages received in this fashion, and the pictures are usually good for a laugh. Your opinions?
Wow, it didn't last much more than a year.

Brawls entire Wifi section is largely flawed. Compare it to something like Mario Kart Wii and you'll see just how short it fell.
Well, it was only like, the second game to have WiFi, to my knowledge.
Uh, no, there were a lot of games that used WiFi before then, not to mention all the WiFi on the DS.
Well, it's official. Smash Service has ended. Spectator mode is gone, which I also enjoyed. There's only one thing left to say.


nintendo shouldn't make these things if they don't intend to stick with them a little longer than this. it's unrealistic to assume servers for such a thing would stay up indefinitely, so it's definitely a dated concept, but people can certainly do better than one year.