The Devious Navis

Name: Velcir
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Appearance: Velcir can be found with a black coat wrapped snuggly around his chest. If his Coat were to be removed, you would find a white shirt underneath. He has brown hair, and blue eyes. His lower body is covered by blue jeans, and brown shoes. At his side can be found his PET, where his Navi, Chaos, lives.
Personality: A nice kid at first site, you would never believe his goal was to cause havoc in the world. He will smile and have a great time around friends, but outside of school and society, he plans to attack the world from the confinement of his home. Few people would ever believe he was capable of being evil.
PET Modifications: His PET is a grey shade with purple flame designs over it.

Name: Blade
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Subtype: Sword
Appearance: Blade is a small bodied navi with great power. Resting tightly agains hist skull is a pure black helmet with his black hair sticking straight out the top. Over his eyes is a dark purple visor that continues until it trails off his face, forming six spikes, four diagonally, and two coming out of the sides, that blocks any person who dares to try to look into his eyes, for they cannot be found underneath. His neck is protected by a metallic brace that abruptly ends right at where his wind pipe would be. From his neck down, he has brown under armor, with a harder, black shell covering certain points of his body, such as from the elbows down to his hand, his chest, which bears his insignia, a purple sword with a dark circle around it, at his gut and waist area, and the last part of his black armor is covering his legs from the knee's down. On his right hand, three spikes protrude from the wrist, going back towards his arm. The same pattern can be found on his left hand, and on his legs. Both of his hands are blazing a purple flame. His back has a silver metallic box, of the same substance around his neck, with small spikes sticking out of the corners of the box. On his shoulders, silver metallic spikes protrude from the shoulders, seemingly the same substance as the other metallic objects on his body. The Same metallic Substance makes spikes over his knees.
Personality: He talks with profuse vocabulary, along with offensive words to people of whom he doesn't agree with. Just in case you aren't sure, if he isn't using you to get something done, he doesn't agree with you. He is a completely evil Net-Navi with an arrogant attitude. He never allows anyone to leave a fight without remembering his name, and will do his best to finish any fight he ever started. He will never give up until he comes out on top.
Custom Weapon: The three spikes that protrude up his arm are spun around, and increase in size, becoming the size of swords. Using this, he rapidly attacks the enemy.
Signature Attack(s):
Fist Barrage: 5 damage per hit, 6 hits = 30 Damage/30 Sig points: First thrusting his right flaming fist forward, two flaming projectiles in the shapes of fists fly towards the enemy. He repeats the process with the other hand. He then grips his hands together, and fires two giant fists from the two hands at the foe.

Dual Swords: 30 Damage/30 Sig Points: The spikes on his shoulders shoot up, and then break apart, revealing a sword hilt. Grabbing the hilt, he pulls twin blades out of his shoulders. Able to focus the purple flames energy into them, he can pull off many different forms of shock waves, as well as intricate slicing patterns.

Navi Items:
HP: 150
Zenny: 0
SubItems: Mini Energy[2]
BattleChips: Cannon, a Shotgun, Rageclaw, and HeatShot
Abilities: Undershirt, Hp+50
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