Ben 10

Has anyone ever watched the show Ben 10?
I've seen it.

It's up there with Yu-Gi-Oh as one of those shows that does some decent stuff now and then, but is mostly fun to sit back and laugh with Aim every other minute about how it's made. :'D

As far as the powers go, I think Upgrade's probably my favorite. The huge one from Secret of the Omnitrix was good too.
I took a few looks and then shunted it away to that dark place in my mind where I keep Fenrir, Bukteban, that druggie girl, and everything else I'd rather forget.

Something about it just seemed so lame to me. That said, of those episodes I did watch most were enjoyable. I suppose I just hate myself for liking it because of the premise.

Since I'm going off on two completely opposite tangents here, I suppose I should compose my thoughts: While it was nothing epic, it was certainly enjoyable, and in that it did its job. Didn't get too far into the plot, though, because it seemed particularly hackneyed.
Same. I appreciate things more when they have real story arcs...

And why would you rather forget Buktenban and Fenrir, GP?
Ben 10 just isn't really what I call a good show. Its like the teen titans, a show attempting to be anime...or somethin. Also, it really makes no sense and the characters are weak. Also, Ben has been on a trip with his grandpa and cousin for longer than summer...what about school!?!?!

Also, that chick in there just doesn't cut it. "Im an over achiever! I wanna go to Harvard! I hate my cousin...BLAHBLAHBLAH!" Thats all I hear.

Same with Ben, "Hi, I'm 10 and I like to mess with alien technology for my own gain. Aliens let me use it anyway even though Im a little brat. BLAHBLAHBLAH!!!!"

And the grandpa, "I'm traveling with my two grandkids across the US...without their parents....not creepy or sounding like a pedo."

I don't care for that show...I'm sorry
Meh, I think it's ok.

Live-action movie ruined it though. D:<

No, srsly, and then EVERYBODY got superpowers... it kind of got overrated.



Well, it's fine, I might've been on too much LSD while watching it though. @_@
Ben 10 is one of my favorite shows (which is why I made the topic), but a lot of the characters aren't that good, as many of you have pointed out. I wish the show would have an older demographic, so it wouldn't be just a kids show.

I don't understand the argument against Ben, Gwen, and their grandfather, though. Ben and Gwen act like little kids - which they are. And I don't see anything creepy about Grandpa Max taking them on a trip across the US, since they are family and he is the only one of the family that can take them on a tour of the US in their family.

However, the villains, a lot of the time, are lame. Dr. Animo?!? WTPF? And he tried to use his mutant animals to steal a trophy that he thought he should have won. The live action movie also kind of ruined it, but the cartoon movie, Secret Of the Omnitrix, was actually pretty good.

All in all, its a decent show, though not as well as it could have been (10).
I'm a big fan of Ben-10, and I mean Waybig sized big. My favorite by far is Diamond Head, so you can imagine how disapointed I was in his live action apearance where his crystal blasts broke apart instead of impaling somhing as usual. And what heppened to Gwens magic? She just stood around, and when she did fight, it was with a wrench. A wrench! She can fire energy beams from her hands, fly, create tornadoes, and she uses a wrench! Grandpa's tech was low-tech compared to the gadgets he usualy has, Wildmutt just swung all over the place, and Grey Matter sounded like a psycho. The only good looking alien was Heatblast, who acted a lot like he does in the cartoon.

Ben is still a goofball kid, yes, but he has grown since the series began. Heck, he once gave away a $10,000 check he won fare and square to a couple of people down on their luck so they wouldn't lose their farm.

Also, Lunar, there is a storyline to the whole thing, and it will actually be ending soon, along with summer.

That's right, Ben 10 is going to end, after a final battle with Vilgax, and another battle which is against a group called the Negative Ten, composed of the following villains; The Circus Freaks, Sublimino, Dr. Animo, Ashley, Charmcaster, that bug hobo guy, a cyber ninja, and the Forever King.
meh, i lost track after ghostfreak escaped the ominitrix, and haven't really followed since. I haven't seen either movie yet (due to the fact I don't have CN) and am waiting for teletoon to pick it up.

it's halfway decent from what I've seen, but one things for sure....

...I'm not trusting plumbers anymore...

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