Riddlicious Fun Time

I can't remember if I posted these on the last site, pretty sure I didn't, so here goes. A while back, I made a small collection of riddles. Feel like giving it a shot?

Let's start with something easy.

1. I am solid and solid shall I be, lest a strong force comes and changes me. I am strong from my birth and I come from the earth and if thrown I'll undoubtedly hurt thee. What am I?
I'm guessing it's a rock.
Bingo. Nice and easy. Let's make things a little harder.

2. Where I am found, joy is abound, tied in with a patch of sorrow. Songs are sung and stupid things are done, while friends ask for money to borrow. I am found in most towns, but where I am bound, that is up to the one by which I'm carried. And when the night is done, and morning has come, turn away because the scene can be quite scary. What am I?
The answer is beer. Or some other alcoholic drink.
Right again. Hmm, still too easy? Alright, let's try an old favorite then!

3. I can protect but in the wrong hands, instead of doing good I could destroy lands. That is why I am always kept away, for I desire to spread like disease and decay. They try to lock me away behind stone but I must spread for I fear being alone. I can die, for I live, but swords and steel cannot take from me what for them I give. Give me food, for I must eat! Give me food or I become weak... I do not wish to die... So what am I?
Yup, Beer
My friend here thinks it's fire. Is he correct? :3
... That is very upsetting. That was one of the better ones... Yes, the answer is fire. Grah! Okay, okay, gimme a second. I can't use that one, too easy... Hmm, maybe this one?

4. A set of eyes peers back at you, they show a spark of intelligence that few do. Your eyes dart away a moment and it's gone, scattered like the darkness at dawn. You catch but a sight, a flurry of claws, a creature of the night not bound by man's laws. You see one small, then a swarm, as they move to someplace warm and around goods they nest to find themselves some rest. They eat, they chew, they lick, what they touch if you did too, you'd become sick. What are they?
I think they are bats.
Woohoo! Finally, a swing and a miss! The reason bats doesn't fit for this one is the clue, ' around goods they nest'. While bats certainly rest indoors, they aren't particularly know for this sort of activity and are instead more comfortable in nice, dark places like caves.

I was getting worried there for a minute that you guys weren't going to have any trouble. Phew.

EDIT: Let's also add that bats aren't notorious carriers of disease.
I'm putting a different batter on the field. My friend thinks they're rats.
Your friend's pretty good. Yup, you were a letter off. Rats was the answer. Let's try something different. I think this one's easy, but it's stumped more than a couple people.

5. I am sometimes considered an evil thing, a warning of danger of which some may sing, but were you not to have me you couldn't even wear a ring. What am I?
We've had PLENTY of ideas by now. >_>
So here are our guesses...
My friend thinks the answer may be 'mother-in-law'.
I think the answer may be 'handgrenade'.
We both think of each other the other one is wrong.
Oh my gosh. Thank you. I needed that. Nothing quite a real and true 'laugh out loud'. Ahh, no. To both. While both handgrenades and mother-in-laws may be considered evil things, you are certainly capable of wearing a ring without them. In the mother-in-law case, it's simply a matter of being unable to wear a wedding ring. After pulling the pin of a grenade you should hear a 'ring' as a warning, but again it doesn't meet that one hint and so it kind of screws up the whole thing.

As for mother-in-laws being a warning of danger... I believe it. But none-the-less, wrong. But hilarious.
*gets shot*
You know, I was once telling riddles on a long car drive. It was my hardest riddle too, so they'd been at it for about ten minutes. Suddenly the driver says, "Hey! Is it a penis?"

I paused and sighed. "Yes. That's right. It was a penis..."

"Seriously!?" He shouted.

I waited half a second for emphasis before shouting, "Of course it's not a penis! Gosh!" And all in the car had a merry laugh. I was forced to give the answer to the riddle some ten minutes later.

I'm sure you can understand where I'm going with this. The answer was not penis. In fact, let me get this out of the way now, the answer will never be penis. For anything I write. Ever. Just no.

I still like the Step-Mother answer though. I've got to think of something for that.

Without a finger, you couldn't wear a ring.

But, then, I know that's not right. After all, who the hell thinks fingers are dangerous?

Hand? Arm?

Is this one of those tricks where the answer means multiple things?

If that's the case, I answer "arms".

Oops, almost forgot about this. Ah, let's see... Most of my answers are pretty straightforward, although I have a couple that delve deep.

First answer, Arms... Nope. You actually can wear a ring without an arm... which thinking about has informed me that I have actually made an error in the riddle. Damn.

And no, not steel either. Steel, I don't think, has ever been a warning of danger. Well, maybe clashing steel sends a warning off to some people? Whatever, it can't be still simply because rings can be made out of matter other than steel.

Since I found an error in my riddle, I'll give the answer now. It was supposed to be 'Bone'. A warning of danger in more primitive time (that and seeing a corpse generally tells you something is wrong), occaisionally considered evil and you can hardly wear a ring without bones in your fingers... And then I realized that the bones in your ears have nothing to do with wearing a ring. While you can't wear a ring on your finger without bones, it's a whole nother story for earrings. Damn. Sorry guys.

Well, let's see, another one then.

6. I protect what I cover; yet it is the trade of others to take me from what I protect. The original would die, and on another I would lie, yet all my senses would fail no matter how I object. I am flung, I am flayed, on the table I am laid as I change to something I'm not. I am changed, how I am changed, it truly is deranged, now my purpose is to keep someone hot. What am I?
I'm not gonna guess again. Already did it a few times before.

And about the ring thing, what about a piercing? They're usually rings and you could wear them anywhere on your body to be quite honest.
And the direction I was going with handgrenade, the pin of it has a ring attached to it. When you pull on it, you have the ring still on your finger so I was thinking in that direction a bit. Bone was still a good one. I didn't think of that possibility.