Touhou Scene Creator

Because you've always wanted to create your own Touhou scenes and characters.

On another note, if you press random, you can get characters that look ironically as though they were actual characters some times. XD
This was fun, and I was bored...

*Lux's interpretation/renditions of various RERN-types in Touhou form*

There would be more if I had more time / was more bored.


Do we have to guess who's who or are none of them anyone specific?
They're all specific people. You can try and guess them if you want, though I'm not sure how many you'd be able to get, as a couple of them have no relation.

Well, actually, I'll give you the "No chance" ones.

Blue hair and sailor dress is Bomber.
Pink bow and Red/blue multicolored clothing is Leon.
Yellow hair, light blue dress with yellow bow tie is PA.

And all the others have atleast a minor hint to who they are.
Oh wait, and me... I'm the one in white shirt and tie and white hair things.

Other people, feel free to guess, I suppose.

[[HINT: Pocket, you're not in there, sorry.]]
[[HINT: I hate you.]]