Guess what?

OK. First, you MUST READ THIS to understand the question.

Imagine this. The Big Bang was a white rabbit being pulled out of a top hat. When you're born, you're put on the tip of the rabbit's fur. You don't know what's normal or not: in fact, you consider your parents as part of yourself, and that they know exactly what you want. Eventually, around your first year, you realize that you're separate! At 2, you start to mentally classify things. That thing I'm walking on? Floor! That thing I'm sitting in? Chair! That fuzzy thing with green eyes? Cat! Soon, when you gain language, you ask questions. 'Mommy, why is the sky blue?'
'Something to do with light waves...', Mommy thinks, trying to remember high school.
'How did it become blue?'
At this point, Mommy exhausts her knowledge of science, and gets frustrated.
'Go ask your father,' 'Go watch TV,' 'Go away!'
From that point on, until about 6 or 7, children don't recognize what is or isn't plausible or the norm. They'll see someone flying, and not think twice, while someone about my age, 13, would go, 'HOLY CRAP SOMEONE FLYING!' From 8 to about 15, children start to understand what's normal, what's expected, and what to do in life; or snuggle into the warmth of the rabbit's fur, forgetting that there was ever anything outside it.
However, philosophers stay on the tip, asking questions that no one is bothered with, or doesn't want to know / care about. Philosphers start to realize, in a sense, that there are OTHER hats! Cowboy hats, bowler hats, and even things that AREN'T hats! Other rabbits, and even other things not rabbits! If you look through history, those that stay on the outside of the philosophical rabbit aren't treated well. Just as Socrates tried to show this to Athenians, he was forced to drink poison for 'Corrupting the minds of youth'. For being different! However, some in the fur may climb out to the tip for a bit; feeling uncomfortable, cold, unprotected. That, in a sense, they're ignorant! (Philosophers realize that they know nothing outside of their world.)
This feeling is quite uncomfortable for most, so, they sink back into the fur, not wanting to feel it again. Ever, perhaps.

What I'm asking you, as readers, or pupils, if you will, is where are YOU on the rabbit. Inside the fur? On the tip? Or somewhere else entirely...

P.S. I feel somewhere in the center of it all. Since I'm not at the point yet (around 15), and many members here aren't either, you can predict what you'd like to be, or what you will be in spite of what you'd like. I'd like to be on top, but hell, I hate feeling uncomfortable...

EDIT: The rabbit is your personal reality. What you see, what you percieve. I've been saying 'universe' rather loosely. Just to clear things up.
Could you explain which choices represent which "positions"? You kinda confused me. As for philosophy, I LIVE to make acool, inspirational quotes.
I'm on a cat, bishies.

Yeah. Cats are cooler, and I like them more than bunnies.

Also being born again I'm not part of this world, I'm only stuck in it for the time being.

... and I've been here for a couple years. That's enough to drive anyone loco.
Inside the fur is the point where you don't question normal things and why they happen; also the point where you'd be like OMG A FLYING GUY and not 'cool, he's flying'. Don't use this as your analogy, though; it's pretty linear.

On the tip of the hairs is where everything astounds you, and makes you wonder how it came to be.

In between? You explain to ME.

And if you're on a cat...not even on Earth. Somewhere else entirely. I mean, not in our UNIVERSE. Not in the normal fur; not outside it; but not even touching it.
bah, You see....

I have fallen OFF the rabbit. They threw me off because of how I acted. Instead of just killing me there, they didnt want my corpse stinking up their areas, so they dumped me off....


(Im an "other")
Uhm. You're on the rabbit. If you're not, that means you're not in the universe. XD
It doesn't mean just society, it means the actual world. >>
oh, then im on the tip of the tail, hanging for dear life *other*
So you're going to fall off into the void and oblivion and become nothing?
Im off, I am

I choose to be insane
Option 6, choice 3.

Thank you very much.
Then why did you read. XD
I didn't. And after looking at the long explanation, saying to myself "After all these dang polls, this has officially gone into the realm of tl;wr (Too long; Won't read), but I'll answer anyways.
Right, you've officially gone off the deep end. There's philosophy, and then there's disguising a simple question with pointlessly dizzying wordplay. XD

I'm done here, gents.

That's just explaining it. >>
I'm on a kinkaju, which is like a cat. Phylosophicaly, I've not only juped up to the tip of the bunny's nose, I've also lept to a kinkaju and considered it's posibilities, whick could be infinantly different from our universe in even the most primal way. Every possible thing is true, even if it can't be true at the same time as somthing else, both are true in seprerate worlds and true at the same time in the same world as well even if both cannot even occur sepreratly in our own universe and are classified as imposible by our standards, or we cannot even remotly imagine them because of our standards. In short, nothing is imposible, including imposibility.
I mean

Getting nice and warm... - Does it mean your in the fur?
HOLY CRAP! LOOK AT ALL THE STUFF ON TOP! - Does it mean your on the tip?
I'm in the bunny's brain, telling it to bite the magicians hand, steal a carrot, get a catch phrase, and go into cartoons.

PS. My favorite part of this whole thing is that Hiko explains everythignin the exact same words as the book we are reading, adn the teacher's discussion notes.
Oh God. I'll discuss this on AIM.
(No, I did not plagarize!!!)