Lets all Head to the zoo

(OCC: You know the rules people. This is another one of my mini rps. You may play with your netop and explore the zoo. You all voted this one for the win. Now I dont wanna see you guys doing amything really dumb. Have fun.)

Inside the Yoka city is the wondrous Yoka zoo. Today they are letting people in for free, what a joyous occasion. Theres so much to do here.
((In this thread, I shall introduce another of my villain navi concepts for no really good reason. The navi is the only one that is operated by someone. Of course, I have to get Rigel away from that damn tree, so he's here too.))

Free admission at the zoo. Who wouldn't go for an offer like that. Even Duke Rigel, who generally avoided places that attracted a crowd, was interested by this offer. Mere minutes into his trip, he was over at the elephant exhibit, trying to think of a physics problem where "there's an elephant in the way" would actually be the right answer.

However, he wasn't alone in the zoo, despite being one of the first to make it. A short way down the path, another man was looking at bears. Judging by the heavy coat, he was normally a resident of Sharo. He also, however, wore a headpiece reminiscent of a viking helmet.
"I'm serious, Johan," crackled a voice from his PET.
"You don't sound like it, Aegir. Who thinks of a concept like armored bears?"
"But they'd be perfect for a secret weapon. Imagine if the vikings came to conquer a place that could actually defend themselves and WHAM! A giant armored bear just took out half the town."
"That's assuming," said Johan, obviously the more rational of the pair, "that said bear doesn't take out half the people attacking said place first."
Timmy walked into the zoo, a small smile on his face, along with a backpack.....that was filled with things to free the ainimals and cause a mass panic for no good reason.

Timmy:Ahh.....what a good day to be in a zoo.
Nikko:please......for the love of god......DON'T free the animals this time.....
Timmy:No promises there.
Timmy:go talk to your lion and tiger friends......
Nikko:........*shakes violently with anger*
Timmy:Ok then.....time to get to work.

Timmy then walks up to a cage with a lock pick and gets to work freeing a couple of monkeys.
Everett walked into the zoo. He had left Fanman at a repair shop at Yoka to add some new programs and while he was wating, he wandered into the zoo. As he walked in, he noticed some people gathering around a certain cage. Being curious as he is, he wanderdd over to see what all the comotion was about."What is going on over here?" Asked Everett inquistively. One of the little children turned around and replied. "It's a rare snake." he said excitedly. "It is the longest snake in the world and it's on display here only today!!!" Everett smiled as looked at the snake for a bit.
Zeen walks ino the zoo. It's a free admission day, and there's nothing like seeing things that move instead of just grow around your ankles while you sit at your computer or sleep. A little voice chimmed from the PET he was holding

"Well? Well? I wanna see a cheetah! I wanna see a monkey! I wanna see a sun dial!"
"Kobo, Sun Dials are not animals"
"Oh...then what is in the fridge again?"
"Nothing Kobo..."
Wes loitered near the enterance. He wore a red t-shirt, black shorts, purple shades, with his hair tied back in a pony tail, "I don't see why we're here.... I hate animals."

"Which is why you never had any pets." sighed Junior from his PET, "Didn't you ever think that having a pet would make you seem sensitive and help you pick up the ladies?"

"I prefer my PET over any pet, thank you very much. You're the one who forced me here.... the only girls you're going to find here are animals, so I hope you packed some cyber pheramones." he heard a roar nearby, "Bah, tigers are alright, I suppose." He wandered over to the cage contained the mentioned feline and glanced inside, "I suppose there are certain creatures even I like."

"That's a step in the right direction." Junior called, "Put on a shirt for animal rights here and you'll be swarming with chicks..... Its inhumane to keep these animals locked up all day!"

And yet you support such an establishment by paying admission Wes mumbled in his head, His tactics are so see through.
"YAHOO!" Red shouted in joy as she walked into the zoo with Shin in her life-size holographic form.
"Now now, don't get too excited," Shin commented, grinning. He hadn't been to a zoo for a long time. It was really nostalgic.
"Look Shin! White Tigers! Ooh!" Red yelled calling Shin over as she leaned over the rail, watching the White Tigers.
"Coming coming." Shin replied, hurrying up to his navi.
Aida hesitantly stepped foot into the zoo. Her eyes darted to everyone. "Th-theres alot of people here today..." She said nervously.

"EEP EEP!" Capuchin laughed, "Don't worry Aida. Be yourself and everything will be fine."

"I ho-ope so." Aida then moved toward the monkeys. "Oh look! Capuchins! Th-there adorable! They are practically like you!"

"Yep. I am terribly adorable."
Nikko:for the fact they preapared for today.

two security guards appear behind timmy.

Guard1:what the hell are you doing four-eyes?!
Timmy:don't call me that.
Guard2:why not four eyes, what you gonna do about it!?
Timmy:you wouldn't like me when i'm angry.
Guard1:don't tell me that your gonna go hulk on us. it's so lame!
Timmy:then........*whips out a bazooka* i'll blast you into a million peices.

The guards run for their lives and call for backup.

Timmy:Hehe......always works. *goes back to picking the lock*
Nikko:your gonna get arested one of these days.
Timmy:ya right.
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Aida looks at a strange boy picking a lock. "E-escuse me...y-you can't do that." She hesitantly said, "I-its not c-considerate to the animals. B-besides...I think they d-dont use k-keys on the ca-cages anymore."
"AIDA-CHAN!" Shin yelled abruptly as he ran over to glomp the shy gril to the ground. He promptly stood up and wiped the dust off himself, and dragged Aida back up again. "Soooo... How have you been?" Shin asked the orange-haired girl/lady/woman/teenage girl ((NO! CAN'T DECIDE! TT_TT)). Red also skipped over to see what the fuss was about.
Cyclone was hovering above the whole place, carrying Josh in his hands.
"Hows this view, Josh?" Cyclone said with a large grin.

"O-okay...." Josh said, looking down. "But I would like it if you moved out of the way from the alligators first..."

"Oh....right." Cyclone said, steering and coming down. At about twenty feet, though, one of the monkeys tossed something at him, nailin Cyclone in the face. He accidentaly dropped Josh, who landed up against the wall in what else, but the feared alligator pit.

Josh drew in his breath and presses against the wall, looking at the alligators spread before in. Several noticed him, but didn't do much. Nevertheless, Josh remained flat against the wall, holding his breath. "N-n-ice alligators...good a-allitgaors....."
"Is that.... some kind of missle launcher?" Wes asked disbelieving as Tim pulled out a bazooka, "Looks like it has a place to plug in at on there. Go for it, Junior." Using the full range of wireless connecter, Wes sent his navi into the weapon. Junior walked around a bit and then saw the central control board, which he began screwing with, "Well?" his netop asked.

"Totally, 100% FAKE." he replied as he went through the control files, "The only missles these things shoot are make of foam. This thing might look real from where you're standing, but up close its clear that this thing's a toy."

"And the guards still ran from it?" Wes sighed, "So hard to find good help these days."

"Making a few changes and then returing." Junior jacked out, reappearing in his PET. Then, the toy bazooka fell apart in various places, making it look like a pile of spare parts. Any hope of it being repaired was lost as the circuit board, now exposed, being to smoke and melt just a tad, "Hope that thing wasn't too expensive. Stupid baka.... you don't use toys to intimidate."

"Looks like he's doing something with those cages.... though he's still stupid." Wes adjusted his shades a bit, "Unless I'm seeing things wrong, those locks are electronic. What is fiddling with them going to do?"

"When they were passing out brains..... where was this guy?" Junior muttered.
(OOC: Aida's officially 19 going very soon onto 20...so I guess you can say she's a woman.)

Aida looked at this person with a confused and frightened look on her face. This is just what she didn't want to happen. Someone grouping around her, she could already feel her nervousness building inside. SHe opened her mouth to speak but she could only spew out.."I-I'v-ve been f-fi-fin-ine..." Her face was outrageously red at this moment.
Recognizing the outfit, Rigel walked away from the elephant cages, appearing right next to Wes.

"It's been awhile...Majin."

But now that he was up close...

"Wait a minute, you're not Majin. My apologies."
"OMG! NEW LEADER IS HERE TOO!" Shin yelled out as he dragged Aida to where Wes was. He composed himself before greeting Wes with a military salute, then smiled cheesily. "So... are you starting that organization up again?" Shin asked Wes slyly.
"Oh! And before I forget." Shin continued, while Red was helping Aida up. "This is one of my long-known friends. Aida meet Wes, he's the apprentice of... MW..." Shin stated, ending the statement with a feeling of melancholy. He quickly resumed his cheery, laid-back attitude and introduced Aida to Wes, "Wes, meet Aida Ambridge." Shin said, gesturing towards towards the woman he forcefully dragged over.
"Hi Wes-san! Is Junior-san in?" Red asked the teenager cheerfully.
Aida, who was already in a state of panic, began to stutter far worse than before, Why must Shin do this? "H-he-el-lo...." Was all that she could say. She even shook with nevousness.

Capuchin on teh other hand was quite happy and content. "Junior? Who's Junior?" She asked in confusion.
Chris walked through the admission gate and looked around. He hadn't been to the zoo in a long time. Hey Chris! Nitro shouted from Chris' PET. There's alot of people hanging around the monkey cages. Why don't you see what's up?
"Alright" Chris replied. He walked up to the monkey cages and noticed that someone was trying to spring the monkeys. "Hey idiot!" He shouted. "What do you think you're doing?! Someone could get hurt!"
"Oh Junior-san is Wes-san's navi." Red explained to Capuchin. "It's short for Soulman_Junior.exe. So, you're Capuchin-san right? I think you used to know Shuilong-nii-san am I right?" Red asked the monkey navi.

And as if reading Aida's mind, Shin stomped down, preferrably on the ground instead of someone's foot, and raised his fist to the air, procaliming, "I'm doing this to boost your self-confidence in meeting people! It's good for you!" Shin said the last sentence with a flashy smile and a wink.
"Aida? Shin? It's been a while since I last saw you two as well," Rigel said, turning to face them. "Also," he continued nonchalantly, despite the sudden twinge of pain in his foot, "it would appear you just stepped on my foot, Shin."