Right right, my dad was ranting about how Family Guy made fun of Christianity...What's the bad part?

He's a Pastor

Now I have to hear his talks for long long long time now >_>;; Since he doesn't budge a sinch when it comes to arguments (With out violence!!)
Yeah, Family Guy makes fun of Christians. It also makes fun of Jews, Muslims, Hindus.... basically every religion. I think on the one Chrismas episode, they said something like this:

"That's blasphemy! We should do something about it!"

"There's... nothing you can do."

"Oh. Well, I guess I'll have to develop a sense of humor then."
I already said that the show makes fun of alot of things...but he still won't budge ...
Family Guy makes fun of christians, South Park makes fun of jews.

Religion isn't a inborn thing like skin color. It is an idea, or a concept. It is something you choose, and can walk away from at any time. Such as being a Republican, or a Communist. How can somebody expect that their idea is above criticism?

I know that this isn't the mainstream of religions anymore, but most of the mayor religions bluntly claim that "If you don't follow us, you are going to suffer forever in hell". You simply can't be part of a thing that has such a statement without expecting somebody to make fun out of you.

Think if the same was true for politics? Somebody made fun out of a Democrat! GET THE FORKS! WE ARE GONNA BRING THEM DOWN.
I'm a Democrat. =3
-insert Metal Gear Solid OMGIFOUNDSNAKE sound here- !

-mauls ZS-

That'll learn you, you John Kerry supporter!

Oh, right. I'm a republican. Feel free to insult me, as I don't really care cause I know I'm right :3

Damn, i hate it when that happens. You see, in my view, I do take sides. But what I don't do, is HATE the other sides for being different. I believe in one thing, but still accept other ideas.

And FYI, Bush said, "In 2000, I said I wanted to be a president of war. No president has wanted to be a president of war before. I am one of them." What the hell.
That's cause Bush is a tard. He said 'rumors on the internets' remember?

Anyways, I just think John Kerry was a bigger idiot. And if hillary is ever elected, I'm moving to Canada with EN.

And I don't hate democrats, I just like picking on them because I disagree with the majority of their stances.
Gore shoulda won.
He'd send all the pollution to the moon.

And, yeah... I'm Muslim. I can't stand it when people say that the Qu'ran tells us to kill nonmuslims (or so they heard on the news,) and I fly into a rage when more hate-filled people try to paint us all as terrorists.
But when Family Guy makes fun of us, I laugh.
Because whatever they say, it doesn't carry ignorance or hatred with it, only a desire to please.

... Hell, for that matter, I laughed at the South Park episode about Mohammed apparing on Family Guy, just because that issue was handled so badly by everyone involved.
I hope you don't mind, or anyone, but at school, we were having the lunch table signup (we put our name on a papaer for each table for 1 month) and as a joke, we put Jesus and Muhammad.
Heh heh.
Careful, if you have any hardcore religious teachers.
You might get slapped with some kind of penalty for somehing that really isn't that bad in the first place.
Nah. But what's pretty funny is that we JUST leared about Islam and Muslims in Social Studies.
The history: Interesting
The Present: Violent. Not stereotyping, but a quite a few phycos are killing each other in the Mid-east. But the real reason I dislike the war in Iraq right now is becaus eof the amount of innocent people.

But Islam is still an interesting religion.
Yeah, it's a shame so many of us are idiots.
They interperet the Qu'ran to say they should kill, so that's what they believe.
... I'm dropping this now, since I'm really going off-topic.

Quote (Strikeman)

Family Guy makes fun of christians, South Park makes fun of jews.

Dude, Family Guy makes fun of everything from Mormons to World of Warcraft to Casa Bonita to Jennifer Lopez.

I phailed my Jihad long long ago. Now I'm an atheist. No religious violence from me! And, sorry, the history of Muslims was bloody too. They did, however, pwn most of the people they conquered with, not only Damascus blades (which rock), but also much more advanced science and trade.