This is off another forum i go to called the challenge takers and this is basicly where we have a little argument/conversation about which navi's would win in a fight, but here are the Restrictions/rules for the navi battles.

1. You can not name a battle in which it can be re-enacted on a game. Because of this, battles like Junkman vs. Woodman, Shadowman vs. Cosmoman, and Heatman vs. Judgeman can not be used. This already outlaws Megaman from being one of the navis.

2. Ring and Turboman only have one attack, so they are outlawed as well.

3. Battle style. Are you comparing the navis from their battle style in the games, or using the anime and manga as reference? Navis from Network Transmission must be argued for in the Anime style, since the Game style can not be done.

4. Neither side has battle chips, unless it is included in the navis' attacks (such as Area Grab for Flashman, or Stone Cube for Conoel).

5. Many navis cross over into other games. Make sure if you're using the Game style that you note all versions of the navi you're choosing. If you only wish to focus on one battle pattern (Tomahawkman with the eagle instead of the Totem-sama), please note it.

6. HP matter not here. Just state who you think has better control of the fight.

7. Each battle match up can last up to five pages. No more. Minimum is 3 posts. No less.

let's kick things off with:

Kingman vs. Shademan (BN5)

(this is off the site it's self, yes.....i know i'm stealing it for the most part)

Game style

In BN4 style, Shademan would defeat Kingman easily, seeing as he can either be destroyed by only Darkchips or he splits up into bats every time you hit him. In BN5, he's more forgiving, but how much more?

Kingman's style in the game is that he sits in the back row and lets his peices do all the work. He has a very heavy defense net, with Pawns taking up two spaces and Knights bouncing about. He occationally comes out to do his Checkmate Jump, which might leave in vunerable for a short period of time. He also has his Plan B attack, which would lessen Shademan's space to manuver.

That would mean that Kingman would win without a scratch, if Shademan couldn't go onto your side of the field. Shademan can easily get past the defenses, and use his Noise Crush or his claw swipe on Kingman, with no fear of a counter attack. However, his bats and his vampire bite can't hit his opponant, since Kingman can't get hit from behind unless he's doing the Checkmate Jump, and the pawns would just block the bats. Shademan might last for a little while, seeing as the Knight might have difficulty keeping up, but at the end of the day, I think Kingman would outlive Shademan, seeing the Darkloid's more devistating attacks can't reach the mighty king.

Winner: Kingman

So, rebuttles? And be sure to think up some more interesting matches.

Let the battles begin!