Worse than a YouTube Poop.

I made my own game AND zipped it AND upload it for your gaming pleasure/horror. SRSLY... It's horrible. Feel free to try it yourself. XD


Hope you won't die of the failure that is my game. Expect some more failures eventually.
I can't try it at the moment, but, I'm wondering, C++?
It's made in the program Gamemaker. Pretty basic. Uses coding similar to C++ but not the same and not as complex. As I told before, don't expect too much of it. >_>;

It's better than Kirby's Airride.

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It's better than Kirby's Airride.

I don't know whether that's a compliment or insult. I kind of liked Kirby's Airride. :'D
I loved Kirby Air Ride. And I thought I used to use Gamemaker and there was no programming. My family's paranoid about me downloading junk, so do I have to actually install anything to play it?
Nope. It has an EXE file and the other files (which is only one) it needs.
Tested it now. Some questions.

Did you create the ball physics yourself? Or are they included in Game Maker?

Do you use a simple Xposition and Yposition test for the ball for when it is outside and dies?

How does the graphics work in Game Maker? Do you have to make your own frame loop, or do you simply just tell it that "that and that object has that and that picture"?
Hey, wait a sec. Youtube Poops are awsome!

pls b mai mentor fr gamemaker pls i wll mke sprites kk?
Whaddo I do when I click the link? Do I need to sign up?

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Whaddo I do when I click the link? Do I need to sign up?

No, Megauploads free.
OKay, where it asks you to enter a three letter code, the first time I did it it said PWD, which I thought meant "enter password".