Random Roleplay!!!

Random Roleplay! That's all! We use our RP characters (except that they are OOC applied to this story) and then do something unlike them. Punch, kick, slap, maybe even load a cannon full of strawberries and let loose! I just want to act a nut with my characters! So let's be random and cause chaos! XD

Man the guns my darling Empress!

*Empress loads a cannon full of pies for the first poster that posts and walks through the door*
Void walks in the door, and seeing the pies flying at his face, grabs imp and uses him as a body shield. Then throwing imp aside, Void summons the cutest kitten that has the most adorable eyes...

and throws it like a grenade, exploding into candy as it lands.
The candy makes On-The-Run slip.

Zephyr appears, and gives a nasty look to the other topic next to this one. Spitting on it, he walks closer to the other Navis to see what's going down.
Geyser activates theSuper Signature attack I'm planing in the future, and attacks with the ATlantis Cannon, destroying France. And there was much rejoicing. *yeay*
Kobo begins to act serious and type a report on the asdad- (aww hell I cant pernounce this shit, its random stupid people garbage. ITs how to raise turnips on a bunch of hard soil-places, it seems). Being that this is Kobo's normal world, he has become serious, and thats horrible, very horrible.
Geyser finaly designs to reveal the secter identety of it's gender, and it is.......................................*the intgernet is broken. We're sorry, please try again*